Quick Quiz [Updated Again !]

Today is the 173rd and the 64th anniversary (respectively) of two separate, seminal moments in American history. First LC to answer both right gets…well they won’t get shit but let’s see how smart y’all are. No googling ya cheatin’ bastards. 🙂

[Ahem, C’mon Crunchie of Teh Magnifient Ass™, coveted by gay men in at least 15 states, give them something for winning, how ’bout this opportunity?]

JB continuing here. Yes once again it IS Tuesday, February the 24th in the year of Our L-rd, 2009. The significance you ask? It’s Rottie Radio Night and that means that starting at around 8 pm Central Time, you’ll have fine rantings and ravings to raise your blood-pressure (or at least mine) for the evening.

Of course, we hope followed, at around 9:30 pm until whenever he has to flatten his Imperial Scrawny Ass™ and go to sleep (say 11’ish pm), the Emperor Misha and “Keep the Homefires Burning” provided the Imperial Palace is back to normal operations.

I’m available, of course, for chat on “tuesdaytruth” Yahoo IM. Misha can be reached at the same place as “emperor_misha.”

Join us and as always, expect an eclectic mix of tunes and talk.

Brought to you by your First Choice On The Intertubewebnet RadioCIA.

Oh and by the bye, since it ALWAYS ends up there OPEN THREAD, from here on out !!!!!.

Thanks for the support last week, it was rather scary early in the show, but y’all turned out in great numbers and I’m humbled. -JB

Now with that being said, again for our hard-core listeners, my insider information network has determined that the Imperial Palace has been temporarily changed into the Imperial Leper Colony™ with the standard “Flu Bug” running rampant. Call it a 50-50 chance of the Boss being up for following ‘moi’ on the rant. He’s chomping at the bit, trust me, but embracing reality adds a whole new dimension to the facts. Regardless, I’ll lock and load at least another hour.

Seems like Teh Allergy Season™ here in Tejas, is really nasty. Eyes burning, nose running and Eustachian tubes are entirely plugged. Fuggedaboutit, time for Benadryl and an early beddy-bye time. JB


  1. 51
    AyUaxe says:

    As a long-time allergy guerilla fighter from behind the pine curtain (i.e., central South, roughly along I-20), now behind enemy lines amongst the oaks (some of the most toxic pollen I’ve run across) and palmettos, Loratadine (aka Claritin) is generally the most effective anti-histamine available otc. I have found I can, when symptoms border on anaphylactic shock, piggy back chlorpheniramine maleate in staggered doses with loratadine (time-released forms of both release a bump at first, so pro’ly not smart to take ’em at the same time) to achieve excellent relief, no sleepiness and no overdose symptoms (jitters, over-dry membranes, bp spikes–I’ve accidentally taken double doses of chlorpheniramine maleate products and it’s unpleasant, but not debilitating). Frequent face and hand washing (just water is enough for the allergens) along with “neti” or nasal flushes (I like NielMed SinuCleanse) can keep you functional through some bad stuff and head off sinus infection. Benadryl is good as a sleep aid and topically for allergic skin rashes, but otherwise, a model T in an F1 race. I am not a doctor–just an average 50+ guy with a lifetime of experience with pollen allergies. I figure if I’ve made it to 50+ without inducing any major damage to major organs, my little pharma experiments, are probably OK, for me at least. Your mileage may vary.

  2. 52
    anonymous hourly worker says:

    After living in the grow-room of the Central Valley of Kalifornistan for twelve years, I have finally developed debilitating allergies in my middle age to every frigging growing plant for seventy square miles. The coughing and sneezing start about now (when the valley greens up) and won’t end until the cotton defoliating and almond tree shaking end (last week of October).

    Last year I had to start carrying an Albuterol inhaler for the twice-per-month asthma attacks where I can’t breathe.

    I recommend Allegra, Benadryl Allergy and Sinus and a full dose of Nyquil at bedtime. Even with this, your nose will run on and off all day. Get the inhaler if you start having problems breathing.

  3. 53
    LC hilljohnny says:

    AyUaxe sez:

    Benadryl is good as a sleep aid and topically for allergic skin rashes

    i may be mis-remembering but i think they recommend not using Benadryl topicly, it can cause problems when taken orally later. use cortisone instead.

  4. 54
    anonymous hourly worker says:

    They have both the pills (for general misery involving sleeplessness) and the pink liquid like calamine lotion, used for those unforgettable episodes where you rolled around in the poison oak or hugged the dog after he slept in it.

  5. 55
    LC FORGER says:

    Grabassatar TEST…….


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