Friendly Skies

…and, once again, sorry for having been away from the window for so long. I’m still alive, though. In between working my fingers to a nub to pay the bills that keep growing faster than any amount of cash infusions seem to be able to keep up with.

Just about ready to shut everything down, find a nice cave to live in and declare myself a hermit. Bill collectors oughtn’t be able to find me there.

But enough blah.

It’s been an interesting Christmas, hasn’t it? First we get the “gift” of the Senate passing a bill wasting another $2.5 trillion (low ball estimate, and why don’t we take it with zeroes on?: $2,500,000,000,000) and forcing every living soul in this country to subscribe to death panel supervised “care” or else go to jail. A tax on being alive. How sweet. All passed courtesy of Ben Nelson (D-Whorehouse) who suddenly decided that his “deeply held principled opposition to funding abortions” were less deeply held than his belief in taking a fat bribe while letting his constituents take it up the poop chute.

That parasite gives two bit harbor whores a bad name. At least they perform a service in return for their money.

And then the sheer awesomeness of the Age of Obongo where passengers, once again, are forced to save their own lives because Janet Napolitano and the Dept. of Homeland Insecurity can’t be arsed to put terrorists with known ties to other terrorists on a “no fly list.” She and the Southern Poverty Law Center are too busy classifying everybody who has ever disagreed with socialism and/or taken the Oath of Allegiance and meant it a “terrorist.” Oh, sorry. They’re not “terrorists.” They’re “causers of man-made disasters.” Unless they’re not mooselimbs.

Ogabe, the Savior of Mankind, couldn’t be arsed for comment since he was tied up playing golf in Hawaii. At least he wasn’t reading “my pet goat”, because that would have been just plain… Irresponsible. Not to mention lewd. We all know how his kind reacts to nubile goats, don’t we?

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Unless you happen to be an unsuspecting goat with an inviting rear end, that is.

What else? Oh yes, the unveiling of the Ogabes’ Christmas (or should that be “Holiday”) Tree at the White House, complete with Chairman Mao ornaments. We must celebrate commie mass murderers. Oh, and one with a transvestite and another with Ogabe’s simian mug superimposed over Mt. Rushmore.

We don’t know if it qualifies him, but his ego surely is bigger than Mt. Rushmore.

Would that his intellect or qualifications were bigger than a paramecium.

It amazes His Imperial Majesty. We always used to think that Caligula’s making his horse Senator and getting away with it was the most perfect example of just how idiotically complacent so-called free people are, but then the people of this once free and proud nation decided to outdo him by naming the horse’s arse President.

But hey, we’ll have a tea party, write a bunch of petitions and then we’ll just go back to taking it up the Khyber Pass.

After all, what can we possibly do more than that?

Our forefathers at Lexington and Concord might have a few suggestions, but who gives a fuck about them anymore?

Sorry. I’m tired, poor and increasingly resigned to the victorious march of idiocy. Idiots outnumber us, and as long as we let their say have the same weight as ours, we’re fighting a losing battle.

There’s strength in numbers.

There is also mindnumbing stupidity in it.

But our kids and grandkids will surely forgive us, right? After all, we only did what was right and proper.





  1. 1
    LC LOBO says:

    I wonder how this one is going to play out in my Homeland Security class. :em41:

  2. 2
    LC Don_M says:

    Fascinating, isn’t it:

    • How The Great and Powerful Oz shouldn’t be expected to interrupt his “holiday,” while his predecessor is STILL getting pilloried for doing the same thing in the days following Hurricane Katrina?

    • How Senator McCain got depicted as a dithering old fool for trying to do something, ANYTHING during the financial crisis in September 2008, while The American Jesus, He Who Will Lead Them to the Promised Land… did nothing?

    He’s still mailing it in after a full year in office. Simply amazing.

  3. 3
    AyUaxe says:

    Lobo, surely you’re not bringing posts from the Rott to DHS courses?! While I’d like to see the looks on the MF’s faces, that’s kinda like waiving your back-alley crap game winnings at an IRS agent. Not recommended. You’re safer putting a bunch of NRA and States’ Rights-related stickers on your car in Shreveport, La. or Washington, D.C. At least it’s just you that gets stopped in that instance. Or do you already know that DHS is watching this site? Somehow that wouldn’t surprise me, since they’re not watching any-f’n-thing else.

    So U.S. airlines have now had about 1000 times the number of terrorist incidents as Israel’s El Al, the population, country and airline most targeted by pisslamic terrorists in the entire world. And the difference in their generally much less intrusive and less expensive security and our sooper-seekrit, leaked, ultra-hi-tek, Teh Stoopid Authoritay system is what? Objective, fact-based profiling and use of sound psychological questioning and observation techniques in assessing passenger groups. Just like good beat cops, out among the folks, talkin,’ lookin’ for tells, and listenin’ for clues. No mass violations of individual rights, no massive delays–just sound, scientific, effective security work. Hmmm, could there be a teaching moment here? Nah, lil Nappy just wants to read about the goats and dream–and buy more demoncrat votes with those no-competency-required TSA jobs. You know, just like hers. All us law-abiding sheeple, just get in line for the interminable check-points and don’t dare bring a f’n regular compact size deodorant with you if you’re flying (they’re @ 4oz, so violate the 3oz-1-1 rules–no shite, been there, done that). Now what country is this I’m livin’ in?

  4. 4
    Princess Natasha, Resident Token Anarchist says:

    Brother, this is so true and so fucking disgusting… All that time and money my family wasted in order to get out of the USSR and come here… Only to have something much worse than the USSR imposed on us. At least the Russian commies were strong on defense and they were pro-industry…
    This turd-world fuck and the rest of the rotten subhuman swine in DC are all about looting, destruction and submission. You know, some of my friends were all like: “Oh, it’s Christmas season, let’s be nice, let’s pray for them…” Sure. I pray that every fucking power-hungry bureaucrat dies a horrible painful death–preferrably in the hands of their beloved mohammedans, but I am not really picky. I hope their families suffer poverty, desolation and disease. I hope every one of these totalitarian collectivists viewing themselves as “elite” suffers the full consequences of his twisted fucked-up world view on his own hide in full fucking measure. I have nothing nice to say to or about these creatures. They declared war on all of us. They are the enemy. :em96:

  5. 5
    Cheryl says:

    First, Happy New Year, Emperor. I think your absence can be forgiven what with all that you have to do. You have had a lot of excellent help recently.

    I only hope our great Republic and our freedoms can be salvaged. It doesn’t look good right now.

    Yes, Obumble finally offered his, uh, take on the terrorist problem that just won’t go away, durn it. :em98: I could not listen to his inane babblings in entirety, but noted he did manage once again to not mention “terrorism” or “pisslam” or “moo-slime” even once.

    I refuse to fly anymore. But others who do may rest assured that are in capable hands. For the last hour of an international flight they must sit with their hands on their knees. No washroom break, no standing, no reading, no laptops, no food, no drink, no nuthin’. Doesn’t everyone feel safer already? Already this POS jihadi is lawyered up. You just know the dickering is going to go on forever. The cockroach should be taken out and the back of his head blown off. I can’t stand this shite anymore.

    May G-d help America!

  6. 6
    LC LOBO says:

    AyUaxe, I’m not gonna do that. I’m just wondering what will pop-up on our discussion board. I noticed on the board at school that no one (other than me) will put the blame on pisslam.

  7. 7

    so let’s see here…..

    we have a rich, spoiled hirabi (doesn’t fit the profile) who….while in his seat…..ignites his testicles along with the bomb he was carrying in his underwear.

    meanwhile, a passenger four rows leaves his seat, back jumps over those rows…extinguishes the fire with his hands and subdues the terrorist.

    So the all powerful Oz janet napolitano enacts rules forbidding passengers from LEAVING their seats one hour prior to landing…..

    she is responsible for making our country safer……gonna lose any sleep over that tonight? ( I need more ammo)

  8. 8
    The Lone Haranguer says:

    Discussion here about where our would-be splodeydope hid his bomb. :em02:

  9. 9
    Red Ruffansore says:

    I do not resign, I do not surrender and I am to old to bow or bow down. I will fight and continue to fight. I am from (forgive me) from Nebraska and mark my words we will overthrow, unseat, recall, reject or send to the land of unwanted toys the oldest prostitute to work the halls of politics in Nebraska. Benjie Nelson will not see the end of his term, he will go off to ply his trade elsewhere but he won’t do it here. Somewhere in the Obama administration there is a spot for a 70 year old man in fishnet stockings who can still get the ankles behind the ears but not here in Nebraska.

    I declare this state a no RINO zone also. God help the pansy republicans who try to ply the middle of the road here, they’ll wind up looking like the skunks in the road, a bumpy white stripe in the middle of the road with that awful stench.

  10. 10
    LC HJ Caveman82952 says:

    I don’t plan on giving up. A brutal epiphany may be in order for much of our populace. Long overdue. I am simply expecting it…..another attack. Simply put, we may have to annihilate millions to simply exist, leaving their survivors to root out and destroy those seeking to export terrorism. Or we will bring it home to them. A damn sad state of affairs…but it may prove to be our only recourse. Of course the suicidal, hateful left will view this as an opportunity to destroy America. But they are vastly outnumbered and remain little but targets of opportunity in my book. When it is your kids, your mate in the line of fire some hard choices will have to be made……or the results lived with if they are not. The calm before the storm……

  11. 11

    I don’t know about y’all, but any time I take any type of classes dealing with homeland security or intelligence failures, we tend to make fun of Napolitano and crew. In every class I’ve taken this year, the instructors in particular, were brutal toward the politically correct bullshit that has permeated our efforts to protect this nation. I hope you guys know and understand that the majority of us who work in that capacity don’t subscribe to the politicians and their appointees’ views of how we should go about fighting the War on Terror. And yes, we still call it that (in private, of course – *sigh*). Napolitano, the shitslurper in chief and his crew are doing little more than hindering our mission.

    It’s frustrating.


  12. 12
    Radical Redneck says:

    Kayinsane in (not so) rare form screaming who is the REAL CULPRIT behind a brown man getting roughed up on a plane! :em95: :em41:

    I am sitting here laughing at the fact that “big bad al-Qaida” in Yemen is admitting that they were behind the Detroit “terrorist attack” done by the Nigerian

    Yes, that’s right….these are the same people whom George Bush said came out of their caves after planning 9/11/01 and were able to thwart America’s defense systems on that day because they are extremely powerful, but yet, all we’re getting from them today is a half-assed proclaimed “jihad terrorist” who ends up catching himself on fire while in flight and then ends up in a neck hold and being restrained until the plane lands by a pasty white American?

    al-Qaida is just a CIA based death squad created under the Reagan Years. Dick Cheney is their Master today…not Osama bin Laden (he’s been dead for years anyway!)!!

    Dick Cheney and his CIA are up to no good racism again! (They’re still trying to dupe us into believing al-Qaida is not on their payroll!) He and his cohorts love the idea of nuclear bombs being dropped all over America, so I thought it was interesting that al-Qaida said today on one of their websites THAT A BIG HUGE ATTACK IS COMING TO AMERICA HERE SOON. Ole Dickey is once again conspiring his own New Year’s Day present to Americans!!! Spit!

  13. 13

    Radical Redneck – that’s a joke, right? Tell me it’s satire of some type! Seriously!

    Speaking of the Crotchbomber… I took a poll this morning of my male friends (mostly because it’s the holidays and I’m bored and I saw a photo of the Crotchbomber’s panties on the news this morning), and 100 percent of them said that there’s nothing in the world that would make them set their own junk on fire. NOTHING.

    I would agree. Really. How fucking twisted do you have to be?

    This Nigerian assflake was actually fanatical enough to concede to blowing up his own nuts in an effort to kill a few Americans on a plane! He either values his manhood very little (quite obvious by the fact that the cowardly sow humper committed himself to killing innocent civilians, including children), or he’d overslept on his way to the airport and his suppliers all ran out of suicide belts leaving him with the choice of exploding panties, or a dynamite dildo. Maybe he thinks his junk will be restored in heaven just in time to hump his 72 virgins. I don’t know. All I know is that if I were a man, there is nothing in this world I’d hate strongly enough to blow up my own crotch!

    By the way, I really don’t want to think about what that stain on the panties could possibly be. Even I have my standards… low as they may be.

  14. 14
    Grammar Czar says:

    pasty white American

    Her reading comprehension’s not too good, is it?

  15. 15

    And what would this country be without some media outlet making a victim out of the Crotchbomber by claiming he was sad, depressed and lonely.

    I don’t know about youse guys, but whenever I’m feeling blue, I just don an explosive maxi pad. Feeling that first burn sure takes all those sad thoughts away!



  16. 16
    Radical Redneck says:

    Radical Redneck – that’s a joke, right? Tell me it’s satire of some type! Seriously!

    Nikki, there has always been a lot of speculation about that. The consensus is even if it started as a satire, the daily stooooooooooooooopid is so strong, with such a fierce vortex, that it has devolved into what you see regardless of its origin. IOW: it really is that stooooooooooooooooooopid! 😯

    The stooooooooooooooopid is nothing if not consistent. This learned, astute and sublime gem is in the very next thread…

    I don’t for a minute believe the unemployment numbers under George Bush. They were all made up! Now that we have an honest president in the White House we see that the numbers are high….because they are the real numbers! George didn’t want Americans to know how many Americans had lost their jobs, had foreclosed on their homes, were filing bankruptcies and so on and so forth. Every single number was a lie! His underlings protected him and his record throughout his presidency! Spit!


  17. 17
    AyUaxe says:

    No worries, Lobo! I never doubted your discretion–it was just a good jumpin’ off point for my lil rant.

    It would be interesting to hear from ones, such as yourself and Nicki, what DHS is really saying and doing about this “revelation” that despite all their efforts, security is still swiss cheese, with State Dept. punching extra holes all the time.

    Is there any hope whatsoever for a house cleaning in both of those agencies and promotions for guys and gals who have actually done work and demonstrated competency on the front lines? Aw shite! What am I thinking? This is a demoncrat administration. I’ll re-ask the question in about 3 years.

  18. 18

    Radical Redneck – nooooo way!!!! No way that’s real!!! That’s got to be some of the best farkin’ satire on the planet! :em01: I just can’t believe that kind of stooooooooooooooooooooooooooopid is possible!

    AyUaxe – you’d be surprised how many incredibly competent, intelligent and committed people I work with. I’d say 99 percent of my coworkers can be described as that (I don’t work for DHS, but I work for the FedGov). Unfortunately it’s not me and my coworkers who make the policy – it’s the politicians. When they go away, so will the stoooooooopid… unless of course another stooooooooooopid is elected in its place.

  19. 19

    RR … I tried posting this and of course it vanished in 5 seconds over at Kayinsane’s .. I cant imagine why ..

    Um .. wow .. a ‘9 11 Truther’

    Sorry but it’s taking me a minute to actually type my reply and not laugh myself silly in the process ..

    wait a second ..

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! :snort: :laugh:

    :taking deep breath:

    OK I am better now ..

    Um, Kay, let me clue you in on what a conspiracy involves, and I say this actually HAVING an investigative background and actually having interrogated people in the past.

    It involves .. people. With a conspiracy the size you speak of, do you have the smallest clue as to the number of people who’d be involved? How does thousands of people if not tens of thousands sound?

    And yet .. you still can’t find one person who can show an irrefutable linkage – actual provable DIRECT evidence which would stand up in a Court of Law (which is what Ogabe wants to do with KSM) that would show what you claim.

    Oh, granted, you can do a thousand what ifs. You can point back to how we used the Afghani resistance to boot the Soviets out of Afghanistan in the 80s and then it came back to bite us .. but you might want to avoid taking THAT tack. Nobody can look into the future, and if you want to take that tack I can also point out the historical fact that Clinton could have had OBL handed to him in the 90s. He declined.

    How different would the world be if Clinton had some balls and had taken OBL when given the chance?

    There’s an old saying .. and you might want to remember this. It’s better to keep your mouth shut and be thought of as a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.

    And yes, I did a screenshot of this. I fully expect your blood pressure to spike and the delete key will get pounded.


  20. 20
    LC Subotai Bahadur, Lord Pao An says:

    #15 LC Nicki the Resident Misanthropic Bitch says:

    I don’t know about youse guys, but whenever I’m feeling blue, I just don an explosive maxi pad. Feeling that first burn sure takes all those sad thoughts away!

    Nicki, while you were joking, y’all may have hit on something there. To us, who are relatively sane [and note I said relatively] Americans who were raised in a Judeo-Christian based society with mores far different from that of the Ummah; it is a joke. But it may not be to them. There have been female Muslim suicide bombers. Some have been coerced, blackmailed, etc., but some have the same Shaheed motiviations as males. Remember the thwarted attempt to take out a bunch of airliners over the North Atlantic in 2006? That was the one with liquid explosives that caused the bans of carrying liquids on airliners. There were mothers who brought their babies on board, concealing the explosives in their baby formula. Note that these were Brit nationals, many of whom were raised there.

    From reports I have seen, and the pictures of Abdul ben Charredballs’ explosive underwear; he used 600 g. of PETN in what was about a 6″ long condom-like container. That was 200 g more than used by Richard Reid in his shoe-bomber attempt. You could get 600 g. or more in a maxi-pad.

    They would have no scruples in doing it. Remember, these are the bastards who practice genital mutilation on their own female children. They have female volunteers. The video from Afghanistan with Charredballs’ smiling face claiming credit for Al Quada specifically said that they had figured out how to penetrate the airline security systems [and they proved it].

    How often do TSA drones [Actually, I feel sorry for the poor buggers as they are just free fire zones if they should accidentally catch something during the screening.] check women in Muslim dress other than the most cursory wave through? Or even what may be a Middle Eastern woman in Western dress? What are the odds that a supervisor would authorize a check of a belt and pad? Not … gonna … happen.

    If they come up with reliable detonators, anyone want to give odds that they won’t do this? Or if anyone brings this possibility up to the DHS chain of command that they will not be “sent to Coventry”, or worse.

    I used to jump out of airplanes for fun. I am not scared of flying as such, or leaving an airplane in flight with the proper equipment [mind you, I am considerably older and a lot more beat up, and a PLF with a modified military T-6 may in itself cause more damage than it used to] does not bother me. Two of my kids have skydived. But me and mine are going to stay on the ground for a while unless on a private aircraft.

    LC Subotai Bahadur, Lord Pao An

  21. 21

    I went one better … she has a rant about how we need to stop attacking countries on behalf of Israel .. I said ‘Wow your antisemitism is really strong today .. I wonder how it’d sound in the original German?’

    Think that will make her pop an O ring?


  22. 22
    LC Subotai Bahadur, Lord Pao An says:

    CORRECTION to # 20 above.

    When I was chasing down the amounts of PETN used, the first figures I found don’t match others I have since encountered. The consensus figure seems to be that Abdul ben Charredballs used around 60 g. not 800 g. of PETN, with Richard Reid using about 20 g. less. That makes the problem easier for the enemy, dammit.

    LC Subotai Bahadur, Lord Pao An

  23. 23
    LC hilljohnny says:

    the amount of PETN was more than enough to blow out the side of the aircraft and if it had been properly utilized in mid flight would most likely brought it down. for obvious reasons i will not explain what should have been done to make a workable bomb. they will keep trying until they get it right because only a strip search and body cavity exploration stands a chance of finding this type of bomb and i don’t see that happening.

  24. 24

    @LC Subotai Bahadur, Lord Pao An

    Oh, no one ever accused them of being sane! These are societies that turn objective standards of right and wrong on their ear! These standards aren’t based on Judeo Christian or any other type of religious mores. They are objective standards. Life is life and it is the basis of who we are. To take it by murder is bad – regardless of faith. These bastards turn the very basis of being human inside out. That’s why we had such a hard time predicting an attack of this kind. We can’t put ourselves into the shoes of savages who destroy objective standards of good and bad.

    Think about it! This scrote was so fanatical, he was actually willing to blow up his junk for the glory of allah! We – as civilized people – can’t ever understand how you can hate infidels more than you love your penis!

  25. 25
    Radical Redneck says:

    IC, cliffi mailed it in with a few half-assed racist fisks, but KKKay finished it off with the uber-stooooooooooopid grand finale™!

    kayinmaine December 29th, 2009 @ 7:31 pm Dick Cheney and his cohorts at the Project for the New American Century was all that was needed for them to complete 9/11/01. The End. Spit!

    It’s a good thing the fringe left isn’t closed minded! That would make them like reich wingers! :em93:

  26. 26
    LC LOBO says:

    The Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004
    The act calls for various improvements to secure U.S. borders against terrorists; requires a DHS strategy for closer integration of travel intelligence operations and law enforcement to intercept terrorists and restrict their mobility;and requires the integration of all data on aliens and relevant law enforcement and intelligence data to govern visa issuance, admissions, and deportations. EM MINE.
    So full well knowing that the nut job was on a watch list, and had been turned in by his father… Yeah the system worked.

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