Thank You

And this one. A bit late, perhaps, but never too late:



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    LC LucysDaddy says:

    Thank you, Emperor. Thank you for doing all that YOU do as well. Never mind that it is late, Sire. Just knowing that you are still able to get vertical and give yourself nourishment is enough for me. As a lowly servant in this empire, I am just happy that I found you all. Except for the Army, I have never found a group of such Patriots and Friends. I am humbled to call myself an LC.

    To all of you in the Rottie Empire, I offer a heartfelt wish for a happy and prosperous New Year.

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    Fantastic! Happy New Year, everyone!

  3. 3

    It is very hard to see the keyboard right now. Thank you.

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    LC HJ Caveman82952 says:

    With speelbound reverence,..watching silently…listening. And to remember…remember those now serving, those having served and those to come…….
    They gave me the country that fought back my wifes cancer……
    They gave me the opportunities I have…
    And most of all, they gave me the freedom to fight oppression in all its forms, both foreign and domestic….
    For I took an oath once…
    And oaths are forever…
    Thank You my brothers and sisters here at the Rott,
    for you gave me hope…..and a home.
    For I now know beyond any doubt…
    That I am not alone.

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    LC Mike in Chi says:

    G_d bless you, Emp, G_d bless your family, all the LCs, and G_d bless our troops.
    We shouldn’t live to work, we should work to live.
    America’s military has the most important job of all.
    Honor them by keeping this country their safe haven when their tasks are finished.
    Thank them any way you can.

    Dum spiramus tuebimur
    Deus vult!


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    Cannon Fodder says:

    That is an incredible poem. Made me tear up whil reading it. Thanks for that post Misha.

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