Articles from January 2012

Support Your Local Sheriff

There are connections here. First, there is the tail end of my meanderings on January 10, If not here, where? If not now, when? And it seems to tack on to my post Short on words [for me], long on content [by someone else] yesterday. Some explanation. Here in Colorado, and throughout much of the

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Site Notice

It was brought to my attention that apparently this site suddenly barfs all over Internet Exploder. I checked by powering up my own copy (which would make it the second time I’ve ever used Internet Exploder on this ‘puter. The first time was to download FireFox), and it would appear that the rumors are correct.

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Short on words [for me], long on content [by someone else].

I was sent this by a Patriot friend from West-by G*D-Virginia. 6 million hits in 4 days. Due notice that the Oath will be honored, by military and civilian. LC Subotai Bahadur, Lord Pao An

Only Liberal Elites Consider Work “Demeaning” and “Racist”

And the Imperial Minister of Truth, Bill Whittle, spells it out so even a liberal ought to be able to understand it. If they wanted to understand it, of course, which they don’t. [youtube][/youtube] Thatisall.

New Strategy for Imperial Voters in Virginia

Yes, we know it’s a way off, but prior planning prevents piss poor performance. Vote for Luap Nor! “What?????”, you say, “have you lost your frigging MIND, your Majesty???” Not at all, quite to the contrary. Allow us to explain: The RINOcracy Establishment and their lapdog pundits are scrambling to call Mittens’ thorough trouncing by

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Gabby Giffords to Resign

Sad news. Not all sad news, let’s not forget the Good News™ that she survived the cowardly assassination attempt and that her recovery has been, and continues to be, quite marvelous. Also, respect is due for a politician who puts her ability to properly represent her constituents above her personal desire for office. The sad

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Dumbest. Excuse. Ever.

Listen, we already know that the “captain” of the Italian cruise liner Costa Concordia is a gutless, whimpering, selfish pussy and an embarrassment to all of mankind by running from his ship as soon as he could and leaving his passengers to fend for themselves. But his excuse for doing so? Now Italian press reports

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About Frackin’ TIME

“Inevitable” Mittens RINObamaCare gets crushed in South Carolina. And no, we don’t really care who did the crushing, all that we cared about was that the lying, backstabbing, RINO, Ogabe-Lite, two-faced weather vane got a hard, heavy, steel-toed boot smashed right in the middle of his condescending, slimy face. When approached for comment, all that

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Imperial Thought of the Day

The reason this isn’t a daily feature is that His Imperial Majesty doesn’t like thinking all that much. He’s got minions to do that for him. Anyway, we were sitting around at a local den of inequity, waiting for our order to get ready, when a gentleman to the right of us started talking about

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Shit Liberals Say

Via Six Meat Buffet, who provided us with a much welcome chuckle. If you live in an area completely devoid of liberals (and you’re not interested in swapping houses with us, RIGHT NOW!), here’s a short refresher on what the rest of us have to deal with on a daily basis. To some degree, depending

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Lapdog Supporter of Bush 41 Tax Hikes and Proxy for Mittens “Dog Molester” OgabeCare Sunununununuuuuuu to Gingrich: “How about releasing those ethics documents?”

Gingrich campaign to neutered RINOcrat cabana boy Sunununuuuuunununu: “Go pound fucking sand, you dickless piece of shit. Oh, and how about those tax returns?” He doesn’t release anything, he doesn’t answer anything, and he’s even confused about whether or not he will ever release anything and then he decides to pick a fight over releasing

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That’s How You Do It

Newt smacks down that smarmy, shit-peddling felch artist John King so hard that his grandchildren will be feeling the sting (h/t Bill Quick): [youtube][/youtube] Now, don’t get me started on Gingrich’s past infidelity issues, because you’d be preaching to the choir. Nobody needs to tell me that it was scummy behavior, even if we limit

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New(t)s Updates

Sorry about the lack of free ice cream around these parts (and a huge thanks to the Imperial Staff for providing the updates that have appeared!), but His Imperial Majesty is still battling a bug that just won’t leave, thanks mainly to the weather in the Imperial State not being able to make its mind

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Allahpundit Still Struggling With People Not Loving the Mittens

Because, dammit, Mittens McSteamy-Hair is so goshdarn fabulous and all! And electable! Still, Newt’s slap down of Juan Williams and the response, not to mention that Newt dares to campaign on a standing ovation, seems to have dear Allahpundit reaching for his smelling salts. He did well enough last night that I can understand him

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Behold the Prodigal Son Returns…

and he bears great news. Sorry for the absence pups; life, work, yada yada. But I have great news for y’all. As you know Irish Dragoness has been recovering very well from her cancer treatment and the prognosis is good, good indeed. In fact, the prognosis is so good that….