Articles from April 2009

DJ’s Open Thread

Caption This Someone needed to change the subject.

It’s a Mad, Mad, MADD World

Hat tip to LC, IB Vulcanrider for the link: It’s irritating enough that we can’t get into our cars and just get from point A to point B without constantly having to worry about regulations, laws, and those LEO’s with egos the size of Rosie O’Donut’s backside.  I don’t know about you, but just avoiding

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The Great Goreacle Gets Tea-Bagged By The Sun

Thanks to LC EFA, The Thundering Chunderer From Down Under, we bring you ClimateClueJava® Theater, direct from that Socialist EUtopia, Once-Great Britain! (Note: The author of the article, Dr. David Whitehouse, is a noted astronomer and has defended the rights of “deniers” to openly debate Algore’s “settled science” of Glow Bull Worming. He has stated

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Well, They Do Say He’s the Messiah

Unless you’ve been living under a rock and remain blissfully unaware, April 29th is Teh Magic Negroes™ milestone of “the foist 100 days”. Expect to see glowing hosannas and eloquent homages to Dear Leader in every rag and two bit “news” show from CNN to local cable access. Oh, and this piece of blasphemy too.

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Open & Transparent (In A Parallel Universe)

Teh One and his Merry Moronic Marching-to-Marxism Minions in The Biggest Little Whorehouse on the Potomac are doing their damnedest to “make the most out of a completely fabricated crisis” and jam through Cap & Trade Crap & Tax legislation that will, if allowed to pass, doom the United States to an economic future resembling

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Yeah, That’s Gonna Leave A Mark

A big ol’ tip o’ the hat goes out to LC Darth Bacon for the heads-up to this guffaw-inducing “Feel Good Story Of The Week” “You want that regular or extra-crispy?” F.E.T.E. PS: You can also consider this your “Weekend Open Thread”.

I’m Pissed

Did you know you could actually serve more time in jail or prison for shoplifting or stealing a car for a joyride than if you and two of your friends beat an old man to death on the streets of Seattle? Tell me THIS isn’t a miscarriage of justice. Two teens were sentenced to a

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Eat A Beaver For Urf Day…

Thor knows that we’ve eaten our share of ’em over the years. Hell, one of the nicest trends to come out of Algore’s Great Glow Bull Worming Scam™ has been the veritable explosion of shaved beavers all over the world since the temps really started crankin’ up in the 1980’s. Who knew that so many

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Multi-Cultism Gone Mad

Two words are all that are needed to describe the following short news clip: Fucking OUTRAGEOUS! F.E.T.E.

What? Is He Still Alive

I suppose he is, since he’s typing and it would be prodigious hard to type if you were dead. I’m also keenly aware of the fact that I have been neglecting my duties and I can offer nothing more than my apologies for it, worthless as they are. Why? Because… I don’t know… Disaster after

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