Articles from October 2011

Loyal Citizens 1, Stupid Goblins 0

Via Bill Quick. INDIANAPOLIS — A customer standing in line at an east side Indianapolis auto parts store shot a suspected armed robber demanding cash, police said. Investigators said John Perry fired his handgun and struck Carlos Ortiz, 21, in the leg at the Auto Zone in the 1100 block of North Arlington Avenue Saturday.

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Marxist Rabble Outraged Over Redistribution of Wealth

Their wealth, that is (h/t JWF). Make sure that you have fresh fuses for your IronyMeter™ before continuing: It’s a den of thieves! Occupy Wall Street protesters said yesterday that packs of brazen crooks within their ranks have been robbing their fellow demonstrators blind, making off with pricey cameras, phones and laptops — and even

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Greater Love Hath No Man…

When it comes to abortion those of us siding with life are always accused of preferring to murder the mother, regardless of the simple fact that the vast number of abortions aren’t performed to save anything but the convenience of the mother. If you truly are in a position where you can either save the

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Jamie Gorelick Joins Defense Policy Board

Right after her previous successes causing 9/11 and the Fannie Mae disaster. What could possibly go wrong?

Compare and Contrast

From Jonah Goldberg who, even though his anti-communist bona fides are certainly unquestionable, is nowhere near where His Imperial Majesty stands. According to us, you could execute every single last motherfucking bastard who ever uttered even a half-hearted defense of socialism and we wouldn’t even lift an eyebrow. They’ve deliberately murdered well over a hundred

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We Guess That We, According to Perry, Must Be “Heartless” to Not Support This

…and if that’s the case, then we’re proud of it too. Students in a Texas public high school were made to stand up and recite the Mexican national anthem and Mexican pledge of allegiance as part of a Spanish class assignment, but the school district maintains there was nothing wrong with the lesson. Wearing red,

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Prayer Request

Just got notice from one of the Rotts that one of our nation’s soldiers, Tim Senkowski, stepped on a landmine in Afghanistan and is currently listed in critical condition. Tim is married with children. Any prayers would be much appreciated. Thatisall.

The Romney Scorecard

Which somebody else has gone to the trouble of accumulating with a wealth of links to support it. A quick recap from the article, but do go read it all: Lets recap: What Romney supported as Governor of Massachusetts: 1. Pro-abortion with full taxpayer funding. 2. Pro-state mandated healthcare. 3. Pro-government mandates in taxes and

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Reichsführer Ogabe Aligns Himself Further With the Jew-Hating 99%’ers

Which, we suppose, shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody who has ever cracked open a history book in order to learn how leftist extremist dictators operate (h/t Gabriel Malor): The White House continued its embrace of the Occupy Wall Street protests on Sunday, using the strongest terms yet to identify President Barack Obama with

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Oh, and Cain? We Like You, But You Can Take Your “9-9-9” and Shove it

(h/t S.Weasel). Listen, people, if there is one thing that this nation doesn’t need, it’s a federal income AND a federal sales tax. Stoaty gives an excellent example of why not in the article linked in the hat tip. In 1962, Denmark came up with a 9% (where’d we see that number before?) VAT. By

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Will the Real Mittens Romney Please Stand Up?

Also, has anybody ever seen Mittens and Ogabe in the same room at the same time? Because we’re beginning to get increasingly convinced that Ogabe is Mittens in blackface. We already know that he’s the author of RomneyCare, the precursor to OgabeCare. So much a precursor that he even said so himself (before he “refuted”

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Bet You’ve Been Wondering…

Where the heck His Imperial Majesty and his notoriously lazy staff have been, right? Well, as to His Imperial Vileness, he’s been getting his yearly Texas Rangers high, watching his team slap the Detroit Pussycats around like little bitches (mixed metaphors, we know, so sue us), finishing off with a 15-5 slap down to win

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MOAH New Civility!

This time, it’s Bill Maher suggesting that FOX News would be a lot “gentler” in their coverage of the OWS Poopstock in New York if somebody were to throw a few bricks through Rupert Murdoch’s apartment. Followed immediately, of course, by Rachel Madcow laughing like a demented hyena (how else would a demented hyena laugh?).

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The New Civility! Part the G-d Knows What…

Listen to this peaceful Occupy [Whatever I Can Take the Bus To] protester speak (h/t our Sestrichka): [youtube][/youtube] Let’s hope he doesn’t incite violence like back when one of Sarah Palin’s posters forced a guy who hadn’t even seen it to shoot Gabby Giffords in the head. He’s right about one thing, though: His beloved

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Sheriff Choo-Choo Blames GOP for Rape and Murder in Flint

The vice president spoke about the hundreds of layoffs of police officers and firefighters in the city as he called for Congress to pass the American Jobs Act. A $5 billion provision in the bill provides grant money to rehire and retain first responders he said. And the other $495 billion would go to Ogabe’s

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