Nothing To See Here Folks, Move Along

It’s should come as  no surprise that the yowling, ululating, sub-human paleosimians wastes of flesh like to protest as well as murder each other just for fun. That is when they’re not launching rockets at Eretz Yisrael civilians 6,000+ times, since they got what they wanted.

Of course it comes as no surprise that the MSM reporting on this is quiet silent, after all they wouldn’t want to put their pals in a bad light, now would they?

Friend of the Empire, LC& IB-Bob Parks had a “plant'” that videotaped a December 30 protest that got a bit sporty. Where did this occur, our inquiring readers want to know? Detroit…NO, How about Ft. Lauderdale !!!

The enemy is at the gates and I think the IDF has a nasty surprise for these Hamassholes. No mercy, eradicate every filthy one of them. Go take a peek at the Religion of Piss at it’s finest.

Pro-Hamas Demonstration in Ft. Lauderdale.

Please drop a comment while your there, that insider really pushed the evenlope and besides he need to pay for a full decon regimen after being close to that crowd.

We are all Jews, those of us that truly understand the malevolent, uncompromising goal of these murderers. America will stand or fall if it turns it’s back on one of our few remaining steadfast allies,that recognizes the malignancy of radical Islam. Europe and the UK in particular is toast, consigned to bending over and grabbing their ankles for the Saracen hordes . It’s a simple equation, eradicate Hamas and it’s allies or the extinction of Israel. There is no “peaceful” solution. Every time some blather-skate from Foggy Bottom opens his or her piehole, it involves even more concessions from Israel. You have to understand the mindset of terrorists. They kill us they get their 72 ham-sandwiches in paradise. If we kill them and innocents, by their tactic of co-locating military operations and weapons caches in civilian centers, as collateral damage, they achieve martydom as well, with the “global community” cheering them on at the outrage of Israel defending herself. Their final goal to bring about the tyrannic, savage boot of Islam to the throat of the west.

Deus Vult and Carry-On


  1. 1
    Princess Natasha says:

    In case some HAM-ASSnik is reading this…. Why do you have HAM and ASS in the name of your gang? Never mind, I think I know. Ham-ass is a pathetic organization of sexually starved morons who could not get any even if they tried. So, you idiots make up this story that if you kill a bunch of people, you’re finally going to get laid. Guess what? It’s not gonna happen.

    So, you bunch of pathetic goat-molesters: piss off and quit while you are behind. You are weak, you are stupid, and your so-called god hates you. If he didn’t hate you, why would he do this to you, you pathetic chunks of pig semen? Israel will kick your simian asses. You’ve got nothing. You ARE nothing. Your terrorism is but a pathetic little murderous tantrum. So fuck you, fuck Allah, fuck MO-ho-ho and fuck yo’ Mama. You won’t get any virgins after you die, just like right now you can’t even get laid in a European whorehouse with with a fistful of aid dollars. So, suck it, you bunch of cowardly little HAM-ASS bitches. You have been PWN3d!!!

  2. 2
    GhostShip says:

    The sad thing about this conflict is that we’ve seen it all before. The Muslims fire rockets at Israel, Israel finally fires back, world reacts with horror at Israel defending itself and demands a ceasefire, Israel signs a ceasefire and before the ink is dry it all repeats.

    Your absolutely right that there is no peaceful solution. However, I don’t think that most people realize that the with the Wests current obsession with limited warfare there isn’t currently a military option either.

    The Western World is consumed by the immoral idea that armies should only fight armies, the international community should enforce rules of war, and civilians should be left alone. This reduces the concept of war to that of a game with players, referees, and spectators. That I find highly offensive and immoral. War is supposed to be hell to make us not want to fight one unless given no choice.

    Worst of all, it won’t work. If by some miracle the West was able to take out all the people in these terrorist groups, from leaders to foot soldiers, then the next day they would all be replaced with new ones from that same civilian population.

    The best analogy I can think of to compare these Islamic terrorists would be to compare them with pests. They don’t have the military might to take over or even militarily seriously damage any nation in the West. But can be a serious annoyance and danger to its citizens. However, just like with any pest, killing only the ones you see is an excise in futility. In order to eradicate the problem you must target the nest. Otherwise, they will just keep on coming.

    War is a horrible thing and those that fight in it must do horrific things to win. The enemy is willing to sacrifice their lives to subjugate us. We must be willing to damn our souls to give our children a future.

    Sorry for the rant but I just got so steamed watching the same events in Israel play out on TV that I’ve seen happen a thousand times before.

  3. 3
    YGBSM says:

    1) Put their men to the sword

    2) Enslave their women

    3) Stampede their livestock

    4) Salt the earth

    5) Leave

    Note: Steps 2 and 3 are interchangeable depending on who’s better looking.

  4. 4
    americanexpat says:

    If our government had any nads, there’d be u/c immigration agents in that ugly Ft. Lauderdale crowd, taking some good candid photos, to be compared later to those on visa/citizenship applications. Any alien found to be participating should be on the next flight out. Naturalized citizens should lose their citizenship, then be shipped out. That should thin the herd some. It would also give the IDF more targets.

  5. 5
    LC Draco says:

    Israel should release the hounds!! :em04: Hell the Israeli WOMEN can kick the shit out of Hamas. There should be an office pool on who gets more kills!! :em96:

  6. 6

    As was told to me many years ago by a biblical scholar: EVERY country which has turned its back on Israel has fallen eventually.

  7. 7

    Please Nat…such restraint. Tell us how you really feel. :em93:

  8. 8
    Fmwoods01 says:

    My point in an earlier post was where is the mediots’ coverage of this insanity.

    We need intel that is intentionally kept from us by the traitorous mediots. Location, concentrations, resources, etc. This is the enemy among us, baring their asses and faces. Getting bolder and more confident by the day. The election results will have far more serious results than first anticipated by the infestation of stoopid (hope/change voters).

    Is this the face of 2009? When the media is more interested in covering Michelle’s inaugural gown and begging for bail-out assistance, we can’t expect them to report on trivial shit like the enemy within the gates. Fox News did a little blurb Thursday, Hot Air yesterday. Perhaps the Mainstream Mediots are afraid of the reaction from the hicks and farmboys in fly-over country. They may stop pounding their puds long enough to pound some sand up these goat molesters’ asses. That’s it, they are concerned for the safety of their brothers in arms more than presenting the facts as they are and letting the citizens in on what is surely festering into something that will be newsworthy.


  9. 9
    LC Aggie Sith says:

    As I posted at Bob’s site, I did notice a few things:

    Obama cap…

    Che Guevara signage….

    Calling for the return of ovens….

    Women protesting… and they do not see the irony in this.

    The remarkable restraint shown by the Pro-Israel demonstrators….

    The professionalism of the police…

    They rely on us to turn the other cheek, and speaking for myself, I’ll be damned if I do!! :em96:

  10. 10

    “Nuke Israel”, “go back to the ovens!”…

    Such charming animals, those smelly little sand lice, aren’t they?

    I couldn’t help but chuckle at the obligatory prayer scene, though. It looks like their chief asshole for allah is worshiping a utility post. Maybe a dog left something next to it that reminded the mad mullah of home? :em01:

    Not that it’s any less hysterically funny than worshiping a black stone with a vagina, but still…

    Oh, by the way: Where’s the ACLU on this blatant public display of religion?

    [chirp, chirp, chirp]

    That’s what I thought…

  11. 11
    LC Aggie Sith says:

    Emperor Misha I @:

    Oh, by the way: Where’s the ACLU on this blatant public display of religion?

    Oh, I’m sure they are defending us from a pack of Cub Scouts threatening the country with their whitling chips somewhere, my liege.

  12. 12
    Cheryl says:

    As was told to me many years ago by a biblical scholar: EVERY country which has turned its back on Israel has fallen eventually.

    And it looks as though the once great USA is headed that way, Skyechild. My gracious, how the anti-Semites are all crawling out from under their fungus-encrusted lairs and having dribbling orgasms thinking about a Juden frei world. Don’t the sympathetic “We are all Palestinians” Jews understand that this scum wants them dead?

    I just hope Israel does not succumb to the anti-Jew hate fest and keeps pounding away at these maggots until there’s nothing left of them. :em96:

  13. 13
    Elchonon says:

    I emailed crunchy after.. I didnt hear about it in advance.. tpo be honest i’d have broken skull’s..

    Why are the cops outnumberd ? why are the pisslamics allowed to cross the street ? why are the cops not arresting them ??? :em96: theres a protest 11am tomorrow at holecaust memorial in miami beach should get interesting.

  14. 14
    MarineVet1995 says:

    Princess Natasha @:
    I am in awe. Nothing I was gonna say about this comes close. Are you married?

  15. 15
    Princess Natasha says:

    Oh damn I really, really hate these motherfuckers. And as to “Go back to the ovens”?

    I’ll rip that shit-rag right off your head and choke you with it.

    Bunch of shit-scratching subhuman parasites.

  16. 16
    Queen1 says:

    GhostShip @:

    The West in general, and the U.S. in particular, has castrated itself in warfare, thinking that we are still fighting like we did in the two Great wars. We need a frank and graphic national conversation about how to fight a war against an enemy that is evil incarnate. I think we need to jettison our namby-pamby rules and go balls to the wall:

    I have no problem with assassinating the Iranian President and all the wackjob mullahs around the world. I think we ought to task our Special Ops guys with just that job, maybe do a double-team with Mossad. I think we would open up a whole new level of understanding with our jihad-jolly friends if they began to fear deeply for their personal safety. And I think we ought to have a certain tolerance for collateral damage along the way, because they would hide themselves among their most vulnerable and innocent. This is a war to the death, and you don’t win such a war playing by the Marquess of Queensberry rules. (IOW, don’t take a knife to a nuclear bomb fight.)

    I think that should be our battle plan, and I have no fear of us “losing our humanity” in the process. I don’t have a rosy view of human nature, and I don’t think we should avoid looking into the abyss in some sort of misguided notion that our superior attitude will protect us from immolation or failing that, somehow turn our sportsmanlike-deaths into something noble. I don’t think we should endeavor to go down in history as “the dead nice guys.” I’d rather sin and struggle for redemption than die a virgin.

    I don’t think America should have a “win at all costs” attitude about many things. Most things aren’t worth paying the price you pay for that mentality. In fact, I think about the only thing worth that price is what I think we face in the years to come: a struggle for the survival of Western civilization. And I favor taking the risk because I think our character is strong enough to descend into Hell and come out of it again.

    Those three paragraphs are excerpted from WhenWeAreQueen. I would expand it: we should quietly eliminate the financiers of the terrorists, the bankers, the imams in mosques in the west who foment terror (Little Fallujah anyone?). We should find the training camps in Somalia and bomb them to dust. One by one, the jihadis need to start falling. Only then will they begn to take us seriously and realize that they cannot win.


  17. 17
    LC HJ Caveman82952 says:

    I agree with Skye……. Any country turning it’s back on Israel tends to encounter certain difficulties down the road. As to the left Christian haters. Indeed, they want Jews gone, providing a straight shot using Islam to slowly dilute Christianity into nothing, via their alleged tolerance. For even more than wanting Jews gone, they want Christianity gone as well. I could only wish we behave and say things the left has, Jews in the ovens….., etc. It demonstrates their mind-set quite nicely, the double standard glaring. It also makes it far easier for us fly-over types to sight in and drop hammers on these cretins when the time comes. I’m already there, and then some. I won’t argue with them….. it’s pointless. I do believe in time it will………for said creeps enjoy violence, unless it is directed at them. They won’t enjoy this……..

  18. 18
    Cheryl says:


    I’ll rip that shit-rag right off your head and choke you with it.

    Damn, Princess Natasha, but I had that very same thought after reading about the :em72: pisslam :em72: parade in Ft. Lauderdale. I wanted to grab one of those jidahi cunts by her louse-ridden hair, rip off that rag on her head, and stuff it in her mouth. I nearly lost it after reading about a similar :em72: pisslam :em72: demo in Toronto. Does anyone in these cities have any balls? How ’bout a counter-demo with some baseball bats – the metal kind. :em96:

  19. 19
    Princess Natasha says:

    Actually, it may be a good thing that while jihadi amoebae throw their pissant little tantrums in assorted US towns, the other side exercises restraint. I am waiting for the ragheaded freaks to start some shit. Alas, this is not Fwance… These psychopaths will be taken care of once they start down the road of vandalism, violence and murder around here. Right now, they just get up on their hind legs and screech something they believe sounds like human language. Let the swine abortions screech. Shows how small, filthy, subhuman and impotent they are. I laugh at them, because they are ALL fucking cowards.

  20. 20
    L.C. Mope, Imperial Offsetter says:

    Here is a telegram sent by Secretary of State James Byrnes to General Douglas MacArthur in 1945 I fixed it to justify making “The Juice Parking Lot™” One Nuclear explosion in Gaza could save the planet from Globull Cooling.

    Shintoism Islam, insofar as it is a religion of individual Japanese Moslem, is not to be interfered with. Shintoism Islam, however, insofar as it is directed by the Japanese any Moslem government, and as a measure enforced from above by the government, is to be done away with. People would not be taxed to support National Shinto Islam and there will be no place for Shintoism Islam in the schools. Shintoism Islam as a state religion—National Shinto Islam, that is—will go . . . Our policy on this goes beyond Shinto Islam . . . The dissemination of Japanese militaristic and ultra-nationalistic ideology in any form will be completely suppressed. And the Japanese any Moslem Government will be required to cease financial and other support of Shinto Islamic establishments.

  21. 21
    BigDogg says:

    Finally took the time to watch the clip …

    Why am I reminded of monkeys at the zoo, flinging poo?

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