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They keep sending us these letters…

Aaaand….well, we DID answer it. Latest Chinese Consulate Pansygram Arrives Tim Blair, The Daily Telegraph April 23, 2020 3:44pm Our flubie friends at Sydney’s Chinese Consulate have been in contact again, this time to register Beijing’s official rage over an excellent Daily Telegraph illustration: On 22 April, The Daily Telegraph newspaper in New South Wales

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Meanwhile, Down Under…..

….we had a small wildlife problem. The rainforest-dwelling serpents can grow up to 8.5m long. Drive safely, folks….

My Schadenboner is bigger than the Emperor’s

On this auspicious occasion of the Mueller report being submitted, which, as we all know, meant what we said it did two years ago..Mueller aint got shit I leave you with this


[youtube][/youtube] No I dont remember how I found it. No I dont know what else they made. I am not sure I want to know. Open thread.

Time to put the dog…er…goanna out..

Here in Australia, we dont do small. We dont do harmless. And our staff know how to deal with a customer who didnt bother to book a table. [youtube][/youtube]

Put up..or shut the fuck up

I wonder if there’s an American version of this..if so I’d love to see it [youtube][/youtube]

You’re ALL Fucking Fired!

Granted, the following is based on “sources”, and we all know what that means for the reliability of an article, but we somehow don’t have a problem seeing this happening exactly the way it’s being reported. So, for what it’s worth: Donald Trump scolded media big shots during an off-the-record Trump Tower sitdown on Monday,

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Still Wondering Why You Lost, Proggies?

We know that you’re never ever going to listen to it coming from us, so here it is from one of your own kind: This man is dangerous. Let’s hope the ProgNazis never listen to him, because they’re so much more fun when they lose. Thatisall.

Sane American Heard From

We interrupt the regular scheduled mocking to bring you this important news bulletin. A member of the sapient part of the American population has been located, and this is what he had to say: This needs to go viral. Stop this madness — Jaden (@JadenBell_) November 12, 2016 Hey, Donald! Give this guy a

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Trump on Immigration.

The following is a transcript of his latest speech. LC’s and G.L.O.R’s..your soon to be President ********************************************************************************************************************************* Thank you, Phoenix. I am so glad to be back in Arizona, a state that has a very special place in my heart. I love the people of Arizona and, together, we are going to win the White

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His father would be proud

They say that children have much to teach us..well, this young man certainly does. And yes I have tagged this as “Our heroes” me, he is. [youtube][/youtube] Totally unafraid and ready to fight back, teddybear in hand. Courage needs witnesses.

The Post We Wish We’d Written

From one end to the other. It’s long, but we found ourself nodding so furiously all the way through that we’re afraid that we’ve irreparably damaged our cervical vertebrae. An excerpt about the so-called “Right” of today, but do go read the whole thing. LC Ironbear nails it to the wall. the Right has been

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Whoa, is it 2016 Already?

No, we’re not feeling too creative, due to a rather strange sudden onset of certain sub-cranial abnormalities, or should that be intra-cranial?, but we’d be amiss if we didn’t post, in full, this absolutely fantastic anti-SJW screed that the truly fabulous Milo Yiannopoulos of found on the twatter-net: “We are fighting to end hate,

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Be afraid….not for the faint of heart

I was looking for something to brighten my evening when I came across..this. That sudden spasm you will get in your calves? Is the cramp you get when you instinctively slam your foot on an imaginary brake [youtube][/youtube] They are amongst us….

Six at one blow..”click” “bang”….*BOOOOM*

Source With a Taliban fighter looming in his sights half a mile away, the British sniper knew a clean shot would take down his enemy. What he could not have known was that the single bullet he fired would account for five more insurgents.But, incredibly, his rifle round triggered the explosive vest worn by his

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