Articles from October 2009

There’s One Less Liberal In The Race

NY 23 District Election has been a hot item on alot of radars.  The GOP thought they could slip another useless RINO under our noses, thereby assuring that what was once a great party, takes another squishy slide to the left.  Thankfully we’ve managed to get enough attention focused in that direction that a few

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Obamandias Finally Scores a Win

…albeit a deeply embarrassing one, if you happen to be somebody respecting the rule of law, democracy and our glorious history of defending those concepts. President Zelaya of Honduras is poised for a surprise return to power after his four-month exile. The leaders who toppled him in a coup agreed a deal to end the

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Anything for a Photo-Op

Where’s your damn cover, pogue? We suppose we should be pleased that Prince Pussypants finally at least pretended to give a shit about the servicemen and -women who are still waiting for him to get off the golf course for long enough to decide whether he wants to shit or get off the pot regarding

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The Religion of Pisslam is on the move

Link By Cyril Dixon A MUSLIM march to promote sharia law in Britain looked set to end in violence today after rival demonstrators bombarded its hardline organisers with death threats. Muslims and violence, politics and corruption, you always have one with the other.The words “peaceful Islam” are, as we all know, an oxymoron. London braced

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Fox vs. The White House Whorehouse

We shamelessly stole this from Tall Cool Drink of Water. F.E.T.E. Oh, and consider this your “Friday Open Thread”.

Ethics? We’ve Got Ethics

But these ghouls don’t. Oh yes, we can turn this into an endless discussion about how adult stem cells have turned up amazing discoveries and, yes, cures at this point whereas embryonic stem cells have, so far, only contributed to our knowledge of just how horrible tumors we can create. We can also babble on

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Further Evidence that the World is Full of Wastes of Skin Who Ought to Kill Themselves for Mother Gaia

This one via LC EFA from Down Under: Supermarket giant Coles will change the name of an in-house brand of biscuits amid claims it is racist. Coles Spokesman Jim Cooper said the name of the “You’ll Love Coles” brand of chocolate and vanilla biscuits, called Creole Creams, will be changed as part of the company-wide

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And if Nothing ELSE Will Make You Find the Nearest Glowbull Wormening Cultist and Kick it in the Gut…

…then this surely will: People will need to turn vegetarian if the world is to conquer climate change, according to a leading authority on global warming. “A leading authority on global warming.” That’s just about as respect- and awe-inspiring as “a leading authority on fairies.” But we digress… In an interview with The Times, Lord

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A Quick Note On Something More Important

I’m in the middle of an 80 hour work week here so this will be quick. No matter how bad things may be for you in your daily grind, things could be worse. You could be a wounded warrior trying to learn how to live without hands, or arms. Imagine if a simple task like

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DJ’s Open Thread (Because someone has to…)