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Constitution and Government; an Unexpected Encounter

Gentle Readers, at the risk of contradicting His Majesty’s post SLOW NEWS DAY; I think we have some news of import. Allow me to explain. Back on June 3, I imposed a post on you; NATURAL BORN CITIZEN. Short form. There is a case in Leon County Florida, VOELTZ -v- OBAMA. Michael Voeltz is a

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Natural Born Citizen

Peeks in cautiously, looking for ambushes and booby traps. Been gone for a while. Not sure if I am allowed back in, but someone forgot to lock the “Teh Management” entrance. What have I been doing? Well, I unretired, then re-retired. I have been busy with various TEA Party activities, including 3 campaigns by our

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Fake as a Three Dollar Bill

Oh, is this place still around? Sorry for the long absence, but even an Emperor has to prioritize his maternal parenting unit above all else. That’s how baby emperors-in-waiting manage to grow up to become actual Emperors. Listen, I don’t want to hear another bleep about the recently released “birth certificate” being real, as it

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