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Suddenly Conspiracy Theorists Don’t Sound So Silly Anymore, Do They?

(Via Bill Quick). Let’s get this out of the way first: We do not in any way condone the whole “leaking national secrets business” no matter who’s doing it and no matter who it benefits, since we really don’t want our enemies out there in the rest of the world to know what we’re capable

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Eating Your Cake and Having It

So, well, that settles it. The former DNI, James “Lying to Congress” Clapper, categorically denies that any wiretapping of Trump even happened. Heck, even god-king Hussein denies it, so obviously it never happened! OK, in all fairness, all captain precious princess Hussein said was that he never ordered it, which, well, duh. “Will nobody rid

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But… He’s Not Supposed to Fight BACK!

We’re sure this confuses the everloving heck out of Prozicrats after decades of “opposition” consisting mainly of Recucklicans unfurling the white banners and assuming the position whenever the Prozis as much as meowed at them. Color us silly, but we have a distinct feeling that this whole dog and pony show the Prozis are putting

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