Articles from December 2009

Things We Don’t Want To See In A Movie… EVER AGAIN!

House of Erastosthenes has compiled a good list, and we only have a few additions: 1) Pointless sex scenes. Really, we know that there are thousands of sex-deprived teenagers jacking off to those 10 minute interludes that don’t add anything whatsoever to the plot, but the rest of us would very much like to not

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Life is cheap when you are a Democrat.

Darth Venomous has an open thread below and it was mentioned in the comments that Senator Ben Nelson [D/hypocrite-Nebraska] had rolled over for the nationalization of the health care system. His prior pro-life scruples vanished in a haze of earmark payoffs. I commented about his political future, and the future of the health care system

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FAIL We Can Believe In

His Wholly Reluctance, The Man-God Marxist Messiah, Teh King of FAIL, He Who Halted The Seas Rising, The Pope o’ Dope & Chains Community Whoreganizer, has chalked up yet another Epic FAIL to polish up his non-existent, back-dated credentials for his joke of a No (Cow) Bell Piece Trinket. The Communists won’t stop trying to

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Hallelujah Chorus Open Thread™

Well, it looks as if the rest of the Management™ types have taken an early Christmas vacation – so I guess it’s up to me to start this weekend’s Open Thread™. Let’s begin with the Mormon Silent Monk Tabernacle Choir, shall we? Enjoy.

Gore Effect Hits Copenhagen

…and that even after the High Priest hisself tucked his tail between his legs and ran from the Inconvenient Questions™ that might arise from Climategate. Dec. 17 (Bloomberg) — World leaders flying into Copenhagen today to discuss a solution to global warming will first face freezing weather as a blizzard dumped 10 centimeters (4 inches)

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From Russia With Love

So tell us, Algore, are you feeling it yet? (It’s at the bottom section of the article, but here are a few excerpts with our highlights added. Do read the rest, though) On Tuesday, the Moscow-based Institute of Economic Analysis (IEA) issued a report claiming that the Hadley Center for Climate Change based at the

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Call to Action

I hope you are all sitting down.  If not, go do so right now — I’ll wait…. Are you sitting?  (Good, I wouldn’t want you to faint) Okay, it is down to one last Senator.  The entire Republican Caucus is already a “NO!” vote.  The only remaining hold out is Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska. 

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Chuckles Johnson Defending Teaching Fisting to Kids Now

He’s now defending Kevin “Teach Your Children to Take it Up the Arse” Jennings because, well, some of the people criticizing him aren’t exactly kosher in their opposition to the “Safe Schools” CommisCzar. You know, the guy whose recommended reading list for public school students include glorifying pedophilia, rape and assorted other goodies. We posted

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Red Meat???

You know, usually when you see AP using the Porterhouse at Hot Air, it’s because it’s a pretty hot button issue, and he has a good nose for that. But this time His Imperial Majesty is really having a hard time seeing where the beef is (bad pun very much intended). It’s about the D.C.

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Glowball Sobbening

…from some sob sister environ-Mentalist, Bill McKibben, who’s getting all choked up about the impending doom, DOOM I tell you! COPENHAGEN—I’ve spent the last few years working more than fulltime to organize the first big global grassroots climate change campaign. That’s meant shutting off my emotions most of the time—this crisis is so terrifying that

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