Remember this?

Fallujah Blackwater

How about this?

Fallujah Blackwater 1

Or maybe this?

Fallujah Blackwater 2

That was the scene in Fallujah, March 2004. The charred, butchered pieces of carrion being drug through the street and hung from the bridge were once Americans. They were employees of Blackwater USA, the favorite pariah of the left. They were escorting a food shipment through Fallujah when they were ambushed by jihadi’s. Gunned down and burned to death in their vehicles, their corpses were desecrated and hung as grizzly trophies by the same barbaric savages that the Marines and Army would later exterminate during Al Fajr.

I suppose it would be gratifying to know that a team of Navy SEALS recently captured Ahmed Hashim Abed, the mastermind of the attack and one of the most wanted hirabi in Iraq. Except that he apparently suffered a boo boo at some point. So now three of the operators are facing criminal charges. Yes, three of our most elite warriors, the super ninjas that Biden expects to win the war singlehandedly in Afghanistan, will face courts martial because Ahmed suffered a split lip. I fucking shit you not, a motherfucking SPLIT LIP!

Ahmed Hashim Abed, whom the military code-named “Objective Amber,” told investigators he was punched by his captors — and he had the bloody lip to prove it.

Perhaps he would have preferred to have been burnt and flayed open, his mutilated corpse hung from a stanchion.

Now, instead of being lauded for bringing to justice a high-value target, three of the SEAL commandos, all enlisted, face assault charges and have retained lawyers.

And I’m glad to say they have demanded Courts Martial instead of Captains Mast. I want to see this judged by a jury of the operator’s peers. Then the weenie dicked, pusillanimous, mewling staff pussies who pursued these charges can explain how they think that Ahmed is a fucking victim here because he may have taken a punch, while the most highly trained and dedicated warriors the world has ever known are the bad guys.

Now let me be perfectly clear here. I in no way condone or advocate the deliberate mistreatment or abuse of detainees or EPW’s. Not because they may or may not deserve it. No, quite simply because we don’t do that. We are better than that. Having said that however, let’s be honest about what abuse really is, and what disciplinary actions, if any, are appropriate. If, and that’s a huge if, an operator did slug this guy, so what? In my day that would have been handled with a little one on one time with the company gunny. If they had inflicted serious abuse or torture, real torture, not the watered down politically expedient definition of the Bush years, then we throw the book at the people who do it. They are a disgrace to the uniform and harm the war effort with their actions. But not even in Code Pinks cerebralaly challenged world does a bloody lip rise to the level of deserving an article 15.

So what will this do to the morale of our war fighters? Think about that for just a moment. SEALs who capture one of the most wanted terrorists in Iraq, after a 5 1/2 year manhunt, are facing career ending charges. And for what? Not a God damned thing. While the Marxist Usurper tries to figure out how to vote present on whether to win the campaign in Afghanistan, our warriors fight, bleed and die for an unknown future. With the prospect that their sacrifices will end up being for nothing, they charlie mike anyway. That’s what they do. That’s what they have always done, what they always will. But they will reach a point where they say fuck it. Why should they be the last man to die in a fight that their CiC doesn’t want to win? Why should they risk not only their lives, but their very freedom, to capture a man who can play the AQ playbook to a hilt. Make an allegation of abuse and watch the infidel eat their own. It’s all written in black and white, yet we still fall for their ace in the hole. Thanks to the hirabis’ willing and gleeful accomplices in the media and the fifth column leftists who brayed far and wide about “torture” at Abu Graib, our military is hypersensitive to any hint of misconduct. So much so that a SEAL team who should be up for commendations are instead facing a court martial.

So why bother capturing a potential treasure trove of intelligence when you can just put a bullet in his head. Or why even bother running down that lead when it could lead to actually having to catch the bastard and then dealing with the lawyers.

Just what the fuck is going on?

A jihadi wearing a U.S. uniform guns his down supposed comrades while they do paperwork. Our chain of commands response is to fret over the possible impact on “diversity”. The media moan about how he was “picked on” and suffered a never before know condition of PRE traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD transference. Meanwhile our enemies use it as a recruiting tool.

The Afghanistan Theater is ripe for a population centric COIN operation like the Iraq Surge, and we dither and delay. Iraq is largely won, and yet we continue to be our own worse enemy and the jihadis’ best friend. We CAN lose this war. Eight years of struggle and sacrifice for nothing. And once again, just like Vietnam, we will have done for our enemy what they could not do for themselves.

The major difference is that when we lost the political war in Vietnam, it was a tactical loss in a grand strategic game of chess that we eventually recovered from. If we lose this war there will be no recovery. The Islamic fascists will reap a strategic victory and gain a momentum that can not be stopped. We WILL lose western civilization if we lose this war.

It’s time for a national gut check on the part of our leadership, both military and civilian. Fight the fucking war or pull out and surrender.


  1. 51

    That is what I suggested at mine. Catch them, “question” them, and kill them in an escape attempt.

  2. 52
    astrocanis says:

    LC cmblake6, Imperial Black Ops Technician sez:

    That is what I suggested at mine. Catch them, “question” them, and kill them in an escape attempt.

    Seems to work ok for Il Douche. He “has no problem” with executing KSM after a “fair trial”. Comes down from the top.

    Kind of makes me wonder what happened to the “Honor” part. Although, as the chief Crock in the Swamp, apparently he’s “above” trivial things like Honor, Duty, and the rest.

    All enemies, domestic and abroad takes on a much larger meaning with the unrelenting undermining of the Constitution that goes on under this administration. Never, in the history of the country, have so few harmed so many…

    Wonder what else makes Chrissy tingle…

  3. 53
    bruce says:

    when i was a paratrooper in viet nam we only took dead prisoners because we did not care what they had to say and did not want to wast sleep guarding them.only officers wanted prisoners so fuck them.

  4. 54
    GamerFromJump says:

    How much longer before we have a critical mass of troops decide to fulfill the “enemies domestic” portion of their oaths? Can’t be much longer.

  5. 55
    LC TerribleTroy, Imperial Centurion says:

    So … in the end it comes down to two things…. was the hirabi pucnhed or not? And, if so, why was he punched? I can think of a lot of reasons a prisoner may need to be punched that are resonable actions in a custody environment. Was he punched during the extaction to motivate his ass to move in a expeditious manner after purposely delaying? Was he punched due to his resisting capture? Was he punched for being verbally abusive and provocative?

    As I said.. there is a history here for the SEALS and this bad guy…..if a punch was the only injury this nugget received in his capture…. I think that in and of its self speaks for the professionalism and self control of our SOCOM personnel.

    This is an obvious excersize in ignorance on behalf of some decision makers. It is my prayer that these warriors prevail, have thier records completly expunged, and given a fucking promotion for a job well DONE! :em04:

  6. 56
    LOBO says:

    A “punch in the gut” ?? WTF ?? I’d give the fucker a few belly shot’s…..5.56MM. Who’d be whining then?? I thought that the job of the US Armed Forces was to make the fucker die for his country, not to arrest these jihadi fuckers.?.? Are we now the worlds largest police force ??

  7. 57
    LOBO says:

    I gotta add, the 343, who never came out that day/http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xwb5Ai7LN3c

  8. 58
  9. 59
    LOBO says:

    In regards to LOBO’s comment @ :
    To the 343, who shall forever be a part. Carry on my brothers, I love you.

  10. 60
    LC HJ Caveman82952 says:

    Shit, what a crock! When I was in boot camp, for chrissake, got knocked on my ass by some fuckhead with a pugil stick. Didn’t whine about it, just made damn sure he didn’t do it again.

  11. 61

    In regards to GamerFromJump’s comment @ 60: Indeed.

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