Articles from May 2009

A New Addition To The Family

We’d like to introduce someone who, in her very short time as a member of the family, has endeared herself to anyone and everyone who has come into contact with her*. We’re sure that she will only become even more of a beloved fixture as the years go by. So, without further ado, we’d like

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Another DJ Open Thread

With all the preoccupation about goats here, I thought this would be a perfect photo for a… Caption This

RottFest Texas 2009: Change In Plans II

Alright, dammit, checked with Alpine Range and found out that they do NOT permit FMJ ammo of any type, rifle or pistol. That just cost them some business.   But don’t despair, bring your long arms anyway.  It just means a longer drive. We’ll go to the indoor range Misha normally shoots at, DFW Gun Range. 

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Take it From the Horse’s Mouth

But first, I realize that I’ve fallen back into silence again. It’s not that the muse had taken yet another of her damnable vacations, it’s that more important issues (more important than running an Empire? Are you kidding us?) have arisen which demand my attention. One being that my beloved wife is having to undergo

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DJ’s Open Thread

Caption This

If You’ll Permit Me…

a personal interlude that is. I know I’ve been kind of light on posting lately. Seems my muse was off galavanting with The Emperor’s muse. His came back it seems, mine is still a UA bitch. As I explained to some of the LC’s at the Floriduh Rottfest as I go through my day I

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Attention RottFest Texas 2009 Attendees: Slight Change In Plans

No, this isn’t BAD news! RottFest will go on as scheduled! However, we’ve made an adjustment to the shooting plans. Instead of using the nearby indoor pistol range, we’re going to trek to the far side of Fort Worth and go to an OUTDOOR facility, Alpine Range. 50 and 100 yard rifle will be available,

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Now that the Deed is Done

…it is apparently OK to start telling the truth (h/t Bill Quick): President Barack Obama, calling current deficit spending “unsustainable,” warned of skyrocketing interest rates for consumers if the U.S. continues to finance government by borrowing from other countries. “We can’t keep on just borrowing from China,” Obama said at a town-hall meeting in Rio

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This Befouling Of Mother Gaia MUST STOP NOW!!1!!!!ONE!11!!!

It is our sincere hope, down here in the Imperial Dungeon Game Room™, that Teh One and his fellow Socialists Communists will do anything and everything, within their ever-growing power, to curb and mitigate the effects of this outrageous environmental catastrophe being perpetrated upon the pristine marine environment off the coast of California. THIS. MUST.

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Cheney Refuses to Kow-Tow. Journaljizzmers, RINOs, Dhimmicraps Hardest Hit

See how they run… As RINOs (and Democrats, but we repeat ourself) continue to seek to “reinvent” the GOP in the image of the National Socialist Democrat Workers’ Party, Darth Cheney continues to frustrate their efforts by insisting on speaking the truth. Today Cheney is the most visible — and controversial — critic of President

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