Our Own Watchers in the Night

Overlooked by the elites who disdain fly-over country; coffee shops and the discussions therein can be the source of important ideas. Some few days ago, there was such a caffeine-fueled discussion in our small mountain town. We were discussing the inevitable collapse of the dollar due to the way that the regime is creating trillions of them out of thin air and pouring them into the economy. The recent rise in the stock market is related more to inflation, literally the value of the dollar is falling, than any productive economic activity. Watching the value of the dollar in comparison to other currencies as it plummets tells us this.

Stocks are products, and the market is worldwide. A burgher in Dusseldorf can call his broker and buy 100 shares of Amalgamated Unicorn & Skittles [NYSE symbol – BHO] using his Deutschmarks or Euros, which will be translated into a larger amount of dollars than before, chasing that same 100 shares. More dollars chasing the same amount of goods equals price inflation. Thus the market goes up on paper without any increase in real value.

There is a certain percentage of the rise in stocks based on people trying to get out of the falling dollar and into something that they hope is tangible, and still liquid. But it does not change the basic template. As soon as any of the several almost guaranteed events that are lining up comes to pass, the economy is toast.

If a war breaks out pretty much anywhere, the price of oil goes up worldwide, and the economy is toast. If this Christmas season goes Tango Uniform the resulting bankruptcies will drive unemployment up even farther and push the economy over the cliff. [For the record, the biggest store in our small town is Wal-Mart. They staffed up for Black Friday. I was just over there, and the place was very quiet; and talking to the checker, it has been slow since 10:00 AM when she came on. Daughter reported the same thing at Hastings Books and Entertainment.] If any of the countries who buy our bonds and hold our jury-rigged government finances together should even slow their rates of purchases; interest rates will have to go up and everything will go to hell. If any of the versions of Democrat Health Nationalization should pass, businesses will be doing the only remaining rational thing. Those who think they will be able to stay in business will be cutting as many employees as they can. Those who figure they will not be able to take this on top of everything else will be dumping ALL of their employees. And, of course all of this cascades into the next bubble, in commercial real estate. Businesses that no longer exist do not make the monthly payments on their leases.

These are just a few of the nasty things that can happen. There are more, and if any come to pass, with all of the excess dollars backed by the “full faith and credit of Buraq Hussein Obama and the Democratic Party” in circulation; we are due, if not for a reenactment of Weimar or Zimbabwe, at very least Argentina.

And Argentina was the subject under discussion. One of our informal group had been in Argentina when its economy paid the price of Peronist monetary policy + war on producers. There are sequalae to such a collapse. One, which he brought up, was that both established criminal gangs and newly formed ones began to prey on anybody they could, taking everything that they could. The government either could not, or in the cases of those gangs who were allied with the ruling party would not, do anything to protect the public. Armed groups would assault houses, kill the inhabitants or kidnap them, and steal anything that they could. He saw it happen. Life in a hungry country that has lost the rule of law is not an easy or safe thing. Stark realities intrude on the theoretical assumptions that govern modern existence.

The nature of police work is that it is reactive. The police do not protect citizens; they pick up the pieces, do the paperwork, and sometimes catch the bad guys far after the fact, if they are allowed to. And that is in the best of times. There may not be any “best” times.

Argentina is really not big on “rule of law”; but then again we cannot be said to be anymore either. They do not have the traditions of self-organization noted by De Tocqueville, nor do they have the tradition of an armed citizenry. The middle class became little more than defenseless targets.

That left us pondering matters of self-defense. Any one household can be overwhelmed if there are enough, determined armed attackers. The obvious response would be mutual defense. That is a concept that is anathema to the State. Aside from the normal government fear of vigilantism, there is the terror that the current regime has of any self-actualized US citizens. The only groups that can use force with impunity are the SEIU, ACORN, and the like.

There is a precedent. Neighborhood Watch. Neighbors making sure that each other are safe. But usually Neighborhood Watches involve merely taking in the newspapers when someone is on vacation or watering their lawn. This is somewhat more serious.

For those states with a Castle Doctrine, defending your home from an attack by a gang of criminals using deadly force is not a problem. Unless I am mistaken, states with the Castle Doctrine [and some that don’t] also tend to allow the used of force to defend a third party from death or serious injury. Here is perhaps, an opening for a solution other than hoping that the gangs pick another victim.

I assume that pretty much anyone here would have no problem with defending his or her own home and family from a mass assault. But how about if that assault was happening to your next door neighbor? Or the guy at the other end of the block? There is the choice: Sheepdog or Sheep?

One should look ahead to try to anticipate trouble and prepare rather than just hastily react to it. Just a thought for my fellow LC’s. If economically the organic waste should impact the rotating airfoil, and you should hear of attacks beginning, it may be time to talk to some of your neighbors and investigate your local laws. If you have some form of Castle Doctrine in your state, and if your laws allow the use of force to defend a third party, it might be time to start having discreet talks with neighbors who might be of like mind. Not everyone, but those who you think would be receptive to mutual aid and defense. Emergency means of communication would need to be worked out. And the nature of the response planned in different tactical situations.

It could be simple; if one house is attacked, then all of the members of the Watchers in the Night will place their own homes in a state of defense and go to help the one under attack. It could be more complex, depending on the extent of coverage. Do you defend only your own group’s homes? Do you defend everyone in the area you cover [keep in mind that in addition to Sheepdogs and innocent Sheep, there are likely to be TWANLOC intermixed in the neighborhood]? Questions that must be answered.

It goes without saying; that discretion is most necessary. Self-defense, even if it is not yet illegal as it is in Europe, is frowned upon. And the government would love to describe those who subscribe to self-defense as part of what the Department of Homeland Security considers to be proto-terrorists. Mind you, being in the company of Veterans, and those of the TEA Party is not a bad thing. But they will try to tar you with the evil tag of being a “militia”. Defending your home and family is terrorism, I guess, to those who prefer citizens to be helpless subjects. It terrorizes the hell out of them.


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    LC TerribleTroy, Imperial Centurion says:

    Maybe Guido should consider a un-ass the A-O straegy as Plan “A” dependant on which SHTF scenario is encountered?

    I have gamed a number of scenarios

    Shelter in Place
    Flee the Entire Region
    Stay in place and organize the community
    Flee to band locally with another family (combine forces)
    Flee locally to “take” a stronger position (A worst case possibility)

  2. 52
    Sir Guido Cabrone. LC, M.o.P. says:

    LC HJ Caveman82952 sez:

    That’s a bitch not having water closer, Guido. You’re a big guy and all, but having to lug it. I live in town, in the old section, meaning the youngest house here is about sixty years old. Some of these places have wells, but you need power. I don’t. There are several canals around town, but seeing as how the COP fished a body out of one i would be somewhat reluctant to drink it. Hilljohnny made some real good points on water purification. I would probably sieve it through a nylon stocking, paint or coffee filter, boil it and then filter through my bigger filter. Bathing is not so critical in this regard, but you would get a bit gamey after the first month…..got lots to eat here, Bro…..veggies are legal tender in these parts. And if you don’t mind scrapin’ up a coyote off the pavement, you got meat, too. I just missed one last week in Spunky, woke my ass up right double quick. I would simply hope to remain at home, quet and observant, not bothering anybody and not being a target. My house wouldn’t be the best choice, not when somebody could find themselves facing two shotguns, a couple of rifles and such. You just need fingers on those triggers……were I alone I would grab Mossie…….and maybe a pistol, say a .45. You and yours are always welcome……

    Likewise, bro, likewise. Only trouble I see is that if one or the other of us heads for the others place, we’ll need to get 10-10 to haul the hardware around. Well, in that case, probably better for me to go that way. My stuff weights out rather than bulks out… Deuce and half would take care of the problem…

  3. 53
    Sir Guido Cabrone. LC, M.o.P. says:

    LC TerribleTroy, Imperial Centurion sez:

    Maybe Guido should consider a un-ass the A-O straegy as Plan “A” dependant on which SHTF scenario is encountered?
    I have gamed a number of scenarios
    Shelter in Place
    Flee the Entire Region
    Stay in place and organize the community
    Flee to band locally with another family (combine forces)
    Flee locally to “take” a stronger position (A worst case possibility)

    Previous to recent events, my plan was to Shelter In Place, but I am not quite so confident in that plan today. Hopefully, I will be out of this place before anything bad comes down. If not, my current plan is to displace from here with an intention to join forces with some other like minded individuals.

    I am keeping my options open on all of the possibilities. Organizing the locals is not much of an option, unfortunately, since I live in a building full of raving liberals. (On the other hand, the other manager of the range/gun store lives across the street from me…) And this building does have nice heavy balconies overlooking the street.

    Besides, quite a number of the neighbors are among the groups who will be the primary problem in any such situation.

    I just think of it as a target rich environment.

  4. 54
    LC HJ Caveman82952 says:

    I live in a building full of raving liberals.

    You been vaccinated, Bro?
    Man…that sucks! Surrounded by moonbats?
    And like I say, if for whatever reason you are out here, with everything or nothing but your clothes…..getting to my place is only fifteen miles from where we met. I would meet you.

  5. 55
    Sir Guido Cabrone. LC, M.o.P. says:

    LC HJ Caveman82952 sez:

    I live in a building full of raving liberals.

    You been vaccinated, Bro?
    Man…that sucks! Surrounded by moonbats?
    And like I say, if for whatever reason you are out here, with everything or nothing but your clothes…..getting to my place is only fifteen miles from where we met. I would meet you.

    Oh, yeah, I got my shots! Minimum 300 rounds a week!

    Same applies if you and the ladies are this direction, bud. Even if you are just this way taking a trip in Spunky, you need a place to lay back for a while? I’ll find you a spot to crash out. (If you can deal with the obnoxious hairballs crawling all over ya, that is!)

    As I mentioned, we’d like to catch up over a burger at Christmas if it can be managed this time around. Probably on Saturday, I am after thinking…

  6. 56
    LC LOBO says:

    In regards to LC TerribleTroy, Imperial Centurion’s comment @ :
    #2 on the way down south, stop by and pick me up.

  7. 57
    The Lone Haranguer says:

    I’ve had some exposure to the LDS (Mormon) Church. While I never got into the whole Mormon thing, they do something I think is a very good idea: keeping a stash of food, water, medicine and other supplies (more on this later) in their homes sufficient to last a year. It doesn’t have to be a war, terrorist attack or natural disaster. It is a good idea in case of economic upheaval. If, for example, you find yourself out of work for a protracted period and you have to put a loaf of bread in the kiddie seat of the shopping cart and fill the rest of it up with money, a stash of food in your pantry, already paid for, can be mighty comforting. And while not really explicitly stated, they have no problem with using guns to defend your home and food. This does assume you’re able to remain in your home.

  8. 58
    LC Old Dog says:

    I am fortunate in my place of residence. Almost every house here is constructed with Southwestern slump block and small window areas.

    You cannot throw a rock and not hit a retired vet, most who came in during Vietnam and got out after Desert Storm.

    Organized, maybe and maybe not!


    Everybody owns lots of boom sticks!

    :em01: :em04: :em96:

  9. 59

    I’ve had some experience with their local upper management during the construction of the,, well, it’s not a church, but it looks like one. Huge sucker.

    The management was arrogant, obstinate , devious, arrogant,and downright unresponsive to contractual obligations that they’ve decided they just don’t like.

    Freakin’ infuriating. Did I say arrogant?

    But some artists that were there makin’ styrofoam columns look like real granite were cool as could be.

    The stainless clad automatic sliding doors were so heavy, the motors could be heard when they began to move.

    I pulled a full NASCAR on the things, bushings, isolators, packin’,, whatever,, just to quiet their operation, but everybody had something to say about it that told me no deal,, our company engineers only pissed them off.


    So, last draw sign-off day,, after explaining a dozen times to each muckety muck there that no motor is silent,, here comes the Kahuna stalking directly towards me,, fixed bayonet,, here it comes,,

    “Why do those doors STILL HUM?”

    I lost it,, busted up,, kept smiling,,

    “Mebbe they just, don’t, know, tha words,,”

    Discussion over.
    Thass all I wanted.

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