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Is This The Ballsiest Thing We’ve Ever Heard of, Or is This Guy Just Nuts?

Go forth and read, as LC & IB Angry Webmaster pretty much says it all. Short version: Guy is about to jump from a plane at 25,000ft with no parachute, no wing suit, and attempt to land in a net. Yeah, you read that right. Insane? Indubitably. Ballsy? Well, as they say, “the difference between

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What a Couple of Weeks it’s Been

We can’t turn our back on this country for five minutes without all of the shit hitting the fan. Simultaneously. Where to start? The Hildebeest not being indicted in spite of the FBI chief clearly stating she was guilty as shit, then going on to recommend she not be indicted? Yawn. Anybody surprised by this

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Artist Formerly Known as “Somebody Whom People Above the Age of 40 Might Vaguely Remember Having Heard About” Dies

World ends in flames. News at 11. Wake us up when something consequential happens. Thatisall. UPDATE and afterthought: Now, we may have left you Kind Readers and LCs all with the impression that we didn’t care for or even actively disliked Mr. Prince and, reading the lines above, we can’t hardly blame anybody for drawing

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Any Day Now…

Hed stolen from LC & IB Bill Quick: FONTANA, Calif., Feb. 10 (UPI) — A team of scientists with California-based research outfit 21st Century Medicine has successfully frozen and recovered the brain of rabbit. No news as to whether they’ve proceeded to put it back in Mitch McConnell’s head. Thatisall.

Happy Hanukkah!

And, since the world has clearly gone off its rockers and His Imperial Majesty is in the mood for something light hearted (we hope y’all are too), here’s a song that always makes us smile: [youtube][/youtube] Hanukkah Sameach! Thatisall.

It’s Still Alive!

At this point it would probably be a good idea for me to come out of hiding and make a note as to where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing (mainly not posting). I’ll keep it brief, but basically what’s been going on is massive exhaustion and sleep deprivation, which eventually led to absolutely

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And for a change of pace, we pause for a moment of artistic excellence

Let it never be said that conservatives cannot appreciate the finer things in life [youtube][/youtube] I am informed that it is the newest in a series of cutting edge feminist art pieces. Enjoy

“Even Fox News is outraged at Boehner and Netanyahu’s plan to undermine Obama”

Funny, I dont recall Fox News or anyone else getting their panties in a bunch when that classless, brainless waste of space they have the chutzpah to call a “President” came here and took a dump on OUR Prime Minister. In case anyone is curious, here’s what happened: Lost in the shuffle of Obama’s immigration

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Old Cars and Strong Hearts

In this era of Obamanomics and plenty (of misery for all), Decent folk try to get by – and try to help one another out when they can. As a lot of you know – I’m a part time gear head with a long history of tinkering with the mechanical beasts we either loathe or

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When in Danger, When in Doubt…

Run in circles, scream and shout! Reporting from the Ebola capital of the Empire: We’ve been filtering through the media “reporting” on the issue throughout the day, trying to find out what’s actually going on as opposed to what you might read on FaceBork and other reputable news sources. Not that we’d ever doubt the

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And Now, For Some More Serious News…

It has come to our attention, actually it has been known to us for a while but we were holding off the news a bit because the subject of it hates it when people fuss over him, that our very own LC Brendan, our favorite beer-swilling Oz, is about to undergo surgery for a parathyroid

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I May Have to Start Watching My Back

Now, being ever mindful of the legacies of empires long gone, it is His Imperial Majesty’s policy to arm his heirs against just about anything that might come their way. Weapons training, judging characters, trust, subterfuge, reading between the lines, sarcasm, devastating put-downs with a smile on your face, that sort of thing. But we

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On This Day in History

…In which His Imperial Majesty attempts to bore you all to tears with his irreverent commentary about monumental historic events. Such as Feb 14, 270 AD, when Claudius the Cruel (we’d kill for that nickname!) had a preacher beaten to death and beheaded, because he wanted to be absolutely sure, apparently, for running around marrying

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Sorry, Alligators Snapping at Our Arse Everywhere

But that’s no excuse for not at least making a noise, we suppose, so we apologize. What’s been going on in the world? The only thing we know of, having been too busy to do much of anything other than try to keep up with the running of the Imperial Palace, is that this must

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SOMEBODY’S Aiming to Misbehave

Thanks to LC HempRopeAndStreetlight. Not quite sure what to make of this, but it looks like some natives are getting “restless.” (CNN) — Federal investigators said Tuesday they’re now probing three cases of sabotage aimed at electrical substations and transmission lines in rural Arkansas, including attempts involving a tractor and a moving train. Not much

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