All Hail the Obamessiah Age of Plenty

Just a point of order to keep you updated on what’s going on in the ever more infrequently spotted Imperial Self’s life.

It just turned out that Teh One’s lightworking skills finally managed to have an impact on our employer’s business as well. Not surprisingly, really, when you consider that the sum of his skills is an ability to make the DOW drop by 500 every time he opens his ignorant, Marxist pie hole, I know a lot of y’all are already dealing with the ramifications of this.

But we’ve just learned that our bosses have finally found themselves forced to get while the going is good and that our business is about to be sold out from under our feet which, understandably, leaves all of us in the dark as to what the future might hold.

So, while we start looking for overpasses to sleep under, we just want to thank, on behalf of ourself and our two small children, all of the drooling “52”ers once more for the Hell that their imbecility and ignorance has consigned us and millions of our countrymen to, all of which ought to go hunting for the little socialist bitches, killing them on sight to keep them from procreating their sub-retardedness any further.

Unlike you, we’re not daft enough to think that your Messiah is going to show up on our doorstep with a huge bag of money and a couple of unicorns in tow, because we reside in the real world.

We just want you to know, every single one of you who voted for that sack of shit, that we have a very, very long memory and that we fully intend to show the full extent of our gratitude for your wise decision to you. Personally. We’re not going to forget, much less forgive.

As to everything else, we’re just not in the mood. A mood, to be sure, but for now we’ll just content ourself with thanking Teh One for his many blessings.


  1. 101
    Mike M says:

    the HopeandChange mojo just keeps trucking along

    It may have hit a bump in the road here. Compare the troops’ reaction to GWB in Iraq here and here versus the greeting received by Barackus Arugulus al-Kenyati when he hits the stage at Camp LeJeune.

  2. 102
    BigDogg says:

    Mike M @ 101:

    Mike … I was being sarcastic …

  3. 103
    Mike M says:

    I was being sarcastic

    Yeah, I know you were, BigDogg. My line should have read “It may have hit a bump in the road here too“, but when I noticed, it was too late to edit it.

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