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“Left the Keys in it. You Know Why? Because We’re the Only Ones Who’ll Ever Go Back Up There.”

We just love, LOVE this ad: [youtube][/youtube] Thatisall.

People really ARE this stupid?????

[youtube][/youtube] Words fail me……

Do not try this at home…..

…these people are Russian drivers. [youtube][/youtube] And with that I declare an open thread. The Imperial Booze cabinet is open, canapes are on the right, and if anyone can work out the new combination to the Emperors private liquor stock, be my guest. I have been reliably informed by certain sources he is busy elsewhere.

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The Deathstar was an inside job

We all knew it There was skulduggery afoot the day the DeathStar died. Call those responsible to account!! Palpatine lied, people died, no war for DROIDS!!!! And with that, Rotties, I call an open thread. Let the conspiracies be revealed!!! [youtube][/youtube]

Best. Windows. Wallpaper. EVER!

Ronald Reagan riding a velociraptor. Seriously. Check it out. It’s on the Imperial Desktop already. Thatisall.