Articles from July 2011

Another Rott Needs Your Prayers

The beast has struck another member of our family. Irish Dragon’s wife Carolyn has been diagnosed with an as of yet unknown form of cancer. As you probably know Dragon is an active duty Marine, which adds an extra dimension to this fight. Carolyn is scheduled for her first round of chemo September 9 and

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The Hell You Say!

While Weepy Boner and Dingy Reid continue their Kabuki dance, which is getting profoundly unfunny to watch, somebody notes that both their retarded “plans”, which address nothing other than making sure that President Golfsalot won’t have to deal with this nasty debate while he’s out campaigning for four more years, won’t save our vaunted AAA

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I Am Getting Seriously Pissed Here

Which would explain, in case anybody still cares enough to be wondering, why the everloving fuck His Imperial Majesty hasn’t exactly been prolific in his postings as of late. Thank G-d my underpaid, overworked staff still find it within themselves to put something up here or this place would be as dead as Hillary Clinton’s

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Without Further Comment

[youtube][/youtube] Good luck explaining to your kids and grandkids why you let this happen. Be easier on yourselves to just eat your guns. Don’t expect Weepy Boner to be paying any attention, though. Thatsisall.

On the Boehner “Plan”

I’ll keep this short, because there’s really no point in dragging the nonsense out any further. Boehner’s laughably impotent plan is the best we can hope for right now. No, it’s not the best we could possibly get, but it’s the best we’re going to get with the current passel of dickless, incompetent fuckheads making

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“Will No One Rid Me Of This Turbulent Debt Ceiling?”

“Because, well, who needs one anyway? It’s just standing in the way of the Holy One, the LightBringer’s enlightened leadership!” In the past few years, the U.S. economy has been beset by the subprime meltdown Thanks, Barney Fwank and the entire rest of the NSDWP. skyrocketing oil prices, Thanks, Il Douche. the Eurozone debt crisis,

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Inside The Youth Voter’s Heads

Just had enough time today to skim a few websites, and found this gem: Survey of Young Americans’ Attitudes toward Politics and Public Service It reinforces what we’ve been saying on this site for years about Da’ Yutes™ in general. This obviously does NOT apply to our youthful pups here in the Empire. They generally

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Breaking News: Attack in Norway

Twin attacks: Gunman opens fire on youth camp, car bomb explodes at PM’s office.

Good For A Laugh, At Least

Want to play around with the budget and see how well you score on stimulating the economy, averting the bust and balancing the budget? Become Emperor and hang all politicians first. After that, the economy will take care of itself. But if you want to waste some time while laughing your arse off at the

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The Jews Ain’t Forgiving Hitler, So….

I ain’t forgiving Jane Fonda either. Ol’ Hanoi Jane open her cock holster yet again and spewed some cunt mold about how QVC dumped her because right wing haters and baby killers threatened a boycott or something. Seems the traitorous cum guzzling gutter slut con diem thunder cunt is an innocent soul, dontchaknow? Bottom line,

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Studies in Liberal Media Bias

In this one we have Rachel MadCow committing, as is usual for her, journalistic fraud regarding the Texas Voter ID law which, of course, according to MadCow and her liberal cohorts, is nothing short of suppressing Democrat voting since, apparently, Democrats are unusually stupid when it comes to acquiring a free means of identification. OK,

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Just Get On With It, Already!

Seriously, is there anything going on in the news that hasn’t to do with the pointless, utterly predictable debt limit charade with the Potomac Parasites? Because, quite frankly, the outcome is as predictable as the posturing is tedious. On the one hand we have the McCocklesses of the Senate busying themselves with abdicating their responsibilities

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Your Daily Assignment

Which is to make any sort of coherent, logical sense of the diarrhea that Tommy the Commie Friedman has splattered all over the New York Slime’s opinion page. Even for somebody of such limited intellect and inability to form a coherent sentence that makes any sort of sense without first ingesting half a metric ton

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Brit Millionaires Worried That They Might Be Due For A “Spread The Wealth Around” Ogabe-Like Fleecing

And, UNEXPECTEDLY, start considering fleeing the country. Who could possibly have foreseen this??? So, Brit Socialists, if you do decide to go for an “eat the rich” approach just like our Ear Leader™ wants to do, where are those “added revenues” going to come from when the ones you want to fleece are no longer

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Listen, It’s A Very Short Document And It’s Not At All Hard To Understand

DrewM is pissed off at Herman Cain for stating that the Constitution allows for local communities to ban the building of mosques in their area, claiming instead that the Constitution prohibits such banning. They are, of course, both wrong. Herman even goes as far as to suggest that: “Our Constitution guarantees separation of church and

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