Articles from April 2012

The Preznit Who Put the “Dog” Back in “Hot Dog”

So, just as we predicted, the Enemy Media and the Ogabe Junta, being unable to campaign on jobs, energy prices and the economy, decided to start harping on Mittens’ “dog on the roof”. Heck, we’ve harped a-plenty about that one ourself, we still refuse to consider it kosher to strap a dog crate to the

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“This Force Is Bound For Tokyo”

After the Pearl Harbor attack in 1941 the Japanese rampaged throughout the Pacific and across Asia. Guam fell on December 10, Wake Island fell after a heroic fifteen day defense,  Hong Kong on Christmas Day. The Prince of Wales and Repulse, sent to strike against the Jap amphibious force invading Malay were sunk by Japanese

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You Know What? He’s Right

Once again we find ourself shamelessly stealing content from a member of the citizenry because, well, some things you just can’t improve upon. Case in point, LC Og’s views on the upcoming shit sandwich festival, sometimes described as “election 2012”: I hear this all the time. “He’s JUST AS BAD AS OBAMA!!” Well, maybe. I

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David Axelturf Defects Ruling Junta, Joins Team Romney [UPDATED]

When asked about the upcoming election, Axelturf had the following to say: “The choice in this election is between an economy that produces a growing middle class and that gives people a chance to get ahead and their kids a chance to get ahead and an economy that continues down the road we’re on.” Couldn’t

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The Latest In the Unending Stream of Bullshit About the Zimmerman Battery

This is the type of Stooopidity that passes for “journalism” down here in Palm Beach County Manhattan South. His name is Frank Cerabino (He’s quick to point out that it’s pronounced Cher-a-been-o, or some shit like that) and he is the epitome of the old Marine adage about Canoe U grads. They’re either the smartest,

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Quote of the Day Open Thread

Quote provided by our very own L.C. Mope: Just remember, RINO’s are not your friends. They are tools. And as such should be used appropriately. Impossible to do better than that, so we won’t even try. Thatisall.

Why They’re Called “The Stupid Party”

So the Romney campaign turned the NSDWP’s “war on women” Narrative around on them by pointing out, accurately, that more than 90% of jobs lost under Der Fubar belonged to women. Ouch. Of course, one of the laughable propaganda arms of the Ruling Junta, Politi”fact”, promptly declared that the claim, though factually absolutely correct, was

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About the Zimmerman “Case”

If you’re about to lynch the Florida AG, join the party. But before you leave the house, think about this: Unless, and they may very well have that in which case justice will be served, they have something that isn’t already known, murder 2 isn’t going to stick in a million years. They might, might

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As For Me…

To piggy back on His Vileness’ post below, allow me to throw in my two cents. I dislike Mittens. I hate Ogabe and all his Marxist minions. I love my country. My love for our republic and our Constitution is stronger than both my dislike of Mittens and my hatred of Ogabe. And I must

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Post-It Note Campaign Gathering Steam

Join the revolution. Hey, you only need a Post-It and a Sharpie and it’s not like you’re not going to pump gas anyways. My favorite that I like to leave on gas pumps? “Thanks, Obama voters! You can run, but you can’t out-run a rifle bullet” Thatisall.

Well, We Guess We Can Write Off THAT Election Then

Now that we know that unelectable Mittens Obamneycare is pretty much certainly going to be Bob Dole, the Sequel. At least we might get the satisfaction of seeing Mr. Plastic Fantastic appearing in future Viagra commercials. Satisfying because it’s the sort of humiliation fitting for a sell-out opportunist who’ll do and say anything to get

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Der Fubar’s “Strong Majority” for OgabeCare Continues Growing

Did we say “growing?” We meant to say dropping. Which, we suppose, in these Orwellian Newspeak days, could be called “growing” as well. Downwards, that is. Like “advancing to the rear” which, coincidentally, also sounds much better in the original German. See? STRONG MAJORITY! 39-53, no less! Oh, you may think that 53 is more

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Obama as Farce

I generally hate to cut and paste an article in total, but this one was just too damn good not to post up here. It’s one of the most concise evaluations of the Ogabe presidency that I’ve read. It captures exactly what we’re up against in this battle for the very survival of our beloved

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The Diversity President Assembles His Campaign Team

Christ Almighty, the captions to this one almost write themselves. A picture of Ogabe’s Campaign HQ in all of its diversity (unlike those all-white racist Tea Party teabagger rallies): Quick! Somebody adjust the gamma on that picture! The whiteness is blinding us! We can’t honestly say that we’ve seen a whiter gathering since the time

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“You Furnish the Narrative, We’ll Furnish the War”

Since Crunchie brought it up below: Gainesville police are investigating the beating of a 27-year-old man that they believe to have been “racially motivated”. The man was walking home from midtown bars in Gainesville early Saturday morning when he said he was jumped by five to eight men who yelled “Trayvon” before the attack. The

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