Articles from June 2011

Holy Fuck. Some of the Actually DO Have Balls

In response to Ogabelini’s recent call for class warfare (those evil corporate jet owners that he himself signed a tax cut for as part of Porkulus) and screaming, stomping his feet and shaking his little baby fists about Republicans being to blame for holding up stuff by not agreeing to everything he wants, Sen. John

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Oh Crap…

One thing you never want to hear are the words “transmission trouble.” The next thing you don’t want to hear is “needs to be rebuilt.” I guess I’ll be off drinking myself into oblivion now… Upcoming posts may contain an unusual number of spelling errors 😉 *Sigh!*

Sixth Circus Court Declares Constitution Null and Void

Well, except for the Commerce Clause, that is, which is, according to the Sixth Circus, the supreme law of the land. The rest of the document was just written by the Founders because they still had a few hours to waste and needed to put in some filler. The court ruled that the law’s requirement

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Chicago Union Lawyer Reaches Out to the South With Brotherly Love, Bigotry, But Mostly Bigotry

Which is sure to make us southern folk a lot more friendly where damnyankees are concerned (h/t Q and O): Conservatives are in an uproar that the general counsel of the National Labor Relations Board has filed an unfair labor charge against Boeing. It seems the president of Boeing was unwise enough to blurt out

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Who Said the Ogabemedia is Useless?

Well, we suppose we did on a few occasions, but never mind that. Thing is, barely has Michelle Bachmann announced that she’s actually running for president and the OgabeFluffers are already in full court press mode about her horrible, inexcusable “gaffe” about John Wayne having once lived in Waterloo, Iowa (which, we’re told, is a

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The Lightworker Brings Racial Healing

LC LOBO points us to this happening in the wonderful, egalitarian, post-racial America that the Lightworker brought about along with receding seas and global cooling: Tonight, around 11 p.m., a group of at least 60-70 African American youth marched down one of the side streets (W. Thrush) to the 4 lane main drag (Sheridan). They

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Keeping the Friendly Skies Safe From Nonagenarians

Once again, our wonderful “you can’t professionalize unless you federalize” Transport Sturm Abteilung strikes a blow for freedom, safety and the American way by ripping the Depends off of a 95-year-old leukemia patient in a wheelchair (h/t LC & IB Bill Quick): Jean Weber of Destin filed a complaint with the Department of Homeland Security

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Great Moments in Cynicism, the Strategic Oil Reserve Dump Edition

As LC Jackboot already noted, (p)Resident Golfsalot’s sudden decision to release some of our strategic oil reserves in spite of no actual real national emergency smells a bit, and it ain’t of roses either. It couldn’t possibly have to do with Ogabelini noticing that his poll numbers tend to fluctuate with the price of gas

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GOP Limp Dicks Set to Cave Again

As hysteria over “the GOP’s refusal” to increase Ogabelini’s credit limit when all the NSDWP is asking for is tax hikes, thus making it the GOP’s fault that we’re about to default, explode, oceans running red with blood, old people falling off cliffs etc. ad nauseam, our friend Bill Quick predicts Weepy Boner and his

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Help! I’ve Fallen Into a Rabbit Hole and I Can’t Get Up!

The New York Obama-Times suddenly argues that withdrawing from a conflict (that isn’t really one, per Ogabelini, since our drone strikes don’t equate to “hostilities” or some such liberal horse manure) is detrimental to our nation’s credibility. No, we’re not shitting you: One measure, sponsored by Representative Thomas Rooney and apparently backed by the House

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It’s Personal Now

A while back one of my daughters saw Obama on the TV and blurted out “I hate him.” Realizing she had been listening to my tirades aimed at the TV every time The Lightworker opened his mouth, I took the opportunity to explain to my darlin’ that while we can hate his policies, we didn’t

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Liberal Authoritarians

While I was still laughing (and crying over the absolute disrespect of Sgt. Monti and his family) over the Ogolfalini’s lastest gaff, came across an excellent piece written by Princeton University professor Robert George, entitled the Mirror Of Justice.. Professor George posits the contrast between what should be called classic liberalism and what we see

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Cool Video Of The Week

I stumbled onto this today over at The Blaze. The video is from a Very Large Telescope (VLT) array in Northern Chile. The video is absolutely stunning, and the sound track is a perfect match too. This is like pr0n for a high-tech redneck like myself. Enjoy !!!! [flv][/flv] Carry On-

Take Your Bulbs and Stick ‘Em

Thanks to LC Guy S, we learn that governor Perry has, once again, told the fascist regime in DC to quit meddling: The measure, sent to Gov. Rick Perry for consideration [he subsequently signed it], lets any incandescent light bulb manufactured in Texas – and sold in that state – avoid the authority of the

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Some Liberal Asshat Decides to Beat the Rush, Wants to be First with Allegation of Fraud as an Explanation for his Messiah, Ogabe’s, Impending 2012 Ass-Whupping

Or maybe it’s just that those damn mushrooms got to Celine E.J. Dionne again. We’ll just indulge the Imperial Fisk, too long on hiatus, we regret to say: WASHINGTON — An attack on the right to vote is under way across the country through laws designed to make it more difficult to cast a ballot.

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