Articles from August 2009

More “Anecdotal” Evidence

…about the wonders of ObamaCare ChappaquiddiCare. One million NHS patients have been the victims of appalling care in hospitals across Britain, according to a major report released today. In the last six years, the Patients Association claims hundreds of thousands have suffered from poor standards of nursing, often with ‘neglectful, demeaning, painful and sometimes downright

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Want More?

Recipients of NEA grants are now being “asked” (nice little grant you got there, would be a real shame if it were to be, well, stopped) to create propaganda for Unser Führer. Bald weh’n Obama-Fahnen über alle Straßen…

Most Transparent and Bi-Partisan Administration Ever Protects Another Crook of Their Own

Remember the Black Panthers who suddenly weren’t doing anything wrong by waving batons in the face of voters? Remember IG Gerald Walpin who, when he uncovered corruption committed by a Friend of Obambi, was suddenly fired due to “confusion” and “possible senility?” Well, the pattern continues: New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson and former high-ranking members

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In Related Matters…

Something I want to say, but obviously couldn’t say in the previous posts as it would have been wildly inappropriate. But it needs to be said: To the loved ones and family of Ted Kennedy, Ted was something to you which he will never be to me or the majority of the rest of us;

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As Night Follows Day

…already the National Socialist Democrats are piling their DeathCare plans onto the not-yet-cold body of Kennedy in a ghoulish attempt to ride his corpse through Congress to victory. Ace says: ChappaquiddiCare. (Hey, if they want to brand the man and use him for politics, it’s fair game.) He even offers a fine graphic to go

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Mary Jo Finally Gets Justice

Teddy The Swimmer has taken the long dirt nap. Since someone was asking for an open thread….here ya go. I know all of you will want to express your true heartfelt opinions about this American Icon passing from our midst…. *snicker*

Murdering Alcoholic Traitor Dies, Distilleries Hardest Hit

We’re informed that noted traitor and murderer (and liberal, but we repeat ourself) Ted “Chappaquiddick” Kennedy has finally taken up residence in Hell at the right hand of Satan. Hell is expected to run out of booze in a week. To recount all of the scandals of Goodyear Head Ted would take months, but suffice

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“Good Shoot?”

Thus asks LC & IB Chris about this article, covered by himself here. Of course, before we go any further, the story involves goblins committing a crime and one of them ending up dead, so we’re pretty sure it’s a rhetorical question, but we’ll answer it anyway. Short story (watch the video at the news

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Okay I take it back. McCain is a jackass

Caspar Milquetoast deosnt have the guts to say what everyone else knows. I was wrong. We need a CONSERVATIVE, not this fumbling idiot. I believed McCain would have made a better President. Now all I believe is that the guy is an asskisser and a RINO Watch…and weep.

Most Brilliantly Competent Administration EVAH!

…and as we’re constantly being told by Il Duce Hussein (well, not now, seeing as how he and the First Clydesdale are currently busy scarfing down lobster and caviar at the people’s expense, but you get the drift) how much more efficiently government can run health care, a health care provider actually run by the

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