Where the Hell Is Our Fartwa?

Remember this guy? Seems his harmless lil comedy skit has the muzzies in an uproar. My question is this, where the fuck is OUR muzzie outrage?! I mean, what in the hell do you have to do to get a fucking fartwa ’round here? Yo, Islamic Rage Boy, get on the ball all ready.


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    they know we have all the guns……so No Fartwa for YOU!!!

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    LC_Mike says:

    I was wondering how long it take for one of the staff to noticed he got a Fawtah.

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    C’mon crunchie! You know how this game is played. YOU would actually fight back, and the brave lions of pisslam don’t want that. You might dispatch them in a way that would keep them from their 72 raisins…and spending eternity in Satan’s tender embrace is hungry work!

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    LC Ted says:

    Blackiswhite, Imperial Consigliere @ 4 sez:

    You might dispatch them in a way that would keep them from their 72 raisins…and spending eternity in Satan’s tender embrace is hungry work!

    That reminds me, I need to slime some bacon grease on my .380 ACP rounds.

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    lc purple raider says:

    Remember Ted, like Emeril Lagasse says, “PORK FAT RULES“.

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    LC hilljohnny says:

    the islamic pig-dogs fear the might of the Empire and tread sofly least its wrath desend upon them like fire from the heavens. :em02:

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    LC SleepTech:SheepDog: One of More says:

    Even Mooseturds aren’t stoopid enough to screw with REAL AMERICANS!!! :em96: :em96:

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    Princess Natasha, Uber-Whore of Zion says:

    I’ve been trying my damnedest to get a fartwah for years, already. The Benevolent Emperor even made one of my fartwah-provoking comments into a post, a couple of years ago. Still, nothing. These ululating headchopping freaks are a bunch of pussies, is all.

  10. 10
    Cortillaen says:

    Do these morons have a short upstairs or something?

    Muslim: “Islam is the light of the world, a peaceful religion of love.”
    Crowder: “Islam is full of hatred and violence because the koran demands it. Prove me wrong.”
    Muslim: “KILL THE INFIDEL!”
    Anyone with functional braincells: “… so much for peaceful…”
    MSMorons: “Crowder is a racist bigot, and the peace-loving muslims are rightfully outraged by his lies.”
    Sheeple: [zombie]”Muslims… peaceful… truth… baaaaad…”[/zombie]

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    LC Draco says:

    Fuck Mohammed in the ass with a pig dick and shove a dog dick down his throat. Then roll him over and slice his balls with a mandoline and fry em up in bacon grease, then feed the testicle slices to the hogs!!

    How’s that? :em02:

  12. 12
    LC Xealot says:

    Muslims are peaceful… LOL.

    Constantinople, 1453. Oh so very peaceful then. I mean Constantine XI just walked out, bowed to Mehmed II and said “I am a christian pig-dog, here, have my city!” And they all say kumbaya and feasted together in harmony with Organic Tofu Burgers.

    Spain, 711. I mean the peace-loving Muslims were welcomed with open arms by the Visigoths, eager to convert to Islam and enjoy love, peace and happiness forevermore. Nevermind the 800 year struggle to retake their own country. That was just Christian bigotry, ignorance of the environmental implications of defending themselves and a misguided belief that Christians are actually human and worthy of more than something that begins with “Jiz.” (paying the Jizya).

    Lepanto, 1571. The peaceful traders of the Ottoman Empire came out to ply their organic hemp purses and soy milk, but the evil Venetians came out to slaughter muslims out of racism and evil christian hatred! Alas, all the wondrous peaceful wares of the Turks were left to float away. Venetians, Spaniards, Christians, OH MY!

    Vienna, 1683. The Austrians continued to resist the peace of Muhammed and the love of Allah. The evil christians could not see the error of the hate-filled, bigoted ways. They were supposed to open their gates and ask for a group hug! That’s all the muslims wanted, love and compassion and acceptance from the world community.

    Yarmouk, 636. The peace-loving Muhammadans wanted to spread free love and recipes for non-alcoholic beverages to the evil Byzantines, but the treacherous Christians defended their property rights and didn’t give away their lands for free! How horrible!!!

    New York, 2001. The loving muslims horribly mislabeled as terrorists only wished to demonstrate the evil of airplanes and western technology by showing that airplanes could hit buildings! But the evil Bush-hitler administration secretly planted thousands of people in the office building so that Halliburton could steal money from the loving leader of the Iraqis, who adored his people and loved peace and free love and organic vegetables guaranteed to never hurt insects.

    So peaceful! So joyous!

    What a heap of elephant shit.

  13. 13


    Most of Islam is:

    1) Illiterate.
    2) Stupid.

    You need to make a video, or at least use pictures. Assuming that these simpletons can all read well is a mistake.

    And be sure to abuse the Koran and Mo as well. Do it in a funny and ironic fashoin … the muzzies won’t get the joke, but everyone else will.

  14. 14
    mindy1 says:

    I could not go to any of the tea parties today, so I held my own.. poured two bottles of icead tea off the bridge and held a sign that said Honk If You hate the Stimulus-got a few honks and two thumbs up. :em02: :em69:

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    LC Ted says:

    Kristopher, LC

    We tried a picture last year, BC has the cutest picture of a dead hog with a koran shoved in its mouth.

    I go with they are afraid of the Empire.


  16. 16
    Marinia says:

    Well, they are peaceful when wrapped in pigskin and buried in hardened concrete, I know that for a fact. Dead Muslims are the most peaceful folks I know. We just need MORE of them.

    And off topic, get ready for next year’s tax returns with this great news your accountant should have shared with you by now:
    Okay, by now if you haven’t heard of his massive federal payroll taxcut, you know the one that equals about $13.00 dollars a week, you haven’t heard Obama speak the past few weeks. As part of the porkulus giganticus bill (the one with NINE THOUSAND earmarks in it), Obama claims he’s giving everyone a payroll tax cut. Right after he claims he’s against all earmarks (see above). Yes, you do get roughly $13.00 bucks a week back, but here’s the catch…


    You see, the current resident of the White House has not revised the tax codes for next year. That money he says you get back, you don’t. You just end up giving it all back when you file next year’s taxes! If you spent it, you’re fucked buddy!!!

  17. 17
    Imperial Librarian Azygos says:


    You left off Persia in 624 when the MoHamHeads came to help the peaceful Christians settle their land and raise unicorns and sprinkle fairy dust.

  18. 18

    LC Ted sez:

    Kristopher, LC
    We tried a picture last year, BC has the cutest picture of a dead hog with a koran shoved in its mouth.
    I go with they are afraid of the Empire.

    Nope … it’s gotta be funny and cute enough to make the rounds in cube-rat emails.

    Once it gets popular, the odds of it offending muzzies goes way up.

  19. 19
  20. 20
    LC gahaze says:

    How to bury a Muslim, in ten easy steps.
    1. Kill Islamoswine. 2. Procure pig. 3. Skin and gut Islamoswine. 4. Feed same to pig.
    5. Kill pig. 6. Skin and gut pig. 7. Place pig’s entrails in Islamoswine. 8. Dress Islamoswine
    in pig’s skin, with pig’s head-skin as a hood, and sew up nicely. 9. Bury head-down in a
    shaft-grave full of pig manure. 10. Make sausage of pig, and consume heartily.
    Gee, ya think I can get a Fartwa now? (places belt into M1919, and racks it twice.)

  21. 21
    LC hilljohnny says:

    gahaze bear with here cause i’m slow. is step one really necessary?

  22. 22
    Iacobus says:

    There’s a substantial amount of stupid going on over at Big Hollywood. (Typical moral equivalence games played by liberals; “the Dixie Chicks got death threats1!!1eleventy-one!1!”) It’s unfortunate these people are part of humanity.

    Oh, and fuck Islam. Put that in your pipes and smoke it hard, doucherockets.

  23. 23

    Step 1 is purely optional hilljohnny.

  24. 24


    You need to make a video, or at least use pictures.


    Kristopher, LC
    We tried a picture last year, BC has the cutest picture of a dead hog with a koran shoved in its mouth.
    I go with they are afraid of the Empire.

    Not to pick nits, but did y’all click the links in the post?

  25. 25
    anonymous hourly worker says:

    Islamic Rage Boy looks exactly like a horse I owned once. Especially when he opens his mouth like that.

  26. 26

    Well,, seein’s how the koran is perfect, and the quotes used in the video came directly from the text in their perfect entirety , by their own rules, anyone who disagrees with him is an apostate, period.
    Their rules.


  27. 27

    Don’t forget to cobble a supply of rounds of HogShot together for the promised attacks.
    They say they’re coming, and promises of mayhem are about the only kind of promises they tend to keep.

    Whittle a couple of your thoroughly gnawed pork rib bones into a diameter small enough to fit a pencil sharpener.
    Sharpen a lil’ ol cone of bone, cut n’ grind em’ to fit the cone of your favorite hollow point (remember to knock the center cone out of your hydra-shocks!)
    Seat the bone cone lovingly tight, trim it up neat and adhere it with JB Weld.
    Repeat until all customers are satisfied.
    The virgin count has been astronomical, and I hear that there’s been some substitutions of other fleecy species lately, as the supply of blackeyed chicks dry up.
    Give allah a break, use HogShot!

  28. 28
    Tyrmadris says:

    We tried a picture last year, BC has the cutest picture of a dead hog with a koran shoved in its mouth.

    I remember those pictures fondly, as well as the one where the pig’s testicles were lovingly caressed by the name of the Blood God. Do you have the links to those, by chance LC Ted?

  29. 29

    Tyrmadis, for the hog pics click the third link in the post. I couldn’t find BC’s excellent photoshop of the boar nuts though.

  30. 30
    LC gahaze says:

    Tyrmadris @ #28:
    Click the link “OUR muzzie outrage” in the main post.
    Psy-ops 102. Release wild hogs onto the local drinking water-shed. Let’m drink from the hog.

  31. 31
    Terrapod says:

    Nice, simple, direct and without any ambiguity, no wonder they are offended, they can’t handle the truth about themselves or their so called religeon.

    BTW, HTF do you change a gravatar image after the fact????

  32. 32

    As I soil my muckluks, wading through the pisslam pages with the translator, I see how hard they drill them poor kids into mindless hatred.
    They see them as their ultimate weapons.
    Sick, eh?
    Ok, everybody knows that all of the keys to our futures are in the minds and hands of our beloved Heirs.
    The pisslamics are convinced that victory will be assured with a pounded in willingness of their offspring to die.
    So, we must give our offspring the abilities and tools to make that so.
    We’re just like that.
    Anybody like Marshal Tucker tunes and Full Auto Family Fun?
    These kids will be ready. :em04:

  33. 33

    Well, I haven’t gotten my fatwa either.

    And I’ve tried so hard, too.

  34. 34

    Geert Wilders!
    Anybody who’s a buddy o’ his,,, :em03:
    Great blog Always On Watch

  35. 35

    LC Cheapshot911, Dept. of Redneck Tech sez:

    Geert Wilders!

    Laura Ingraham had him on her show..yesterday, I believe it was. Today, she was down at Camp LeJeune. The jarheads were cheering and clapping. They know a TRUE American when they hear/see one.

    Plus, she’s worth looking at (if you’re a guy, I mean. I’d rather have Sam Elliott, thanks).

  36. 36
    Cannon Fodder says:

    I still love the fact that bashing the Religion of Piss is called “racism”!!!!! What the fuck is wrong with these people? I give two shits what race you are, if you are a Muzzie, you are a worshiper of violence and intolerance.

  37. 37
    LC Gunsniper says:

    I still love the fact that bashing the Religion of Piss is called “racism”!!!!!

    “Racism” and “racist” are just generic epithets to the leftist fucks. They don’t give two shits about proper usage of words.

  38. 38
    Dragineez says:

    I got to attend the presentation of Fitna last night. Opening comments by Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs, Andew Bostom, Robert Spencer, and Geert Wilders.

    Apparently it was Robert’s birthday, so we all sang to him. I got to meet all of them but Geert.

    CPAC was going on in the same hotel at the same time, so it was very well attended. I was surprised by the number of people that had never seen the film, didn’t know who any of the speakers were, and only now seem to be awakening to the threat of the global islamic jihad. If it was a convention of leftards I could understand – but it wasn’t. If we’re not getting this message out even to the people it would be easy to convince, we’re not doing a very good job.

    Geert’s legal defense bills will be substantial. I urge you to seriously consider contributing to his legal defense fund. I have.

  39. 39
    LC Xystus says:

    Posting my reactions to to said guy’s selected video-related comments here for greater effect:


    You too, @$$#0|€ who posts in ALL CAPS! You’re gonna die too–even if you’re the best Muslim ever (& even f you weren’t an @$$#0|€)! Most of us have known about “DEATH” since we were quite young, in fact.

    “ur a freaken racist pig… otherwise u wouldnt be making any sarcastic remarks…u just got the worst reputation amoungst muslims that I showed that video to…they were cursing u like crazy….take my advice and remove that racist video”

    Evidently, to this wizard of bitch, sarcasm = racism. And–so what kind of “-ist” are you, “pig”-shouting malcontent?

    “you should actually post a new video, correcting the mistakes you made in this video, and im sure you know which ones you made, because that’s the only way that’s gonna save you from a freak accident.”

    Why didn’t you ever so helpfully point out these mistakes, wise guy? Could it be because there are none? As for any “freak accident” (would that be an accident caused by freaks?)–what, is someone gonna reprogram his car over the Net?

    “FYI, i am glad, because if u said this to my face, u would be on the floor. simple. u come here and disrespect me, forget me, u disrespect the prophet pbuh, u expect me to just sit by, u disrespect the quran and then u try to play it off. u r a joke. a joke. dont EVER do this again. EVER.”

    If u’re “glad,” what’s to complain about? So where’s the ‘here” he came to? And if the guy’s “a joke,” why bother telling him never ever to do it again? (He won’t need to; he already did it. :em93: )


    your a blooter AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN

    “u should make a video apologize to the muslim community. thats the only option u have.”

    u should eat pork & bark@the_moon, bat! But stupidity is not ur only option…


    I go with they are afraid of the Empire.

    I’m beginning to think you’re right! In which case we can say: Membership has its privileges.

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