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Oh Please, ENOUGH, I Can’t Laugh Anymore, It Hurts Too MUCH!

So the glorious ObamaCare.duh Epic Fail™ isn’t done being the gift that keeps on giving, huh? Well, if anything was to shake His Imperial Majesty out of his post-Thanksgiving tryptophane-induced somnolence syndrome (that’s a real medical term. We just made it up almost entirely ourself), a rip-roaring belly laugh would do the trick. And we’re

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We See What You Did There…

And so did everybody else capable of reading a 1st grade textbook without moving his lips. Step 1: In a pathetic attempt at avoiding election consequences for the most colossal clusterfuck in the history of the United States and to try to pass blame for it on the insurance industry, illegally offer a “delay” of

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Ah, James O’Keefe, that Glorious Bastard!

He just keeps on impressing us, waging his one-man guerrilla war armed with a camera and a microphone, exposing the corruption of the Obama misadministration for all the world to see. Here’s another of his undercover clips catching a Director for one of the misadministration-funded organizations tasked with herding the voting sheep into the pens

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Schadenfreude, Thou Wilt Be the Bane of Me…

Seriously, at this point we’re beginning to think they’re doing it on purpose to make us die laughing. Which, granted, is a damn sight more pleasant than the death we’d otherwise face as the death panels put us on nil per os to starve us to death. So we heard that the Sebelius Road Show

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ObamaCare Clusterfuck, Day 49

Just cut the crap and repeal it already. No, that’s not us, that’s the, wait for it, Chicago Tribune. Those horrible, bomb-throwing, suicide vest wearing, arsonist hostage taker kidnapper RACISTS from Chicago. Oh wait, that’s no longer the approved Socialist Democrat talking point, is it? One question: Can one die from a popcorn overdose? Thatisall.

Lovely Bipartisanship!

Isn’t that what we’re told that we need more of? Isn’t that what the Liberal Fascist Party screams and howls about every time they can’t find GOP votes for their latest tyrannical power grab? They must be positively ecstatic now that Upton’s Keep Your Health Plan Act passed with a massive, bipartisan majority in the

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New York Slimes, The Grey Meth Whore, Digging Desperately for New Euphemisms

Because admitting that their god, the Lying King Obama, has lied is just too much to ask of their fine, libtard, nuanced minds. The split between lawmakers and the White House reflects the dilemma the president finds himself in as he seeks to follow through on last week’s acknowledgment about his incorrect promise on health

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Meet Edie, The First Entry on Obama’s Death Panel Kill List

…that we know of, at least. And you’d best hurry up meeting her, because his UnAffordable UnCare Act is in an awful hurry to get her killed off (h/t LC Gladiator). To “bend the cost curve”, we presume. Then again, he does freely admit that “he’s pretty good at killing people“, by which he means

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We Guess 16 Million Really WAS a Low Guess…

As far as “how many people will lose health insurance thanks to Reichsführer Hussein’s “healthcare” law” goes. Section 1251 of the Affordable Care Act contains what’s called a “grandfather” provision that, in theory, allows people to keep their existing plans if they like them. But subsequent regulations from the Obama administration interpreted that provision so

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Lying Liar-in-Chief Lying Swine Who Lies Blames Insurance Companies…

Of course. We were just waiting to see how long it would take for president ItWasn’tMEEEE to find somebody other than himself to blame this time. Originally, we were expecting the lying socialist scumbag to declare that “he’d only learned about his own 7 million times repeated lie about keeping your health care plan if

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“If You Like Your Plan, You Can Keep It!”

And now, the truth: Well, part of it anyway. 2,000,000 people who obviously “didn’t like their plan” since they don’t get to keep it under Prince Barry’s Health Care Diktat is actually a low-ball estimate. It’s more likely to be around 16,000,000. No, you don’t get to keep your plan, and that is exactly what

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Still Fumbling About in the Dark for an Excuse for 404Care that Doesn’t Involve Their Jug-Eared Cult Leader

And being about as successful as you’d imagine when you think about a pointy-skulled leftist nutwad. (h/t Jeff Goldstein): It’s the latest chapter of Barack vs. the Health Care Killers, The Continuing Saga of Posturing, Bad Faith, Spite and Ineptitude. Remember the Bad Years of the Health Care Killers, 2000-2008? No healthcare anywhere. People were

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Somebody Finally Getting Fired Over 404Care

No, of course it’s not that Cock Juggling Thundercunt, Kathleen Sebelius. It’s a $25K/year single mom 404Care “navigator” who committed the unpardonable sin of telling the truth when interviewed. We can’t have that, comrades! So she was marched into an HR office, the doors were locked and she was summarily fired on the spot and

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Historic Glitches

Now that we’ve been told by the DNCMedia, never once deviating from their OFA flash cards, that OgabeCare is suffering from a few “glitches”, here is another famous historical glitch: Next week: Chernobyl, the Story of a Glitch. Thatisall.

Just About Sums it Up

Except, as a summary of Comrade Hussein’s Rose Garden photo op, it really is an insult to honest used car salesmen everywhere. Thatisall.