Articles from April 2011

Best. Tax Rant. EVAH!

Just coming up for air for a second here with this: So in honor of Tax Day, and as a result of having been exposed to a lot of news lately because I’ve been home sick, I’d like to talk about our nation’s current budget issues. You see, we face difficult times, and our noble

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The New Civility™

Library Czar dropped this gem in the kennel. Thought I’d share it with y’all to demonstrate the Left’s New Civility™. Turns out it’s the same as the Old Civility. But we already knew that, didn’t we? [youtube][/youtube]    

And Now Some Plain Old Stupidity

Why is it always New Yawk? Well, Kalifornia too I guess, but it’s New Yawk again this time. Seems that the Intellectually Elite Yankees have decide that it’s time for a kinder, gentler deadly force. Lawmakers in New York are again contemplating the notion of “shoot-to-wound” legislation and cops in that state are understandably furious.

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Let’s Take A Timeout

I was finally diagnosed a week ago, with an annoying problem that required some urgent surgery. I’m fine now and pretty much ready to get back to work. The week away from the grind has given me plenty of time to catch up on my reading. Fortunately I was able to get the ‘pulse’ of

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And Now For More Of The Same, With Extra Insanity! I Present Jameela Barnette

Via Gateway Pundit and courtesy of a tip from Mike M, the loon who sent Pete King a severed pigs foot (mmmm, pigs feet.) has been revealed. A XXXXXX woman from Georgia, Jameela Barnette, admitted to sending Rep. Peter King (R-NY) a pig’s foot and an anti-Semitic note for holding hearings on radical Islam. Three

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And Now For Something Completely Different

LC Country Red found this surfing and I happened to stumble onto it when taking over at the PC. This is interesting on a number of levels as well as very cute. Red and I being hard-core ‘cat people’ have had quite a few of the felines as part of our household over the years.

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Allahpundit Spontaneously Ejaculating All Over Mittens Romney’s Jacket

It would be sad, if it wasn’t so fucking hilarious. We mean really, AP, why don’t you and Mittens get it over with and just get a room already? Wouldn’t it be nice for your erection to finally, for the first time in your life, feel something other than your own hands upon it? Thatisall.

The “Fight, Fight, Fight” Weepy Boner Memorial Thread

In which we learn that the “historic” 0.0000000001% “cut” in federal spending that hadn’t even become federal spending yet, the “historic victory” that Weepy Boner has been sucking his own cock in celebration of for a week now (inasmuch as he’s been able to beat off “pragmatic” conservatives to the “honor”) is really more of

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Yep, Those ‘People’ Are Taking My Money

I’ve been wondering lately what’s been wrong with me for these 50 some, odd years. It’s just one of those feelings that won’t go away. I check under the bed and in my closest before bed every night, out of some irrational fear. I mean, I just know those ‘people’ are waiting to take my

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It Had Begun

Ft. Sumter, commanding the entrance to Charleston harbor South Carolina, had been named after a hero of the American Revolution, General Thomas Sumter. Despite having been started in 1827, by April of 1861 it’s construction was not yet completed and due to military downsizing and budget cuts the fort was also short half of its

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Oh, and RINO Boner, DO Learn to Speak English!

Not much to add to Jackboot’s excellent rant below, His Imperial Majesty just has one request in general: The next time the auto-fellating RINOs and their sycophantic “pragmatic” bloggers use the word “cut” or, even worse, “historic cut” about the pittance of spare change that Boner et al are crowing about, patting themselves on the

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La Maschera or al-Maskharah

Those who so desire can feel free to break out the tinfoil hats. I’ll report, y’all decide. I was sent an article. It was more than a tad tongue in cheek, with some mention of Buraq Hussein Obama as an alien. That was sarcasm. Given that we have nothing in the way of independent records

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Betray Us? Yes They Can-Yes They Did !!

Sounds familiar doesn’t it? This time it isn’t hollow words, but an actuality foisted upon us by John Boehner and the rethuglican party. We gave these pussies the victory they begged for in November. A victory that was absolutely necessary to turn around this rudderless ship of state. The republican party got even more than

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For Our Troops

[youtube][/youtube] Of course, the troops depicted in this video aren’t “essential” enough to get paid while we’re dead certain that every postage stamp licker employed by the parasitical, cancerous growth upon our nation that we call “Congress” WILL be deemed such. By Congress. While the families of our troops starve at the direction of the

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Ogabe’s Lapdog: “We’re Not Going to Pay Soldiers Until the GOP Agrees to Fund Planned Parenthood”

We’re going to have to link to a secondary source here since the Associated (with terrorists) Press has decided to airbrush the following out of existence (we wonder why?): Reid said that in addition to agreeing on the spending cut, negotiators had worked out policy disputes, which involve environmental protection, implementing President Barack Obama’s health

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