Articles from February 2012

A Clash of Rights and Privileges

In case you missed the link in the comments, I’ve decided to put a link to LC & IB Blackiswhite’s most excellent post on the whole HHS mandate issue and how it goes far beyond religion. No, not going to excerpt it. It’s some of the best that I’ve ever seen Blackiswhite write, and that’s

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Bible Study by Consensus, a Liberal Approach to Faith

Or something like that because, oy VEY, is that hacktastic, asinine ape, Nick Kristof, ever bereft of a Clue™! Perhaps we should provide him with one. We have one taped right here to this nice tool that we like to refer to as the Imperial ClueBat™. I MAY not be as theologically sophisticated as American

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Manufacturing the Narrative

Yes, we know it’s hardly going to come as a surprise to any sentient human being that tax-exempt “media watchdog” and absolutely NON-partisan Media Matters is nothing but a fraudulent front for one of the more vicious and well-funded parts of Ogabe’s propaganda machine, but The Daily Caller’s new investigative series, with the help of

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Once More Between the Shoulder Blades

I had something else I was working on to post, awaiting confirmation of something; and I run into THIS. Ni3 ta1ma1 de5 tian1xia4 suo3you3 de5 ren2 dou1 gai1si3! We have been had. Once again, the Congressional Republicans have rolled over on us. Short form, Obama wants the payroll tax cut renewed to avoid blatantly raising

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Our Canine Friends

I suspect most of y’all have seen this great video, but if you haven’t it’s worth a few minutes. The dog, Denver has to display one of the guiltiest actions I’ve ever seen. It’s a hoot. This reminds me of our last canine child, Rocky. We adopted Rocky when he was just under a year

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Late Saturday Night Musings and Open Thread

Just had to chuckle when I read this line in Karl from Patterico’s latest “this whole NotRomney thing isn’t really that important” that he posts every single time Plastic Fantastic McRomneyCare slips in a poll: However, lest you think I am implicitly shilling for Romney… Karl, dearest, there has been nothing “implicit” about it ever

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OK. At SOME Point His Lips Are Going to Fall Off!

“Senator Santorum and Speaker Gingrich, they are the very Republicans who acted like Democrats, and when Republicans act like Democrats, they lose,” said Mitt Romney today in Atlanta, according to a statement e-mailed by his campaign. Consider the source. Then again, who in the whole wide world would know more about “acting like a Democrat?”

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Yup, that’s Global Warming all right

Just look at the massive droughts in Queensland Flannery talked about Oh wait….

Opening Salvos from the Mittens Sleaze Machine

And, right on cue, the ranging shots start coming in. No, there’s absolutely nothing wrong in hitting Sen. Santorum for his earmark issues, it’s perfectly legitimate. Just as hitting Newt for his Pelosi Couch Moment™ was and is. What makes it laughably stupid is when you consider the source. Keep in mind that this attack

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Why of Course, Allahpundit, We’d be Happy to!

Anyone want to field that question from ObamaCare supporter Kirsten Gillibrand? …asks Allahpundit from Hot Gas, the question being: “The power to decide whether or not to use contraception lies with a woman – not her boss,” said Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y. “What is more intrusive than trying to allow an employer to make medical

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Gee, You Might Want to Rethink that Approach, Barry Ogabe Caesar

So the angry webmaster asked us if we had any thoughts on the Stuttering Clusterfuck of a Miserable Failure trying to force Catholic employers to provide coverage for infanticide. Surely we do. We think it’s about the single most brilliant idea since the French chivalry decided not to care about those pesky longbows on October

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How About them Apples, Mr. “Inevitable?”

Colorado, Minnesota and Missouri, all bitch slaps in Plastic Fantastic RomneyCare’s face. Oh how we love it when that smug, backstabbing, liberal bastard gets a kick to the groin, and the added blast of despair and confusion from his lap dogs in the RINOcracy Pundit Brigades just adds to His Imperial Majesty’s joy and elation.

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Attacks To Commence In 5,4,3…..

Rick Santorum had a big, BIG night yesterday and before the night was over, everybody and their fuckin’ brother was sharpening their knives for him. Even the most skeptical person I know (me) didn’t think he could pull off even one victory in the Triple Lolapalooza of Minnesota, Colorado and Missouri. I expected a good

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Susan G Komen: Goodbye, and Thanks for all the Fish

I need to preface this post. I have always had the greatest respect for the Susan G Komen Foundation. They have done more than most to rid us of the scourge of breast cancer, cancer being a disease that I hate in all of its incarnations with the fury of a thousand suns. And I

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The Ultimate in Gun Pr0n

I mean, seriously? Why? Because they can. Dayum I love this country!