Articles from February 2009

All Hail the Obamessiah Age of Plenty

Just a point of order to keep you updated on what’s going on in the ever more infrequently spotted Imperial Self’s life. It just turned out that Teh One’s lightworking skills finally managed to have an impact on our employer’s business as well. Not surprisingly, really, when you consider that the sum of his skills

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Making An Example of Those He Fears.

Stalin would be so proud. A Camp Lejeune, N.C., Marine has been charged with threatening Barack Obama before the president was sworn into office last month.

That Didn’t Take Long.

Teh Magic Negro sure is a multitasker. Not content with selling our grandchildren into indentured servitude, releasing terrorists, surrendering in Iraq, ad nauseum; his march to shred the Constitution and destroy our Republic continues. He’s a student of history after all, and knows that in order for a  tyrant to succeed, the people must be

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Where the Hell Is Our Fartwa?

Remember this guy? Seems his harmless lil comedy skit has the muzzies in an uproar. My question is this, where the fuck is OUR muzzie outrage?! I mean, what in the hell do you have to do to get a fucking fartwa ’round here? Yo, Islamic Rage Boy, get on the ball all ready.

Save The Trees, Wipe Your Ass With A Hummer

Normally I would leave the Gorbot Enviroloon bull to the Imperial Torturer™, but this article was just too good to pass up. Leave it for the Brits to get their pansy ass knickers in a twist over toilet paper. It’s obvious they are suffering from TP envy. The tenderness of the delicate American buttock is

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Japanese Scientists To Algore, Hansen, et al: “You Furraburshit!”

Looks like snake oil futures are in for a rough ride, since those damned, pesky temperatures just won’t cooperate with The Great Goreacle’s Glow Bull Worming Scam™ and the fact that more actual atmospheric scientists, as well as their statistician counterparts, are coming out of hiding to throw the Bullshit Flag™ onto the terra firma. 

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Following Me Around Like the Plague

Socialism, that is… I’ve often laughed derisively when people have asked me if I missed my native country or had ever considered maybe going back one day. The way things are going with the commie Jugeared freak and his Congressional enablers at least I won’t have to face that silly question in the future, because

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Quick Quiz [Updated Again !]

Today is the 173rd and the 64th anniversary (respectively) of two separate, seminal moments in American history. First LC to answer both right gets…well they won’t get shit but let’s see how smart y’all are. No googling ya cheatin’ bastards. 🙂 [Ahem, C’mon Crunchie of Teh Magnifient Ass™, coveted by gay men in at least

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Ceiling Fan Falls On Iran Leader’s Head

I think Allah is even getting sick of these crazy guys. At the exact moment he claims Iran is the most powerful country in all the world a ceiling fan falls and hits him in the head. [flv][/flv] (I’ll bet you watched this at least five times, didn’t you?) 😆 OPEN THREAD

Victim Disarmament Zone; The Law Be Damned

The State of Oregon is somewhat unique among most “shall issue” states. Their statute specifically states that concealed handgun permit holders may carry on a university campus. ORS 166.370 states; 166.370 Possession of firearm or dangerous weapon in public building or court facility; exceptions; discharging firearm at school. (1) Any person who intentionally possesses a

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