Articles from February 2009

Finally, Some Genuinely GOOD News!

(With thanks to LC & IB Patterico): Israel was today poised for its most right-wing government in decades after Binyamin Netanyahu was asked to be the country’s next Prime Minister. Finally, FINALLY! H’Shem be praised! As America has lost its mind, it looks like Israel is regaining hers. In a move that will cause huge

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Aussie’s Begin To See The Great Goreacle’s Carbon Trading Ponzi Scheme For What It Is

LC EFA alerts us to this bit of good news. It would appear that even some of the die-hard EnviroLoons are beginning to realize that they’ve been had like Three Card Monty suckers. (We’re going to hold off on the “We TOLD morons that it was a scam!”… At least until the end of the

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Unsung Glory, Lance Corporal Chance Phelps, USMC

The HBO movie “Taking Chance” depicts the escort duty for L/Cpl. Chance Phelps as performed by Lt. Col. Michael R. Strobel. I have not seen it yet, and will not be able to until it comes out on video, but some people I very much admire have seen it and they tell me it is

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Channeling Jackson Browne

Because this inept and arrogant administration is most certainly running on empty. The only thing left to happen is for the engine to completely seize up.  While Obimbo leans back and takes another toke off whatever mind altering pharmaceutical he has on hand, the country is straining to go a little farther before stopping dead

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Our Much-Needed National Conversation on Race

LC & IB Francis defies his own “cowardice” and starts the conversation. Hey, A.G. wannabe Holder, you said we needed to start addressing these issues, so there you go. Dance, monkey, dance.

Cop Killer Exterminated Like the Vermin it was, at Long Last

All murderers are despicable and utterly deserving of the one way ticket to Hell administered by states who still care more about the safety of their citizens than the “rights” of vermin, but there will always be a special dose of hatred in my heart for those who murder our sheepdogs, our law enforcement officers.

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This is the second video I’ve seen of this guy, and damn is he funny. Had to subscribe and eberything! And with that, I declare Open Thread!

Black History Bitch Slap

In case you haven’t been paying attention, or managed to escape having it shoved down your throat every 5 minutes, February is Black History Month.  I’m sure the fact that there are no White History, Jewish History, Irish History, Latino History, German Beer Drinkers History, and Polish Midget Tossers History Months hasn’t escaped your notice.

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A Nation of Victims and Hypocrites

By now I’m sure y’all know that the newly minted Attorney General, (note that I dropped the obligatory reference to his being the first black AG) said that we are a “Nation of Cowards” on race issues. It took me a while to wrap my brain housing group around all the implications of the first

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Sheer Madness

Since it’s needed, we’ll once again go Live tonight on RadioCIA. I’ll be spinning some classic rock as well as takinng and honoring requests, entirely dependent on the production staff or lack of. Regardless I’ll be on LIVE around 8 p.m. or so, Imperial Time, that’s Central Time for our N00bs. The mix is classic

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