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Yeap, Romney’s lost…pack yer shit…we’re going home lads

Or not:  WH begs defense contractors not to issue layoff notices… So sayth the Drudge.  Here’s the money quote: The guidance said that if plant closings or mass layoffs occur under sequestration, then “employee compensation costs for [Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification] WARN act liability as determined by a court” would be paid for covered

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More of the Sure Signs that Romney is in an “Uphill Battle”

Since Obama and his paid underlings are so very very confident of their inevitable victory that they’re now paying “protesters” $11/hr. In Ohio. [youtube][/youtube] (H/t LC Cheapshot). Yep. That sure is a sign of a confident campaign alright. And they didn’t even manage to buy very many rent-a-crowd members either. Sigh. Time to step up

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Meet the “47%” (Brain Bleach req’d)

JaketheSnake put this up in the Emperors rant below but it needs it is own post. If Romney doesn’t turn this into a campaign commercial then he really is the wuss we think he is.  There is no shame in having a “free phone” but it is NOT A RIGHT.  My mother collects SS and

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Lead, Follow or Get the Fuck Out of the Way

Apparently the criticisms of sites like Hot Air for posting endless Eeyore posts about how we’re all doomed and we might as well not bother posts every single time the New York Pravda or somebody like them publishes a D+20 poll stating that Reichsführer Obama is going to win in a landslide (much like Jimmy

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So, About This Whole “The Murder of Our Ambassador Was Just a Peaceful Protest that Got Out of Hand Due to Spontaneous Mortar Fire and Accidental Directed Attacks Against a ‘Safe’ Location Known to Nobody” Story that Jay Carney-Barker/Obama is Peddling?

It appears that not only the Libyan head of state, who’d been repeatedly saying that there was nothing “spontaneous” about a coordinated attack on a “secret” location on the anniversary of 9/11 was about as “spontaneous” as Michael Moore making a bee line for an all-you-can-eat donut buffet advertised ten years in advance, the CIA

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Fuck. Not. Given.

Acting on a recommendation from LC Rurik, we checked out another rant from Pat Condell and we are forever thankful to Rurik that we did because Pat, as usual, kicks arse in ways that are beyond our way with words to explain, this time to further emphasize just how the fuck much we don’t really

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Yeah, the Obama/Media Alliance is SURELY Winning

…so you can all just go back to the fetal position and admit defeat before the battle, as we’re sure that Allahpundit will be sure to point out to us all at least another 735 times before November because, you know, Romney Doesn’t Know How Airplanes Work!11!1!!!!!ELEVENTY!!! The poor dumb bastard. “Mister Raaaaaaaaaaamneyyyy, what about

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Just think’in is all

 Sitting alone with your thoughts can be lead to, as my Grandmother would say, “Idle hand are the Devils playground.”  Well Einstein used to do his best thinking when he was alone and he didn’t do the Devils work.  Ok, just don’t ask Japanese about it.  I believe that a couple of things are going

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And Just When You Thought the Stuttering Clusterfuck of a Miserable Failure Couldn’t Sink Any Lower…

…at least in our esteem, and he’s currently circling the molten core of Earth, we find that he’s determined to make it all the way to the center. We’d normally put this below the fold, but not in this case, because it needs to be seen in its full horror: The above is, to use

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Just when you thought Scott Brown was a wuss

 He takes Elizabeth”Fauxhontas”Warren and swings a Cluebat™ at warp 7 speed and connects with devastation in the 9.0 range.  via Legal Insurrection: Elizabeth Warren’s law license problem Maintained private law practice at Cambridge office for over a decade but not licensed in Massachusetts The debate last Thursday night between Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren covered

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Hope you got some candles, Barry White music and a nice red wine….then bend over

And you thought Carter left a mess?  You ain’t seen nothi’n yet so enjoy your favorite NFL game while pondering this…from Free North Carolina posted in full: Oh yeah, if you think Mittens is going to fix this I got some prime Everglades farmland in Florida to sell you. 100 Days Until Taxmageddon Sunday will

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Fix Bayonets and Charge! We’re Winning!

His Imperial Majesty just loves the shit out of this Gallup poll about the general population’s trust in the Ogabe Steno Pool. That’s right. Gallup, an organization not exactly known for making things look up for conservatives, the “Justice” Department of the Ogabe Junta having threatened them with a lawsuit for not being sufficiently worshipful

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This Is Sweet

Just go read this. Check and mate on the tax return issue. Now, when will Obama release his Occidental and Harvard transcripts?  

Stay Arrogant My Friend

Your weekend chuckle. [youtube][/youtube] I hereby declare a weekend Welcome to the World Dragonette Open Thread!

charge at Helm’s Deep

For some odd reason this clip is getting a lot play on the Conservative/III% sites.  I can’t imagine why (oh if you think Obongo the Kenyon Klingon Fucker™ isn’t worried, why is his ad up front?): [youtube][/youtube]