Articles from January 2012

The Pilgrimage

[Warning: While not nearly as long as the Emp’s awesomeness fisking of the SOTU below, I would still advise a beverage to help y’all wade through this one. -JB] Since Red and I have become Texans we’ve always wanted to take a trip to The Alamo. This from everything I’ve read is a required visit,

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The Enemy Within

Just in case anybody is still believing that the RINO Gentry Club is any less of a fanatical enemy than the NSDWP, we learn that the RINOcracy is pretty much done with an effort to redistrict LTC Allen West right out of Congress (h/t Bill Quick). This has not received a lot of national attention,

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Are we going for the Longest Fisk Ever™? We don’t know if it will get quite that far, but one thing’s for sure, we’ve never read bullshit as deep and wide as president Food Stamp’s latest bloviations. If you decide to stick with it, go get a beverage first because it will take a while.

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Video of the Week

Sorry Jackboot, but ya know I had to upstage ya. 🙂 [youtube][/youtube] Here’s a different view of the same kinda fun.

Well, It’s New To Me

I imagine that quite a few of you have seen this already, but it was a fresh pile in my inbox (Which I’m actually checking again) and figured maybe some of y’all might enjoy it. Understanding US Department of Labor statistics by Abbott and Costello

Video Of The Day

I just found this guy and his site from a Facebook post. The site is Wild Bill For America and he has a number of videos chock full of calling out the leftist radicals we face in America today. Here’s Bill in a soundbite- Former LEO, Christian Missionary, and Tea Party Conservative, his only weakness

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The World May Never Know

What the motives animating this maniac might have been. At least not if it’s up to the DNCMedia (h/t Treacher): Motive of shooter who targeted military sites is unclear That’s the headline and we have to include it for reasons that will pretty soon become clear. Yonathan Melaku was sneaking through Fort Myer and Arlington

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Another Stray Imperial Thought

Having watched the predictable effect on the polls of the week-long saturation bombardment of smears, lies and fabrications that the panicked establishment unleashed on Gingrich after SC, we got to thinking: Wouldn’t it be nice if that same establishment could muster just half of that dedication and determination when it came to attacking our actual

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Oh, and Another Thing

Readerjp got me thinking again. She’s good at that and I value it highly because, Heaven knows, thinking about why you feel the way you feel is a good thing. It was about how I felt about Newt’s genuine issues from his past and why I felt that way, but it got me thinking along

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“This is Not Worth Getting Angry Over”

Sometimes we wonder if Mittens ObamneyBot is trying his damndest to get us to refuse to vote for president at all in November. Case in point: Tonight’s debate. Yes, we know that the MittBots at Hot Gas are jizzing all over themselves about it, claiming that their Golden Idol Mittens swept the floor with that

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Another Ogabe-Backed Venture Cronyism Green Energy Scam Folds

This would make it the 238th one, wouldn’t it? Sorry, we lost count. But be happy, taxpayers, another $118,000,000 of your money just got washed down the drain in order to pump up the Friends of Ogabe Program™. Winning The Future! Thatisall.

Christ, Do We REALLY Have to Give History Lessons Now?

It would appear so. Listen, His Majesty is perfectly fine with having to fight back and prove that every liberal talking point out there is a flat out lie. It’s what we expect from them and, besides, proving them wrong is so damn easy. Not to mention enjoyable. Particularly when their heads start exploding. But

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Allahpundit and Hot Gas About Pissing their Pants Now

You know that when, on the night of president SCOAMF’s state of his diapers address, Allahpundit digs out a story about Nancy Lugosi’s allegations from last December about “secrets” she know about Newt Gingrich that she was about to violate the law by talking about, a story that didn’t get much traction back then because,

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Taking the Imperial Long View™

We’ve been thinking. Listen, we know that Newt Gingrich isn’t exactly the Perfect Candidate™, but he has got one thing going for him, which is a refusal to roll over. Still, he’s hardly Thomas Jefferson, and we’re not going to be howling hoorah when we pull the lever for him if he’s the candidate, even

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Fear and Loathing in the RINOcracy

We knew this was going to happen and the rest of y’all knew it too: The moment Newt obliterated their Golden Idol in SC, they’d go into full panic mode as a result of their store front plastic mannequin perennial loser “inevitable electable” candidate getting a Swift Kick to the Electability™. And it’s been hilariously

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