Articles from April 2011

A Lil’ Humor From Across the Pond To Start Yer Weekend.

Well, those of you that have a weekend anyway. [youtube][/youtube] Enjoy the weekend pups! Open Thread.


We don’t know what to say. Surely nobody can be that desperate to get laid? [youtube][/youtube] G.L.O.R.s, please. Would you sleep with a “man” like that? WE wouldn’t sleep with a doormat, we like our women feisty and strong, yet all lady. The kind who, while being the very essence of femininity, can still drop

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None of Your Fucking Business

Thank G-d we have a great doc who belongs to the old school of “only ask relevant questions”, so we won’t have to worry about this: From Sunshine State News: The National Rifle Association is pushing for a law in Florida that would keep doctors from asking patients about gun ownership. A compromise was reached

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“Fuck You, Peasant!”

Straight from the horse’s arse, although comparing equine hindquarters to King Narcissus Hussein is probably a foul insult to the waste-excreting region of fine animals. Obama needled one questioner who asked about gas prices, now averaging close to $3.70 a gallon nationwide, and suggested that the gentleman consider getting rid of his gas-guzzling vehicle. “If

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Oh, This Is Going To Be A LOL Campaign!

O’Bungle’s comes stumbling out of the 2012 election starting gate in exactly the fashion that we figured he would. We can only imagine the other hilarious Idiotudes™ that will be flowing forth from Teh Great Procrastinator™ and his staff of smarter-than-thou sloganeers. F.E.T.E.

Meanwhile, More Election Fraud (Now With Added Gloat)

Which we can’t really work ourselves up enough to comment much upon. We mean, when the initial results of an election fall well within the National Socialist Democrat Workers’ Party’s margin of fraud, did you really expect something other than the subsequent “absentee ballot count” and “recount”, not to mention the count of ballots mysteriously

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Ogabe Promises to Leave Our Troops Penniless if He Cannot Have His Way

Nevermind the fact that those are the same troops that he feels no need to send around the world and rent out to NATO without even consulting with Congress, much less ask for their approval, if he can’t have his fascist ways, then he’ll be happy to order them to fight and die without pay.

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Hogs and Korans

Just to add to the absolutely sublimely spectacular rant of Ms. Barnhardt below, we think it’s time for a reprise of the LC Crunchie Hog Hunt™ and its aftermath. Go there to savor the fullness of our very own Marine par excellence and brother’s memorable exploits, but we’d like to once again post our favorite

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Must Read

The LC contribution below. Read it all. Undying loyalty to our friends, eternal and uncompromising ruthlessness to our enemies. We cannot conquer hatred or envy, but we can control it through fear. Let them hate us, if they must, because they do not need to as it is their choice, as long as they fear

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The Jokes Just Write Themselves Here

Many is the time that His Imperial Majesty has held forth the British NHS as a perfect example of the horrors that await the citizens of the Empire should they foolishly decide to adopt OgabeCare. By an odd coincidence, it is exactly equal to the number of times we’ve been ignored since facts, obviously, matter

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LC Contribution

For those of you don’t know, LC Irish Dragon is a Marine NCO trigger puller, with multiple tours in The Long War. A while back he penned a treatise, a few actually, on what we patriots face in the age of Ogabe. They are well written and well thought out pieces on the cultural war

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Please, God, let this not be true

Source “Senior Libyan rebel “officers” sold Hizballah and Hamas thousands of chemical shells from the stocks of mustard and nerve gas that fell into rebel hands when they overran Muammar Qaddafi’s military facilities in and around Benghazi, debkafile’s exclusive military and intelligence sources report. Word of the capture touched off a scramble in Tehran and

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How About “Imperial Burn a Friggin’ Koran Day?”

Above the post update: The Imperial Consiglieri is less verbose, but equally on point in his comments. Looks like that grandstanding jerk Terry Jones (no, not the funny guy from the Pythons) finally couldn’t stand it and decided to burn his copy of that textbook of barbarian violence, the unholy koran, anyway. But whether he’s

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Sunday Musings

I woke up this morning to an apartment that seemed a bit warmer than usual. The AC was running, but alas, it was blowing hot air. Now understand we live in south-central Texas (Austin to be precise) and yesterday was well over 90°. The humidity is at 73% right now and it’s in the low

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Bonus Features Of The Chevy Volt

Frank Fleming from the most worthy blog IMAO, brings on Teh Funny writing for Town Hall. The same U.S. government that got man to the moon is now teamed with GM to get you to the corner store… for $41,000. But Consumer Reports has blasted the Chevy Volt as a car that “doesn’t make any

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