That Didn’t Take Long.

Teh Magic Negro sure is a multitasker. Not content with selling our grandchildren into indentured servitude, releasing terrorists, surrendering in Iraq, ad nauseum; his march to shred the Constitution and destroy our Republic continues. He’s a student of history after all, and knows that in order for a  tyrant to succeed, the people must be disarmed, lest they have the means to resist.

The Obama administration will seek to reinstate the assault weapons ban that expired in 2004 during the Bush administration, Attorney General Eric Holder said today.

But of course, it worked so well before. The sad thing is that I’m not really surprised by this. Just one more nail in the coffin.

“As President Obama indicated during the campaign, there are just a few gun-related changes that we would like to make, and among them would be to reinstitute the ban on the sale of assault weapons,” Holder told reporters.

Just a few changes, nothing big. Just some minor changes to make it impossible for the serfs to possess the means to resist the Great Leap Forward.

Holder said that putting the ban back in place would not only be a positive move by the United States, it would help cut down on the flow of guns going across the border into Mexico, which is struggling with heavy violence among drug cartels along the border.

“I think that will have a positive impact in Mexico, at a minimum.”

Piss all over the Constitution to have a positive impact in Mexico, got it. Sounds perfectly reasonable to me.

Holder declined to offer any time frame for the reimplementation of the assault weapons ban, however.

Just as soon as the Civilian Defence Force ObamaJugend is armed up and trained, I’m sure.

In a brief interview with ABC News, Wayne LaPierre, president of the National Rifle Association, said, “I think there are a lot of Democrats on Capitol Hill cringing at Eric Holder’s comments right now.”

The ones that remember the 1994 mid-terms anyway. Don’t worry guys, I’m sure Teh One™ will just do it through Executive Order Imperial fiat.

“I think closing the gun show loophole,

Which they refuse to actually define, except by using false terminology like “unlicensed dealers”. Nice and convenient to speak in such bland generalities, rather than actually talk specifics which can easily be refuted. Once again, feeewwings over facts and rational thought.

the banning of cop-killer bullets

Also undefined. Also convenient word play. What they leave unsaid is that the only ammunition still legally on the market which can defeat body armor is common rifle ammo, of every caliber.

and I also think that making the assault weapons ban permanent, would be something that would be permitted under Heller,”

Time for Heller v 2.0. Simple civics lesson for ya Holder. We’ll keep it simple since ever since you told me to confront my racism and stop being a coward, I’ve been able to realize that “you people” aren’t as bright as the rest of us. Let’s focus on just one word in the 2nd Amendment, “Arms”. You know, those things that the Amendment protects. Arms is defined by Merriam Websters as “a means (as a weapon) of offense or defense ; especially : firearm.” An even more specific definition, one in common use at the time of the ratification, is “weapons suitable for, or used by, infantry”. What would that be today Holder boopie?

The Assault Weapons Ban signed into law by President Clinton in 1994 banned 19 types of semi-automatic military-style guns and ammunition clips with more than 10 rounds.

Time  to trot out that lil’ ol’ piece of journalistic tripe again eh? The “19” types of guns banned were actually closer to 200 named types, and plenty others that met the BS criteria based on cosmetic accoutrement. I wonder what this version will look like? BTW, they’re called MAGA fucking ZINES, not CLIPS you fucking illiterate cretins! Research the topic you intend to write about you fucking moron.

The more things Change™ the more they stay the same. Lets see where we stand.

Ballot box – Thanks to Acorn and the civic illiteracy of 52% of the populace, that ones gone.

Soap box – Fairness doctrine anyone? We still have it for now, but that ones in their sights as well.

Jury box – We’ll see how well that one holds up. So far not so good.

Cartridge box – Getting real close.

Gird you loins pups, gonna be a long fight ahead of us.


  1. 1

    BHO is doing beyond-belief damage to America in short order.

    Never in my wildest paranoid imaginings did I believe he could do so much damage, so fast. :em98:

  2. 2
    BigDogg says:

    It does indeed seem as if they’re (it’s not just BO doing all of this) intent on hacking America to death before Easter.

  3. 3
    LC Rurik says:

    How convenient. Yesterday I received the following email from a knowledgeable friend. It gives soem serious insight. Also note that the FBI found no “assault rifles” used in any of the assaults they studied

    Subject: FBI study: Cop Attackers and Their Weapons
    Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2009 10:07:12 -0600

    An excellent and most interesting article, and having been a police officer for 27 years, I have to agree with 95% of what is written here, especially the mindset of the street officer (and civilian who carries a firearm for self-protection). Dealing with armed criminals these days is like dealing with mad dogs. They have no compunction to pull the trigger on you. Also, note the reference to where he criminals in the study get their guns!

    New Findings from the FBI about Cop Attackers & Their Weapons
    (From the Force Science News provided by The Force Science Research Center.)

    New findings on how offenders train with, carry and deploy the weapons they use to attack police officers have emerged in a just-published, 5-year study by the FBI.
    Among other things, the data reveal that most would-be cop killers:

    show signs of being armed that officers miss;
    have more experience using deadly force in “street combat” than their intended victims;
    practice with firearms more often and shoot more accurately;
    have no hesitation whatsoever about pulling the trigger. “If you hesitate,” one told the study’s researchers, “you’re dead. You have the instinct or you don’t. If you don’t, you’re in trouble on the street…”
    These and other weapons-related findings comprise one chapter in a 180-page research summary called “Violent Encounters: A Study of Felonious Assaults on Our Nation’s Law Enforcement Officers.” The study is the third in a series of long investigations into fatal and nonfatal attacks on POs by the FBI team of Dr. Anthony Pinizzotto, clinical forensic psychologist, and Ed Davis, criminal investigative instructor, both with the Bureau’s Behavioral Science Unit, and Charles Miller III, coordinator of the LEOs Killed and Assaulted program.
    “Violent Encounters” also reports in detail on the personal characteristics of attacked officers and their assaulters, the role of perception in life-threatening confrontations, the myths of memory that can hamper OIS investigations, the suicide-by-cop phenomenon, current training issues, and other matters relevant to officer survival. (Force Science News and our strategic partner will be reporting on more findings from this landmark study in future transmissions.)
    Commenting on the broad-based study, Dr. Bill Lewinski, executive director of the Force Science Research Center at Minnesota State University-Mankato, called it “very challenging and insightful–important work that only a handful of gifted and experienced researchers could accomplish.”
    From a pool of more than 800 incidents, the researchers selected 40, involving 43 offenders (13 of them admitted gangbangers-drug traffickers) and 50 officers, for in-depth exploration. They visited crime scenes and extensively interviewed surviving officers and attackers alike, most of the latter in prison.
    Here are highlights of what they learned about weapon selection, familiarity, transport and use by criminals attempting to murder cops, a small portion of the overall research:

    Weapon Choice:
    Predominately handguns were used in the assaults on officers and all but one were obtained illegally, usually in street transactions or in thefts. In contrast to media myth, none of the firearms in the study was obtained from gun shows. What was available “was the overriding factor in weapon choice,” the report says. Only 1 offender hand-picked a particular gun “because he felt it would do the most damage to a human being.”
    Researcher Davis, in a presentation and discussion for the International Assn. of Chiefs of Police, noted that none of the attackers interviewed was “hindered by any law–federal, state or local–that has ever been established to prevent gun ownership. They just laughed at gun laws.”

    Several of the offenders began regularly to carry weapons when they were 9 to 12 years old, although the average age was 17 when they first started packing “most of the time.” Gang members especially started young.
    Nearly 40% of the offenders had some type of formal firearms training, primarily from the military. More than 80% “regularly practiced with handguns, averaging 23 practice sessions a year,” the study reports, usually in informal settings like trash dumps, rural woods, back yards and “street corners in known drug-trafficking areas.”
    One spoke of being motivated to improve his gun skills by his belief that officers “go to the range two, three times a week [and] practice arms so they can hit anything.”
    In reality, victim officers in the study averaged just 14 hours of sidearm training and 2.5 qualifications per year. Only 6 of the 50 officers reported practicing regularly with handguns apart from what their department required, and that was mostly in competitive shooting. Overall, the offenders practiced more often than the officers they assaulted, and this “may have helped increase [their] marksmanship skills,” the study says.
    The offender quoted above about his practice motivation, for example, fired 12 rounds at an officer, striking him 3 times. The officer fired 7 rounds, all misses.
    More than 40% of the offenders had been involved in actual shooting confrontations before they feloniously assaulted an officer. Ten of these “street combat veterans,” all from “inner-city, drug-trafficking environments,” had taken part in 5 or more “criminal firefight experiences” in their lifetime.
    One reported that he was 14 when he was first shot on the street, “about 18 before a cop shot me.” Another said getting shot was a pivotal experience “because I made up my mind no one was gonna shoot me again.”
    Again in contrast, only 8 of the 50 LEO victims had participated in a prior shooting; 1 had been involved in 2 previously, another in 3. Seven of the 8 had killed offenders.

    The offenders said they most often hid guns on their person in the front waistband, with the groin area and the small of the back nearly tied for second place. Some occasionally gave their weapons to another person to carry, “most often a female companion.” None regularly used a holster, and about 40% at least sometimes carried a backup weapon.
    In motor vehicles, they most often kept their firearm readily available on their person, or, less often, under the seat. In residences, most stashed their weapon under a pillow, on a nightstand, under the mattress–somewhere within immediate reach while in bed.
    Almost all carried when on the move and strong majorities did so when socializing, committing crimes or being at home. About one-third brought weapons with them to work. Interestingly, the offenders in this study more commonly admitted having guns under all these circumstances than did offenders interviewed in the researchers’ earlier 2 surveys, conducted in the 1980s and ’90s.
    According to Davis, “Male offenders said time and time again that female officers tend to search them more thoroughly than male officers. In prison, most of the offenders were more afraid to carry contraband or weapons when a female CO was on duty.”
    On the street, however, both male and female officers too often regard female subjects “as less of a threat, assuming that they not going to have a gun,” Davis said. In truth, the researchers concluded that more female offenders are armed today than 20 years ago–“not just female gang associates, but female offenders generally.”

    Shooting Style:
    Twenty-six of the offenders [about 60%], including all of the street combat veterans, “claimed to be instinctive shooters, pointing and firing the weapon without consciously aligning the sights,” the study says.
    “They practice getting the gun out and using it,” Davis explained. “They shoot for effect.” Or as one of the offenders put it: “[W]e’re not working with no marksmanship… We just putting it in your direction, you know… It don’t matter… as long as it’s gonna hit you…if it’s up at your head or your chest, down at your legs, whatever… Once I squeeze and you fall, then… if I want to execute you, then I could go from there.”

    Hit Rate:
    More often than the officers they attacked, offenders delivered at least some rounds on target in their encounters. Nearly 70% of assailants were successful in that regard with handguns, compared to about 40% of the victim officers, the study found. (Efforts of offenders and officers to get on target were considered successful if any rounds struck, regardless of the number fired.)
    Davis speculated that the offenders might have had an advantage because in all but 3 cases they fired first, usually catching the officer by surprise. Indeed, the report points out, “10 of the total victim officers had been wounded [and thus impaired] before they returned gunfire at their attackers.”

    Missed Cues:
    Officers would less likely be caught off guard by attackers if they were more observant of indicators of concealed weapons, the study concludes. These particularly include manners of dress, ways of moving and unconscious gestures often related to carrying.
    “Officers should look for unnatural protrusions or bulges in the waist, back and crotch areas,” the study says, and watch for “shirts that appear rippled or wavy on one side of the body while the fabric on the other side appears smooth.” In warm weather, multilayered clothing inappropriate to the temperature may be a giveaway. On cold or rainy days, a subject’s jacket hood may not be covering his head because it is being used to conceal a handgun.
    Because they eschew holsters, offenders reported frequently touching a concealed gun with hands or arms “to assure themselves that it is still hidden, secure and accessible” and hasn’t shifted. Such gestures are especially noticeable “whenever individuals change body positions, such as standing, sitting or exiting a vehicle.” If they run, they may need to keep a constant grip on a hidden gun to control it.
    Just as cops generally blade their body to make their sidearm less accessible, armed criminals “do the same in encounters with LEOs to ensure concealment and easy access.”
    An irony, Davis noted, is that officers who are assigned to look for concealed weapons, while working off-duty security at night clubs for instance, are often highly proficient at detecting them. “But then when they go back to the street without that specific assignment, they seem to ‘turn off’ that skill,” and thus are startled–sometimes fatally–when a suspect suddenly produces a weapon and attacks.

    Thirty-six of the 50 officers in the study had “experienced hazardous situations where they had the legal authority” to use deadly force “but chose not to shoot.” They averaged 4 such prior incidents before the encounters that the researchers investigated. “It appeared clear that none of these officers were willing to use deadly force against an offender if other options were available,” the researchers concluded.
    The offenders were of a different mind-set entirely. In fact, Davis said the study team “did not realize how cold blooded the younger generation of offender is. They have been exposed to killing after killing, they fully expect to get killed and they don’t hesitate to shoot anybody, including a police officer. They can go from riding down the street saying what a beautiful day it is to killing in the next instant.”
    “Offenders typically displayed no moral or ethical restraints in using firearms,” the report states. “In fact, the street combat veterans survived by developing a shoot-first mentality.”
    “Officers never can assume that a criminal is unarmed until they have thoroughly searched the person and the surroundings themselves.” Nor, in the interest of personal safety, can officers “let their guards down in any type of law enforcement situation.”

    There are also some potentially very useful tips to be had for anyone who might find himself on either end of an operational firearm. Including the urgine us all to paractice, practice, practice.

    Ah! and a defiant THoid!!!

  4. 4
    LC Rurik says:

    Remember. You will not rise to the occasion; you will default to your level of training. :em96:

  5. 5
    madtom says:

    KO. Due to training and various other life experiences I thought ‘I’ was an assault weapon. How are they gonna ban ME!? Reloads available as long as McDonalds stays open. (Hmmmm. Mebbe that’s it) Edged weapons and steely resolve. Watch yer backs, mudderfudders.

  6. 6
    LCrightismightNY says:

    These fucking liberals have no clue. Make owning a handgun illegal, then only criminals will have handguns. Message to Holder: CRIMINALS DO NOT CARE ABOUT GUN LAWS! You stupid, fucking ASSHOLE! I think that the current bunch of hand-wringers and bed-wetters that currently populate the “Teh One” administration ought to be forced to watch all of those Charles Bronson vigilante flicks of the late 70’s and early 80’s. and throw the the Chuck Norris flicks as well.
    When you dis-arm the law-abiding public, then only the criminals and the government will have weapons. What is wrong with this picture?

  7. 7
    Southern Libertarian says:


    When you dis-arm the law-abiding public, then only the criminals and the government will have weapons.

    Isn’t that abit redundant? :em02:

  8. 8
    dave says:

    he who shoots firstist with the mostest wins. let god sort them out.

  9. 9
    Rhiain says:

    Pelosi throws cold water on weapons ban.

    Either Holder would have to give Pelosi something very big to get Democratic Congresscritters to renew the AWB or he just has to be the biggest dumbass I’ve seen. Not saying they wouldn’t try anything, yo, but if the gun amendment attached to the DC Voting bill was any indication, Holder’s on his own.

  10. 10
    dave says:

    moderation, we don’t need no stinking moderation.

  11. 11
  12. 12
    FL_Outback says:

    The good news is that the government is most likely going to collapse before they get around to taking our guns

  13. 13
    Deathknyte says:

    Never in my wildest paranoid imaginings did I believe he could do so much damage, so fast.

    Really. In my somewhat reasoned opinion, I think he is four weeks behind schedule. I expected him to start banning weapons by the end of January at the latest.

  14. 14
    LC Gunsniper says:

    Pelosi and Reid jam a stick in Holder’s spokes.

    jugears is already starting to make the Peanuthead Administration look half competent..

  15. 15
    dave says:

    FL_Outback sez:

    The good news is that the government is most likely going to collapse before they get around to taking our guns

    then you’re gonna need your guns.

  16. 16

    Holder said that putting the ban back in place would not only be a positive move by the United States, it would help cut down on the flow of guns going across the border into Mexico, which is struggling with heavy violence among drug cartels along the border.

    Hey, Holder, you think you might also have some success if you secured the BORDER???????????

    Not to worry, Crunch. Our resident apologist has ASSURED us that Obummer doesn’t want our guns.

  17. 17
    Southern Libertarian says:

    I kinda doubt it will pass congress…….but I have been wrong before.

  18. 18
    LC gahaze says:

    Fuck Mexico. If that tin-pot government is so disabled by it’s own corruption that it cannot
    control it’s own criminal element, tough dick. If the drug cartels are fielding full-auto
    weapons, grenades, and RPG’s, look to the Mexican Military, and plain old-fashioned
    smuggling as the source. What? Drug-runners smuggle weapons? Who’d-a-thunk it?
    It isn’t like they might be, well, Professional Smugglers now, would it?

    Grow a brain, Mr. Holder. Nature abhors a vacuum, and the one in your head needs filling.

  19. 19

    Southern Lib

    I kinda doubt it will pass congress…….but I have been wrong before.

    From the looks of Gunsnipers link above, you may be right. I sure hope so anyway.

  20. 20
    Imperial Librarian Azygos says:

    And those fully automatic weapons and RPGs are NOT coming from the USA. Look to China, Russia, and other third world shitholes. Why pay 2000 dollars for an M4 when you can probably by lots of AK 47/74 from China for 50 bucks a pop

  21. 21

    I figure that if putting this into action is not the ‘tipping point’, then the inevitable return for any remaining guns should do it.

    On a related note, take this for what you will:

    I was reminded of this story from WorldNetDaily last week today when I was speaking to one of my clients who has moved to Montana. His neighbor’s kid is in the National Guard there. Was home a few weeks ago, and mentioned that they were training for urban warfare. The official excuse was “to deal with the riots and stuff if something happened to President Obama.” Kid said that nobody was buying it, everyone was reading it as ‘gun-grab’, and said that it was a consensus that if that order came, they wouldn’t be obeying it. Take it for what you will.

  22. 22
    LC Jon Imperial Hunter says:

    Dear Obambam and Holdover: MOLON LABE, father rapers!

    My fellow Americans:

    Remember your Oath.

    Fullfill your Oath.

    Death to Tyrants.

    Death to the Left.

    Restore the Republic.

    Simple as that.

  23. 23
    LC HJ Caveman82952 says:

    I’ve heard the senate voted down the censorship doctrine. When their feet were held to the fire and they had to publicly state their positions. I believe twelve voted for it. No doubt other diversity schemes lay in wait. As for guns… guns, your guns, our guns, …….what I am hoping for, and will seek, is to enhance the divide this will cause in the democrat party. My congressional rep is a democrat with an A rating from the NRA. He has most definitely heard from me, asking and thanking him both. Too many conservative demos simply do not like gun confiscation schemes, not to mention the results of ninety-four. Then, too, the massive increase in arms sales speaks volumes. So, what I am hoping for, and it may already be, this issue will prove to be a poison pill for democrats. So let us help them divide themselves further…….much further. When I hear talk show hosts openly use terms such as civil war and revolution…………let the scoffers laugh on the left, I learned long ago arrogance is often fear turned inside out. :em96:

  24. 24
    LC Gonzman says:

    Got mine, and got mine secured.

    Fuck a bunch of Holder and the Messiah.

  25. 25
    Assassin 6 says:


    I’m the AJ3 (Assistant Operations Officer) at a state Guard Joint Force HQ. There is no dictate coming from anywhere to do UO training for any upcoming nefarious operations. Combat arms units are expected to train on this stuff on thier own during a regular training cycle. They are negligent if they don’t given the likely deployment spots around the world. I will let all of you know if I see anything, but really, put down the tinfoil hat. If this kid was a company commander or such I would believe it, but it sounds like a latrine rumor.

  26. 26

    Assassin, yeah yer right to a point. MOUT training must be done considering where we are fighting now. Problem is that it can be applied here as well. People get jumpy about that type of stuff when a socialist is in office. The exercise referred to in the WND article was piss poor timing and execution. It had some serious intelligence gathering and civil ops scenarios that would be extremely useful in the Long War. Problem is that instead of going after a terrorist in the exercise, they decided to go after a “gun dealer”. Real boneheaded move on the company CO’s part.

  27. 27

    but really, put down the tinfoil hat.

    I believe I said “Take it for what you will.”

    If I believed it, I wouldn’t be here online. I’d be elsewhere, taking care of some business.

  28. 28

    Another issue Assassin is not necessarily the actual and stated goal of the training, but the perception of the ultimate uses for that training on both the soldiers and civilians parts. Grunts ain’t dumb. They got a real good sense on things. And never forget that more often than not, perception is reality.

    Whether the training was to prepare them to confiscate guns or not is moot. I know that wasn’t what the OpOrder was written for. However, the training could be used for that goal. And people, including the soldiers themselves, saw that. Where the good news is is that the soldiers ain’t going for it.

  29. 29
    LC Gunsniper says:

    and said that it was a consensus that if that order came, they wouldn’t be obeying it.

    best news I heard all day.

  30. 30
    Assassin 6 says:


    I know grunts aren’t dumb, I am an infantryman. Somewhere along the line, the so-called leadership of this unit pulled a stupid. And now it adds fuel to the flames of the crazy crowd hysterics. As a professional soldier, I cannot abide this behavior and I am insulted by the idea that we in uniform would disregard the Constitution. I wish that I could have used a major city when training my infantry company for Baghdad. The MOUT villages that bases have are a joke compared to a metropolis of 10 million people. However, smart people know that there are the Ron Paul types that would see this and head for the bunkers so we don’t do it. I hope that the Battalion Cdr had a nice little sit down with this wayward collection of leaders about what words to use when training.

  31. 31

    I agree with ya Assassin, wholeheartedly. People who know the military are confident of what will happen when they are asked to break their oath. But there’s a palpable fear out there now, and boneheaded plays like the mission of that exercise don’t help none.

  32. 32
    Imperial Librarian Azygos says:

    We have had urban warfare training by the marines here in Phoenix. I welcome it. But I do not trust this communist president

  33. 33
    LC Jon Imperial Hunter says:

    LC HJ Caveman82952 sez:

    When I hear talk show hosts openly use terms such as civil war and revolution…………let the scoffers laugh on the left, I learned long ago arrogance is often fear turned inside out. :em96:

    Turn up the heat. Make ’em squirm and soil themselves. More apt they are to fuck up and out themselves.

    But just remember that this talk of rebellion isn’t just about guns. It’s the bankrupting of the nation and the utter destruction of the remnants of Liberty and the Constitution that they are concerned about. Just think … if we hadn’t stood fast for the 2A these many years?

    Assassin 6 sez:

    I will let all of you know if I see anything,

    Great, I hope you do, but do you really think you’ll be the first to know?
    Assassin 6 sez:

    but really, put down the tinfoil hat.

    All due respect but… fuck a truck load of yer tin foil hat references. If you think for one minute that these communist cocksuckers don’t want to confiscate our guns… then you know nothing of the history of the last century.

    I’ve been saying all along that I doubted that American troops would confiscate civilian arms or in most other ways support the establishment of an overt police state…. for now. But let these bastards remain in office long enough and they will purge and weaken the military and replace it with the Civilian DefenseEnslavement Force. It’s right there in Obama’s game plan.

    Now I doubt that the Messiahmaniac will retain office long enough but I’m preparing for the worst. The abysmal depths to which the ‘electorate’ has sunk should be enough of a warning.

  34. 34
    LC Rurik says:

    Revently there were a series of stories in the Daily Times Herald of Carroll, Iowa

    The purpose of the April 2-5 drill will be to gather intelligence, then search for and apprehend a suspected weapons dealer, according to Sgt. Mike Kots, readiness NCO for Alpha Company.

    Citizens, law enforcement, media and other supporters will participate.

    Troops will spend Thursday, April 2, staging at a forward operations base at Carroll. The next day company leaders will conduct reconnaissance and begin patrolling the streets of Arcadia to identify possible locations of the weapons dealer.

    The primary phase will be done Saturday, April 4, when convoys will be deployed from Carroll to Arcadia. Pictures of the arms dealer will be shown in Arcadia, and soldiers will go door to door asking if residents have seen the suspect.

    Soldiers will knock only at households that have agreed to participate in the drill, Kots noted.

    “Once credible intelligence has been gathered,” said Kots, “portions of the town will be road-blocked and more in-depth searches of homes and vehicles will be conducted in accordance with the residents’ wishes.

    “One of the techniques we use in today’s political environment is cordon and knock,” Kots explained. “We ask for the head of the household, get permission to search, then have them open doors and cupboards. The homeowner maintains control. We peer over their shoulder, and the soldier uses the homeowner’s body language and position to protect him.”

    During this phase of the operation, troops will interact with residents and media while implementing crowd-control measures and possibly treating and evacuating injured persons.

    A later story in the same paper, reported the operation had been canceled because of community opposition.

    Last fall, shortly before the election, a brigade of the 3 ID was reported as being withdrawn from Iraq and given special training for coping with non-accidental urban disorder in American cities.

    Each and every incident, taken by itself, can be reasonably explained away. but viewed togehter there seems to be a pattern developing. The military could be training to cope with urban riots by disappointed Obots. Or it could be training for some sort of a weapons confiscation program. Or even the round-up of political grumblers.We do not know the intent, we can only estimate the capabilities. And to expropriate one of the gun grabbers’ own principles … if there is a weapon, it eventually will be used.

  35. 35
    FL_Outback says:

    When talking about military and guns, Never forget this, worth linking again here:

  36. 36
    LC FORGER says:

    Just last night I signed up with The NRA. While they’re not perfect, I think they’re the best we’ve got in the legal battle for the 2nd.

    Got here to sign up and Jim Scoutten will put $10 towards your membership.

  37. 37
    LC Spare Parts says:

    From the stix: Rural properties are being occupied by Obamalytes in the midwest and south. We are being watched.

  38. 38
    Assassin 6 says:

    LC Jon,

    You are right, I may not be the first to know if anything goes down. It would be a good bet though that the higher HQ for a division HQ might hear of things in time to make a difference. I work in Operations, that means that all subordinate unit training plans go through the section. Also, when we get requirements from DC, they go through the Ops section.

    My point on the tinfoil hat reference is this, all of us that love and defend the Constitution need to take a step back and look at how we operate in public. Acting like nutters will not win people over to our point of view. It only makes us look bad as a group, very detrimental overall. I’m sure all of us know people that scream, “black helicopters!” at every little thing that happens. This is not good for our image. We will win by being logical, calm, and rational in all our public discourse. As I taught my men before my last trip to Iraq, “be nice and polite to the Iraqis, right up until it’s time to drop the hammer.” Acting like wild-eyed crazies will not engender the general public to take our ideas seriously. That is all I was trying to say. There might come a time to panic, but to do so before it is necessary will only set our cause back.

  39. 39
    Mike M says:

    From LC Rurik’s excellent article at #3…

    They just laughed at gun laws

    They laugh at any law, rule, policy or condition put in place as a “deterrent”. Career criminals commit crimes; it’s just what they do and nothing short of capital punishment or a nationwide commitment to “lock ’em up and throw the key away” is going to change it. Deterrent advocates point to California’s “Three Strike” law as a shining example of the effectiveness of strong measures working to reduce recidivism.

    The author of that California law, Assemblyman Bill Jones, cites the following “successes”:

    * 50 percent drop in crime since 1994 when law was enacted
    * Billions of dollars saved by deterring crime
    * Reduction in projected prison population
    * Eliminated plea bargaining


    * Exodus of Parolees to other states

    That’s what’s known in Community Policing problem solving terminology as “Displacement”. You really don’t cure the problem, you just hand it off to someone else and call it a success. Those parolees and the others who left California because of the three strike law didn’t leave to get jobs and to rehabilitate themselves; they could have stayed in California to do that. They left to continue to do that which they know and want to do.

    Here’s another example where a strong deterrent got laughed at. Just outside Vancouver, Washington a known sexual predator killed a young girl after attempting to rape her. This lowlife POS was fitted with a GPS monitoring device to deter him from following his instincts. It didn’t.

    Be sure and read the two comments at the end of the article. Idiocy exposed.

  40. 40
    LC Subotai Bahadur says:

    LC 0311 Crunchie, Assassin 6, and LC Rurik:

    I think that I can claim more than a passing love, affection, and trust in our armed forces. My Gunnery SGT nephew just got back from his 3rd deployment a couple of weeks ago, I have had other family members deployed, frequently involved in things with the word “Special” involved. When I see military personnel out and about, especially with their families, I make a point of thanking them and telling them that despite our government that the American people love them and are grateful. And when I am in Colorado Springs [which is a military town and a college town so there is no shortage of moonbats] I am on watch. If I see a moonbat harassing a troop and/or his/her family; I know that they are not allowed to fight back but this retired cop is not under the UCMJ. I also know that frequently it only takes a single person to step forward, and the public will too. They put their lives on the line to protect us, we have to step up to protect them while they/and theirs are at home.

    That said their chain of command, especially at flag rank where skill at politics begins to overwhelm operational matters in determining careers, is less trustworthy. I don’t think that is a matter of tin foil hats in watching what is being ordered, what is being trained for, and listening to what the troops are saying [especially the senior NCO’s. I learned a long time ago that if you want the truth about a unit, find an E-7 or above]. We have a National Command Authority of dubious legitimacy, whose history and writings indicate a hatred of the Constitution we have an Oath to.

    When dealing with a hostile force, the first thing to be prepared for is the enemy’s capabilities. Then you worry about his intentions. Maskirova and Dezinformatzia and fool you as to intentions. If you are ready to deal with what they are capable of, you can recover from being deceived as to their intentions.

    Sadly, training operations in American cities, interacting with American civilians right at the boundaries of the Posse Commititus limitations, enhances capabilities for the military to cross those boundaries. That, sadly, has to legitimately raise the index of suspicion.

    It may be that Sgt. Mike Kots was speaking way out of turn. Or it may be that he was speaking the truth as he was briefed. I do keep in mind that at the higher levels, the National Guard is political both in the sense of service politics AND the major political parties in the state. Iowa’s governor Culver is a Democrat.

    It is grounds for higher awareness by all, but not for action.

    LC Subotai Bahadur

  41. 41
    LC Subotai Bahadur says:

    re: # 40 LC Subotai Bahadur

    Bugger! That should read:

    Maskirova and Dezinformatzia can fool you as to intentions.

    The edit function did not work.

    LC Subotai Bahadur

  42. 42
    LC HJ Caveman82952 says:

    I just got back from Wal-Mart in Los Banos. In sporting goods empty shelves greeted my search for ammunition. No .45ACP, no .44 Magnum, no .38 Special or .357 Mag and the only shotgun shells available were bird shot. They did have some .308 though…..
    I sighed with relief, knowing what I have at home……for I have never seen this before….

  43. 43
    Southern Libertarian says:

    Well I believe we can all breath a sigh of relief, just found out that that even Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi aren’t dumb enough to even consider passing the new assault weapons ban. However, we are not out of the woods yet…. not by a longshot.

    While I lament that our current president is willing to even attempt to pass such a rediculous infringment upon our civil liberties, I do not lament not voting for the Republican alternative. I voted for what I truly wanted, and although I did not get what I voted for I would make the same choice again.

    Cheer up, 2010 and 2012 arent as far away as they seem. No matter how unfortunate the circumstances may seem, always rememer that nothing lasts forever.

  44. 44
    Ten-Ten says:

    After Katrina:

    Louisiana National Guardsmen took the oath.

    They also took the weapons.

    Why didn’t they refuse?

  45. 45
    LC Getalis, Imperial Czar of Pharmacology says:

    LC Subotai Bahadur sez:

    Iowa’s governor Culver is a Democrat.

    Out of curiosity, what brings this into relevance?

  46. 46
    LC FreedomFighter says:


    Hypothetical Series of Events

    1) Military funding and benifits drastically cut, making the military as a career choice completley undesireable except for die-hard LC’s. The US military’s manning and capability is reduced by less than half.

    2) Congress approves the creations of the Civilian Defence Force to fill the void of the much diminished US Military. Answerable only to the president, the CDF becomes a better choice than the military due to better benifits and funding.

    3) Congress announces all gun owners are requiered to register all firearms.

    4)National Healthcare takes full effect.

    5) Obama gets re-elected

    6) Marijuana gets ligalized.

    7)Government starts to regulate media

    8)The Declaration of Independance, US Constitution, and Bill of Rights are all successfully “Perfected.”

    9) CSDF begins Law Enforcement Role.

    10) Second Amendment rights are nul-n-void. Firearms of any kind are now ileagal. All Gun owners are required to relinquish the weapons the the CDF. Failure to comply results in jail sentence.

    11) Congress approves Unlimited Presidential consecutive terms.

    12) Obama gets elected for a third term due to the lack of information from government controlled sorces and lazy ignorance of the habitual pot smoking American sheep.

    13) Congress, the Senate, and House of Reps are no longer needed and are disbanded. Obama becomes the first American Emperor. Civil Liberties as we know them die, and new “Liberties” are enforced by the CDF.

    14) The now disarmed American has no hope of surplanting or revolting against the new American Emperor. American Citizens become American Subjects. Welcome the the USSA!

    15) The Century War Begins.

    Anything in blocked quote is either in the works or has already happend.

    Oh i also for got to mention government regulated media(cough cough, fairness doctrine).

  47. 47
    LC Subotai Bahadur says:

    #45 LC Getalis, Imperial Czar of Pharmacology

    The conceptual train of thought is:

    1) While the line troops are doing what they are told, those who are doing the telling are influenced by politics.
    2) Commanding Generals in the State Guard organizations are influenced by party politics. They are part of the Executive Branch of the state government when not in Federal service, serving the Governor.
    3) The use of the Guard or Federal troops in the ZI against the citizens, if such is to happen, will be ordered by the Democratic Party, or at least its ‘Supreme Leader’; Hussein Pasha.
    4) Somebody in the chain of command ordered this particular disturbing training scenario. At the top of that chain is a Democratic Party Governor, who controls the Commanding General of the Iowa Guard. Once again, grounds for alertness. As Rurik noted, this is one incident in what may be a larger pattern. One looks for linkages. If enough patterns repeat, they may become the basis for action. We watch, we wait. We do not trust.

    LC Subotai Bahadur

  48. 48
    WayneB says:

    I’ve heard the senate voted down the censorship doctrine. When their feet were held to the fire and they had to publicly state their positions.

    What I’m concerned about with things like this is that they may be Public Relations maneuvering so that it appears that they were showing some common sense, when they may have plans to actually pass something like it within some other legislation, like one of the “omnibus” bills that have become so fashionable in the past several years.

    That way, under a casual inspection, it looks like they had voted against it, but then they can say, “Well, that other bill was for something VERY important (like keeping the Govt running), so I couldn’t let that little item there stop it”.

  49. 49
    LC HJ Caveman82952 says:

    A very good point, Wayne B. I have considered it as well. This issue destroys them in elections, they know it. They may seek the back door through the UN or ammo restrictions. Good time for us to keep our eyes open.

  50. 50
    bruce says:

    gun control really got off the ground when president kennedy was murdered by a traitor who he had let return to america after defecting to the u.s.s.r.instead of trying the traitor, oswald, for treason then hanging his sorry ass he was allowed to walk. washington is still doing that today i guess democrats still like traitors oh that’s right they elected a traitor president!after a nice martyrdom for a mediocre president they got down to some gun grabbing with the 1968 gun control act.that one and all the rest of the communist democrats common sense anti-second amendment laws have not prevented one crime and they were never aimed at criminals only at the honest tax paying citizen.i am in the cellar reloading.

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