Imperial Colosseum


Welcome to the Imperial Colosseum, where you come if you want to participate in the bloodsports. You got a beef with someone — come here. You can beat up on each other mercilessly all you want and you don’t have to bother the other folks who just want to do the normal ripping of flesh and feasting on the carrion — not eating their own.

Here are the rules as proposed by the Emperor:

  1. No collateral damage to individuals not involved in the mutually assured destruction antics going on here, or else. Those already involved and/or those choosing at a later point to jump in and participate can go at it as much as they bloody well like, as far as I care. Which isn’t very much. So don’t come crying to me, because I cannot and will not give a Royal Damn.
  2. No legally actionable threats or disclosure of private information other than one’s own or referrals to what has already been published on this thread.

That’s it, three clear and simple rules. We will come in every now and then and clean out the cage when the bodies are stacked so high that you can no longer get in.

Remember, what is said in here STAYS in here. Come in here, suit up with your courage and arm yourself, but when you leave, leave it here.

Who are the combatants?

The Colosseum is currently being hosed off and new sawdust is being spread. But the next lineup could be:

You vs. Someone Else, et al

You can book the Colosseum by contacting DJ [dave /]

NOTE: Until the code is re-written to conform to WP 2.7+ the Colosseum will not be functional.

Past Insanities can be found at:

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