Articles from November 2011

Yeah Right, That’ll Work, Smitty

So Freedom Works wanted to have a meeting to discuss options to do something about the deficit. Senator Mike Lee reserved a room for them, followed all the rules, only to have Kapo Schumer shut the meeting down for fear that they might come up with a proposal. They were only having a meeting, they

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You’ll Take Our Christmas Lights From Our Cold, Dead Hands

Thanks to a tip from our sestrichka, Princess Natasha, we learn that there’ll be “hell to pay” from the pisslamic subhuman cretinoids if we don’t immediately stop celebrating Christmas: Faithful Muslim leaders in Europe and their allies in United States begin a campaign to stop all of us from wishing each other “Merry Christmas”. According

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More on Weepy Boner’s Historic Debt Ceiling “Victory”

So the playbook goes as follows (this is a recap, since we already outlined it back before Boner’s “victory” when every single RINO squish told us and others like us we were being “unreasonable”): Boner/McCockface “achieve” a bunch of fake “cuts” that have already turned into spending increases in return for their fabulous StuporCommittee. StuporCommittee

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The StuporCommittee? Glad You Asked

They’re achieving nothing and will fail just as epically as anybody with an IQ above room temperature (thus excluding the entirety of the GOP establishment RINOcracy) predicted they would back when Weepy Boner and McCockhead announced their historic “victory” in securing everything the Ogabe Junta wanted in return for absolutely no spending cuts. Oh, but

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If I Had a Hammer…

…I’d go to one of the lice and scabies-infested Occutard Obamavilles and try to bash somebody’s head in with a hammer… Actually, no. Not only are the ‘tards providing us with endless entertainment as they continue their OccuFAIL, it seems that they’re perfectly capable of handling the hammering themselves. Demonstrators said that the victim of

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Some Animals are More Equal than Others

Sorry, but we just have to expound a bit on our esteemed Subotai’s find in his post below. It is simply too full of irony and Occutard Epic FAIL to let pass. Also, in case some Occutard browses by (assuming that he/sh/it hasn’t had his/her/its $5,000 laptop stolen yet), we’re sure that he/sh/it would like

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If You Don’t Love the Kid in this Video, There’s Something Seriously Wrong With You.

[youtube][/youtube] Eeeeeyes… RIGHT! indeed. Thatisall.

The Enemy has fallen into our hands.

Misha, I really hate to put this story above the kid saluting the Canadians [by the way, is there any context as to where this occurred?]. PLEASE bump the Canadian post above this, because I don’t know how to do it. [Done. -Venomous] But this has to get out. We are engaged in a war

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LCs, we’re starting to get bombed with bogus registrations again, so I’ve turned off auto-reg for now. If you want an account, email me here and I’ll get you hooked up. And as we’re talking about registrations, this is as good of a time as any to announce this: Muzzy, your vacation’s long since been

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Picture From the Front

(Thanks to Director Blue). G-d Bless ‘Em. Thatisall.

#OCCUPY is winning

We are watching, and laughing at, the enemy forces known as the #Occupy Movement. And with good reason. Looked at from the point of view of specific goals for their actions [or inactions] , the tactical utility of those actions, or any sense of political logic to those actions; they are as fucked up as

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EUropean EUnuch Fail

And no, for once we’re not talking about their imploding economies built entirely upon unicorn farts and assorted other idiocy, we’re talking about the EU’s fixation with wasting millions on performing “studies” to justify regulating the everloving heck out of everything. We thought they’d reached the pinnacle of pinheadedness ages ago when they made an

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President Food Stamp Un-Saves and Un-Creates Another 200,000 Jobs in the Midst of Massive Unemployment

We don’t know why we keep mentioning what ought to be obvious to all but the terminally ignorant, but we keep thinking that somehow, at some point people are going to sit up and notice that “creating or saving jobs” is the last thing on president Golfsalot’s mind. President Obama’s United States Department of Agriculture

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Peaceful Occutard Threatens to Burn New York City to the Ground

No different from the Tea Party at all! Nkrumah Tinsley, 29, was busted after cops saw a video of him claiming he would torch the city during Thursday’s mass protest posted online, police said. “On the 17th (of Nov.), we’re going to burn New York City to the f—ing ground,” an angry Tinsley told a

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But, But Honey! I NEED One of Those!

Found at Bill Quick’s. Really, all of you fellow ‘puter geek LCs, tell us that this doesn’t look like a prime candidate to put in your next DYI PC: Yes, we know that it ain’t ASUS, but GigaByte makes pretty good MoBos too and, besides, it’s just another project. We feel a strange tingling just

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