Warspite In Memoriam

A while back, as you all know, one of the true friends of the Rott, gentleman and scholar Warspite passed on to join the Invisible Choir, a great loss to all of the rest of us who now have to make due without his words of wisdom until we meet again in Heaven.

Somebody suggested that we make a compilation of Warspite’s postings, and LC Jaybear immediately volunteered for the task.

He put together a great .pdf with every comment in it, complete with links to the original posts.

This was a while ago, and it’s been sitting on His Imperial Tardiness’ desk ever since, for which we apologize.

It’s ready for download now, however, so go ahead and click this link

Thanks, Jaybear, for doing this and G-dspeed to you, Warspite.

We’ll meet again.

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