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I, like all of you, promised Deej that I would not make a big deal out of his condition, and I’m not. He’s still the same old Deej as far as everything else goes. But his wife just left this in the open thread. My husband of 45 years is currently in a coma following

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Not to Butt in Here…

Since we already have a Weekend Open Thread, I just thought it incumbent on me to update the Loyal Citizenry on the state of the Empire and the reason for my apparent absence. I am neither dead nor incapacitated (so don’t be opening the champagne from the Imperial Dungeon yet, that shit is expensive and

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Just to Keep the Comedy Gold Alive

Since the lefties got burned so bad on the whole puppygate thing they suddenly declared that it’s no longer an issue. Well I say the comedic value alone is worth keeping the issue alive. Courtesy of Grouchy Old Cripple and via linky love from Rurik, Ogabe’s favorite fast food restaurant.

Pop Up Truth

Courtesy of LC Thresher we have Bill Whittle eviscerating Ogabe’s ode to Leni Riefenstahl, Mystery Science Theater style. [youtube][/youtube]  

The Boys Who Wore Butternut

Eleven states seceded from the Union in 1861. Each of those states honors it’s sons who fell during the war, but today is the anniversary of Gen. Johnson surrendering the last Confederate field force to Gen. Sherman and is recognized by four of them (Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Mississippi) as Confederate Memorial Day. The causes

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The Ugly Truth

Via our inestimable LC Rurik comes this piece of ugly truth which no one dares speak, the true state of race relations in our country. The even sadder truth is that any attempt to speak openly about what Fred says here is automatically branded as racist, even if the man saying it is black. Just

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Death to Superfluous, Stupid Buttons

By which we mean those irritating “follow me on this”, “like this on that” and “recommend this on the other” cutesy little Failbook, Spoogele, Twatter and Bob knows what else buttons that seem to be infesting every single website His Imperial Majesty reads as of late. They eff up the templates, choke up the browsers

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“Enough With the Dogs Already! (Unless We’re Talking About Mittens’ Dog, Of Course)”

The Enemy Media is getting dog-gone dog-weary now that their carefully honed narrative has blown up in their faces when it turned out that their Messiah not only abused dogs, he actually ate them (and nobody really knows if he’s stopped since he has no comment on the matter). Still, it’d be horrid to let

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Clear Cut Case of Murder

Yep, all those pundits screaming that the Sanford PD video of Zimmerman being brought into the station showed with absolute certainty that Zimmerman was a cold blooded murderer who had not been battered at all and shot Martin for the crime of wearing a hoody while black, guess they were right after all.

A Puppy in Every Pot, a Volt in Every Garage

Obama 2012: If you LIKE your dog, you can EAT your dog! (And I have some pretty fabulous recipes too!) A survey conducted for the Imperial News Agency revealed that news of Obama’s alleged dog-eating habits have an increasing number of voters feeling, as one respondent put it, “disgusted and nauseated.” The general feeling among

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Your Daily Dog-Eating Ogabe Pic

Again, from S.Weasel: You think we’re ever going to let this one go? Think again. What’s good for the goose… Gives a whole new meaning to the old term for food, “chow”, doesn’t it? Romney may have been unkind to his dog, but at least he didn’t EAT him. Hey, Ogabe, what kind of wine

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More Examples of Socialist Cookie Cutter Tactics

From Gabriel Malor who, correctly, notes that “concerns among GOP voters about Romney’s wealth” is utter fucking bullshit. Gabriel points out, among other things and, again, very correctly, that the Enemy Media’s “concerned GOP voter” sources are using terms like “1 percenter”, which we all know is something that doesn’t matter one tiny whit to

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Tell Me Again Why I Should Give a Fuck?

Via Cold Fury, who doesn’t give a flying fuck either, we learn that apparently, *HORROR, GASP, OUTRAGE*, some US troops posed in a picture with pieces of a subhuman, barbarian splodeydope. Predictably, the Ogabe Misadministration is in full self-flagellation mode, condemning and apologizing and bending over in hope of a reach-around, lest we offend the

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On the Nuge

Ted Nugent has never been one to be timid with his remarks. It’s his unbridled energy and passion that has made him a breath of fresh air in the stale pleasantries of “civil discourse” that passes for debate these days, and his unrestrained rhetoric harkens back to the day of fiery oratory from the likes

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The First Shot

It doesn’t matter who fired it. Whether it was an eager patriot, a nervous redcoat, or a drunken hunter not even on the field, is immaterial. What matters is that the shot was fired and the road to a new nation was trod. The path to this point had been tumultuous, and it was far

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