You Knew It Was Coming

One of the hirabi scum who bombed the U.S. Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998 has filed to have his case dismissed. On what grounds you my ask? He was denied the right to a speedy trial of course. Lawyers for a terrorism suspect once held at Guantánamo Bay who is now facing prosecution

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And it is done. Mohamed was pronounced dead at 2111 EST. Rot in hell you muslim pig fucker.

Best Birthday Present Ever?

Well, we’ll have to wait and see. I figure we should know around 2100 EST.

Sudden Jihad Syndrome at Ft Hood

So a muslim, who happens to have been a muslim all of his life (according to his family, whom I tend to trust more on that subject than the average blowdried, biased, politically correct talking airhead), who happens to have been preaching far and wide about the hirabis’ “right to rise against their oppressors (that

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The Religion of Pisslam is on the move

Link By Cyril Dixon A MUSLIM march to promote sharia law in Britain looked set to end in violence today after rival demonstrators bombarded its hardline organisers with death threats. Muslims and violence, politics and corruption, you always have one with the other.The words “peaceful Islam” are, as we all know, an oxymoron. London braced

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And So It Begins…..

Democrats muscle huge stimulus through Congress In a major victory for President Barack Obama, Democrats muscled a huge, $787 billion stimulus bill through Congress late Friday night in hopes of combating the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. Republican opposition was nearly unanimous. Just like the victory that King George and his redcoats enjoyed

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Color Us Not Surprised

The Collapse of the Left-Wing Media by Bill O’Reilly Let’s make this perfectly clear, I personally think that O’Reilly is a blow-hard moderate that makes his living off of playing both sides against the middle. Nonetheless, this one is a fast-ball over the plate into the teeth of the left-stream media. I’ll give him credit

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