Articles from September 2009

Dog Ate My Homework?

The Glowbull Wormening Cultists just keep getting funnier and funnier, and we’ll make no secret of the fact that Mad King Charles throwing his towel in with them (along with every other insane theory on the planet, birds of a feather and all that) only makes it so much more fun to ridicule the silly

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Don’t say I never did nuthin’ fer y’all. :-)

It’s been some time since the Rotties last enjoyed a chew toy, and lo & behold – one appears to have just been deposited on my doorstep. Enjoy. 🙂 (“Who is he, Spats?”, you say? Relax – I have a feeling he’s gonna out himself pretty shortly.) Oh, and…uh…open thread.

No, No Indoctrination Here Either

Smart Girl Politics has a copy of a pop quiz that students at a school in America were forced to take after watching Ear Leader’s Sermon to the Yoot. No, no forced indoctrination here. No loaded, leaning questions favoring Ear Leader’s HellCare Hostile Takeover, none at all. But we’ll take the quiz anyway:

New York Food Nazi, Bloomberg, Flaming Hypocrite

Film at eleven. Not that we give a flying fuck what he eats and drinks, being an American we firmly believe that it’s none of our damn business, but we do care that this is the same glutton who endlessly legislates, harangues and bullies the snot out of everybody daring to do what he considers

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Heil Hitler

No, no indoctrination and brainwashing going on here, not at all: [youtube][/youtube] You paranoid right wingnuts! Suffice it to say that if our kids came home and told us about a session like this, they’d have to identify the bodies of their teachers through DNA analysis. Thatisall.

AP0RN to Sue O’Keefe, Giles and Breitbart

Our prayers have been answered. No, obviously not because we want to see those two fine young Americans wasting time in court, but because that has to be one of the most bone-headed moves AP0RN could have possibly come up with. Besides, we don’t think O’Keefe and Giles will have much trouble getting competent counsel

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It’s All a Matter of Perspective

Doc Zero offers the following (and read the rest) defending McCain against Glenn Beck: The Obama presidency has been a flash forward to where the post-Reagan glide path might have taken us, in ten or twenty years. It is not the same thing to arrive at this moment in 2009 instead of 2029, any more

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Serial Murderer Worried About Public Opinion

Look, we can all talk and argue civilly about “legal and rare” and how there are situations where there are no good options and abortion might be the least horrid one. But could we at least agree that 15 abortions in a row might not fall under the category of “tragic, but necessary?” (h/t STACLU)

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Strategy for Beginners

…in which His Imperial Majesty, much to the relief of his adoring masses who have been waiting breathlessly for his point of view, weighs in on the brewing nonsense about Levin vs. Beck. First of all, I care not one whit about Levin, whom I respect immensely, disagreeing with Beck’s statement that “we’d have been

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Better Nate than Lever

Even so, we’re disgusted by and ashamed of ourself for not having picked up on this sooner. Guess who’s running for State Rep. in Illinois? Matt Burden, that’s who. You LCs may know him better as Blackfive, a dedicated, honorable paratrooper and fellow patriot that His Imperial Majesty would not merely be happy, but deliriously

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