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Oh Spare Us!

Post #2,336 in the Blogosphere about how ObamaNomics are really hurting young people the most. No, we don’t mean “spare us the post”, because there is nothing that is not absolutely true about it, and it certainly wouldn’t be a waste of time to read it. It sums up the dismal future for youngsters thanks

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The Economy is Doing Just Fine

You know what else the shaded area indicates? The beginning of the first budget issued by the Socialist Democrat Congress. But it’s ALL BUSH’S FAULT! Right. Next. Thatisall.


The Supreme Court ruled that while it may be unconstitutional under the Commerce Clause, it is constitutional as a tax. Interestingly, in practice it is a tax that corporations and unions who contribute to the Democratic Party are exempt from. [preceding sentence added after publication -SB] The terms of rule by the government have been

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Where Are They Now?

$3.19/gallon? Good times, GOOD TIMES! Yet not as much as the sound of crickets is to be heard now that the ProgNazis’ Unser Fubar has knocked prices so far up that those days seem like a Golden Age. Standards, good. Double standards, TWICE as good! Hypocritical, lying, fascist economy wreckers. Thatisall.

Be Careful What You Wish For, Fiddy2ers…

You just might get it (h/t Cold Fury). As we’re all struggling to pay for whatever gas the Ogabe Junta will let us have, it is at least a small comfort for us to see that the ones voting for the Food Stamp Algae president are the ones getting hit the hardest by the Rape

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New(t)s Updates

Sorry about the lack of free ice cream around these parts (and a huge thanks to the Imperial Staff for providing the updates that have appeared!), but His Imperial Majesty is still battling a bug that just won’t leave, thanks mainly to the weather in the Imperial State not being able to make its mind

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More Americans Give Up Trying To Find A Job, Disappear From Statistics

Which, bring on the trumpet fanfares, leads to a magical “drop” in unemployment! Hooray! We’re finally beginning to see Ogabe’s plan here: By November, every single unemployed American will have long given up on finding a job in Ogabe’s fascist control economy, leading to an unemployment level of 0% since, according to the statistical reindeer

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Hooray for Double-Speak!

Presented without further ado, the Quote of the Day from Bill Quick: Okay, explain something to me, please. The fellating tools and hack propagandists at the Washington Post assure us that if a tax cut less than a year old is not renewed, then we will be getting a tax increase. Yet not renewing a

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Cooking the Books

Listen, His Imperial Majesty is as happy as the next guy to hear that the economy added 120,000 jobs in November. Granted, they’re mostly temp jobs for the holidays which will disappear in a *poof* of smoke come January, but even a temp job is better than no job in the dreary mess that Comrade

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Boy, Did the Demoncraps Blow it With the StuporCommittee

“What?”, you say. Has His Imperial Maliciousness been smoking something he shouldn’t have? Au contraire. As an introduction, we’re sure that you’re aware that Pat Toomey (RINO squish – PA) had been trying to capitulate to the Marxists on the StuporCommittee by giving them some tax hikes. It didn’t get a lot of press, but

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The StuporCommittee? Glad You Asked

They’re achieving nothing and will fail just as epically as anybody with an IQ above room temperature (thus excluding the entirety of the GOP establishment RINOcracy) predicted they would back when Weepy Boner and McCockhead announced their historic “victory” in securing everything the Ogabe Junta wanted in return for absolutely no spending cuts. Oh, but

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The Enemy has fallen into our hands.

Misha, I really hate to put this story above the kid saluting the Canadians [by the way, is there any context as to where this occurred?]. PLEASE bump the Canadian post above this, because I don’t know how to do it. [Done. -Venomous] But this has to get out. We are engaged in a war

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President Food Stamp Un-Saves and Un-Creates Another 200,000 Jobs in the Midst of Massive Unemployment

We don’t know why we keep mentioning what ought to be obvious to all but the terminally ignorant, but we keep thinking that somehow, at some point people are going to sit up and notice that “creating or saving jobs” is the last thing on president Golfsalot’s mind. President Obama’s United States Department of Agriculture

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SCOAMF Trying to Scare off 1,000,000 New U.S. Jobs

There is definitely somebody out there who isn’t “out there hungry, selling America and trying to attract new business into America”, and his name is Stuttering Clusterfuck of a Miserable Failure. As a reaction to SCOAMF’s, aka president Foodstamp, refusal to go ahead with the Keystone XL pipeline project, the Canadians are looking into selling

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Most Ethical Administration EVAH!, Update the Millionth

In which we learn (thanks, LC angrywebmaster) of how the SCOAMF administration pressured (while dangling some taxpayer funds in front of their noses) Solyndra execs to hold off announcing their imminent massive layoffs until at least a bit after the 2010 midterms. Solyndra’s chief executive warned the Energy Department on Oct. 25, 2010, that he

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