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TWANLOC Should Fear Our Despair

Over at HOT AIR, in the “Green Room” there is a post by Madison Conservative who is counseling against giving up now the the Supreme Court has been turned. His post is good, and inspiring, but he used the phrase “Do Not Despair” as his title. There are rumors extent that I am a contrary

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Without Further Comment

Except to note that this video, which we have previously posted here, is “suddenly” marked as “potentially offensive” by JihadTube. Interesting, that, isn’t it? The wheels of history, they are a-turning. [youtube][/youtube] Thatisall.

Ogabe Junta Insists That Tax That Was Only Upheld Because It Was A Tax (Even Though Same Junta Had Repeatedly Insisted That It Wasn’t A Tax, Except When They Were In Court, Where They Argued That It WAS A Tax, Except When It Wasn’t), Is NOT, In Fact, A Tax.

Yes. His Imperial Majesty’s head is spinning too with all of the sophistry that was employed by Benedict Arnold in his “brilliantly conservative” ruling, but we didn’t write it, so don’t look at us that way. Anyway, thanks to LC Cheapshot, we learn that Carney Barker is now busy insisting that the tax that isn’t

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How OgabeTaxCare Will Destroy Healthcare

And it will. It is inevitable that it will, the way it’s put together. Liberal fascist propagandists can stick their fingers in their ears and lie as fast as their already impressive skills at lying allow them, but healthcare costs will rise and more people, not less, will end up without insurance. Which is, we

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Hmmm… Maybe He’s On To Something Here…

His Imperial Majesty has already rejected the initial, fevered attempts by some on our side to extract at least half a yummy, only half-digested peanut from the giant, steaming pile of shit that was Roberts’ ACA ruling, and we have certainly not changed our opinion of his creative post editing of Congressional wording so he

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And Now to Something that Would Actually WORK

While the rest of the rightosphere is pity-masturbating themselves into a frenzy over a Romney repeal that is just not ever going to happen, here’s an actually practicable way of jamming a wooden spike into the rotten heart of OgabeSocialistCare. From Jim DeMint (read the whole thing, but we’ll just take out a bit): “I

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Reichsführer der Gestapo, Heinrich Holder, Held in Contempt

But not until a little over 100 members of the NSDWP threw one of their usual temper tantrums and walked out in protest. So what does this mean? If you think there will be any sort of consequences, we have a nice plot of ocean front property in Arizona we’d love to sell you. Unconfirmed:

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We Guess That’s It Then

Goodbye, America. It was a nice run while it lasted, but it’s time to tell the band to pack up, fill in the hole and chisel the date into the tombstone. United States of America 1776-2012 The end. She’s dead. Now it’s up to us if we’re up to building something to replace her, but

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The Supreme Court ruled that while it may be unconstitutional under the Commerce Clause, it is constitutional as a tax. Interestingly, in practice it is a tax that corporations and unions who contribute to the Democratic Party are exempt from. [preceding sentence added after publication -SB] The terms of rule by the government have been

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The Dearborn Po-Pol Are Cunts

Because, while they’re perfectly happy to threaten citations against a dozen Christians using bull horns, they have no problem whatsoever pretending that hundreds of pisslamic subhumans stoning the aforementioned Christians is NOT a public safety issue. [youtube][/youtube] Way to GO, Dearborn PD. You have now proved that if anybody fails the mall ninja qualification exam,

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Bacon Sundae? Why Not?

Ice cream. Bacon. ‘Nuff said. Carry on.

They Ride Horses, Don’t They?

When the increasingly desperate Ogabe Steno Pool Media (predictably) started rolling out the “Aren’t Those Romneys WEIRD?” narrative, we weren’t in the least surprised, particularly with regards to the sudden outbursts of hateful bigotry against Mormons. The liberal fascists are, after all, according to their own statements, the most open-minded, non-hating, empathetic, tolerant inderveeduals to

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Darrell Issa Bitch Slaps, Eviscerates, Slices, Dices and Cooks Ogabe’s Bacon in a Wok

Thanks to LC Fox3, who helpfully provided us with this link to Darrell Issa’s letter to Ear Leader regarding his dubious assertion of executive privilege over any and all documents pertaining to his and Holder’s successful conspiracy to commit mass murder of Mexican as well as U.S. nationals. You really DO want to read it

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Obama’s Big, Fat Greek Convention

…may actually end up at two tables near the kitchen at a local iHOP if the trends continue. But maybe he’ll finally have time to eat his waffle if that’s the case. As if it’s not funny enough that Democrat Socialist Congress critters keep realizing, one after another, that oops, they had another appointment scheduled

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Aaron Walker Update

It’s not that we’ve lost interest, we’re NEVER going to lose interest in a case involving leftist swine employing their usual tactics of violence, intimidation and reckless disregard for the law as we have sworn a holy oath to never ever let it take power in our beloved new home, come what may, it’s just

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