Bowing and Scraping

We wonder if we’re going to have to listen to hordes of blathering liberal buttskates trying to parse this picture into being “not a bow, he was just looking at his shoe, noticing a penny on the ground, bending over for a sneeze, blah, blah, blah” just as they did when Prince Pissypants Obongo was desperately trying to get his lips as close to the crotch of the head of the Sauds as possible.

And don’t give us the “he was only being polite” bullshit either. The leader of the strongest nation in the world, in matter of fact the leader of any self-respecting nation in the world, does not bow to anyone. Bowing indicates subservience, acknowledgment of one’s inferior status and, if you want to go all the way back to the true meaning of it, offers one’s neck to another, saying, with that gesture, that one acknowledges the “superior’s” right to chop one’s head off and that one lives only at the suffering of the one bowed to.

That is not a gesture acceptable for a leader of a nation. Indeed, it is not a gesture acceptable for ANY free man or woman.

Again, I mean no disrespect to Emperor Akihito (unlike that mooselimb savage that Princess Obongo bowed to in Shoddy Rhubarbia), for he has earned none. He is the Emperor of one of our most long-standing and faithful allies and I respect him and the Japanese people for that as well as many other things.

But respect is not the same as subservience. I respect Emperor Akihito and his people as equals, not betters.

As to the obsequious, slimy, spineless sack of shit groveling before him… Well, I guess you all already know where I stand on that subject.

Maybe a bow is the correct gesture in his particular case, as a matter of fact he is of such low stature that he ought to be required to salute a dog turd, but that would be as a private individual, NOT as the alleged president of our nation.

Ill-bred, spineless, boorish knave.



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    Tallulah says:

    This should go here. The Chinese remember the Japanese’s unspeakable crimes against humanity.

    Check this site out. Unlike our local Quislings, at least the Chinese don’t believe in kissing the ass of your enemies.

    If you’re unfamiliar with the historical record, check it out. In several respects, the Japs made Hitler look like an amateur.

    And they really hated blue-eyed redheads. Our POWs reported that the Japs would single out blond and redheaded men for particularly savage beatings and torture, and that having blue eyes was a death sentence from these racist fiends.

    They’re still racist to this day. Ask the Koreans.

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    Tallulah says:

    From the site above:

    Nanking Massacre Record

    Warning: The following document contains detailed descriptions of the Nanjing Massacre in 1937-1938. The brutality shown in the photos is beyond any human imagination.

    In 1960, Department of History of the Nanjing University organized a detailed investigation on the Nanjing Massacre that took place from December 1937 to February 1938. In 1962, they compiled a historical record “the Nanjing Massacre of Imperial Japan”. The following is the translation of a portion in the 1979 edition. For more information about Nanjing Massacre, see docs at:

    I translated this document because little about the Japanese war crimes in China is known to the world due to many reasons. Japanese contsantly deny these crimes and are trying to distort history by claiming that Japan liberated Asian nations. They claim that Pearl Harbor was never a sneak attack. And they also claim Nanjing massacre was a lie that the US used to find excuses for dropping the A-Bombs on them. The war criminals that led the Nanjing Massacre are enshrined by the the Japanese as ‘martyr’s. Almost [none] of the murderers in Nanjing have been brought to justice. #

    A formal, deliberate policy of the Imperial Japanese Army: rape the women of the cities you conquer by the thousands. They did it in Manila, too. The people of the city heard the screams of thousands of women and girls being gang-raped by the Japs in the hotels they took over, for days on end. Absolutely un-fuckingbelievable.

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    Tallulah says:

    One more thing: The Jap concentration camps were horrific. They didn’t even put up barracks like the Nazis did, having nothing but venomous contempt for anyone who would “allow” himself/herself to be captured without suiciding.

    One of the little games they played to torture the prisoners was to shove a garden hose up the victim’s rectum, and turn the water on until they vomited their own shit out of their mouth.

    Their medical experiments on the prisoners made the Nazis look unimaginative.

    During the Bataan death march, they shot anyone who faltered on the road. And shot anyone who tried to help such a person. They were big fans of beheading, too.

    And the Fuckwad in Chief bows to the son of the monster who led that war. Unspeakable.

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    LC SleepTech:Resident Rac(ial)(ist?) Mutt says:

    I just want to clairify something. I do NOT like ‘that’ word. I find it disgusting, loathesome and, most importantly, shocking. There is no other word currently in the English language that still carries that kind of powerfull shock value. That is why I used it. It gets attention like nothing else. If you don’t believe that, then have you ever read so many comments about someone using the word cunt, or fuck? No. Why? Because all the others have been used so frequently that they have lost their reason for being. SHOCK VALUE.

    Do I appologise for using it? No. But, I will respect Misha’s wishes and not use it here anymore. His Place, his rules. I respect that. He was wise, though, to not outright ban it from this site.

    That’s good, because I’ve been noticing a slow shift in the meaning of PC. The nannyists have been driving PC into everyones’ heads for so long, that it is beginning to change from Pollitically Correct to Personal Censorship. If that shift is allowed to complete, they will have won, because they will no longer have to police us. We will do it ourselves like good little sheep. With the arrival of Personal Censorship, the First Ammendment will become meaningless.

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    In regards to LC SleepTech:Resident Rac(ial)(ist?) Mutt’s comment @ :

    I would add to what you already said, LC SleepTech if there was anything to add, but there isn’t. Well said. You covered all aspects of the discussion and did so very well. It’s not often that I have nothing to add, but this is one of those times.

    And you have nothing to apologize for. I knew how you meant it and why you used it.

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    LC SleepTech:Resident Rac(ial)(ist?) Mutt says:

    Thank you Misha, ou trully are a wise man.

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    LC LucysDaddy says:

    As you can see from my picture on my avatar, I am a white male. That being said, I am also a veteran and a patriot. I totally abhor the word “nigger” and all of it’s connotations. I served with too many good black men in the Army, and to use that word is to dishonor and besmirch their service. In my eyes, there is almost no reason to use that word. I understand SleepTech’s point of Personal Censorship. Hang out with me for a day…I curse like a sailor. But I guess I do censor myself about that.

    This is Misha’s playground and he has allowed me my own little corner of the sandbox. Thanks, boss! :em04: I love this site and it is the first one I look at when I log on. But to throw around “nigger” and “coon” and “porch-monkey” all the time makes us all look like the redneck fucks that the asshats say we are.

    I will still personally use the term of endearment for Teh One…Obuckwheat. As far as I am concerned, Chimpy McHitler, Bushitler, and every other vile name that the enemies of America threw out for 8 years has opened the door. Payback is a bitch.

    But I will not ever use the word “nigger” to characterize the President. The office demands better, and I will treat it with the respect it deserves.

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    LC TerribleTroy, Imperial Centurion says:

    As I indicated in my original post, my intent wasnt to institute a BAN on a word. It is a rare case where I beleive in banning anything (be it a word or a person). My intent was to open the discussion, support Baco (cause I agreed with his position) and to help a “community standard” be re-stated. Peer pressure is indeed a bitch.

    Many thanks to the Emporer for creating and maintaining a environment where this kinda of discussion could occur. I am always proud to call myself a “LC”.

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    LC Trooper THX1138, Imperial Gadget Geek says:

    I personally have only used the word once, when greeting a friend, in a context where we both knew it was…a quote from a movie. (Shaun of the Dead) And oh yeah, said friend was part black. He thought it was funny as hell, bent over laughing. Not to mention the juxtaposition of a guy who is pretty darn white saying it.

    That said, it’s not a word I use except when it can be clearly recognized as not offensive. Which is almost as rare as hen’s teeth.

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    harleycowboy says:

    We should all pray for DUUUH WON.
    Please feel free to follow the theme in Psalms 109:8

  12. 112
    LC SleepTech:Resident Rac(ial)(ist?) Mutt says:

    In comment # 110 I explained why I used ‘that’ word.
    It had the effect that I intended it to, explosively it seems.

    That being said, I do not see ANY indignation of ANY OTHER ‘Racial Insult’ that has been said here.

    Is ‘THAT’ word the ONLY one that is verbotten here?
    Is THAT the ONLY race that must NOT be slandered?
    If so, then you are more controlled, and racist, than you think.

    I am of many races. Yet, I do NOT see any condemnation of using any other ‘racial’ slur except toward the Blacks.

    I am Red, Yellow, Black and White, but Black is the only one that remains in your sight, to be besmirched, that is.

    Every time you say ‘Jap’, ‘Spick, ‘Taco’, ‘Injun’, ‘Kraut’, or anythibng but Jew or Arab, you are racially insulting ME.

    Do I care. NO. It is the way it is.

    Why don’t you wake up and see that the nanny statists are controlling you.

  13. 113

    LC SleepTech:Resident Rac(ial)(ist?) Mutt sez:

    I am Red, Yellow, Black and White, but Black is the only one that remains in your sight, to be besmirched, that is.

    Every time you say ‘Jap’, ‘Spick, ‘Taco’, ‘Injun’, ‘Kraut’, or anythibng but Jew or Arab, you are racially insulting ME.

    Do I care. NO. It is the way it is.

    Why don’t you wake up and see that the nanny statists are controlling you.

    well, I don’t use the word nigger, nor do I use the word Jap or spick or kraut or mick or dago or injun or limey or honky or faggot. I don’t use them because it promotes the stereotype of us conservatives as the bigots that the nanny statists that you refer to want us to live up to.

    so YOU wake up man, stop giving our goddamned enemy (the leftist traitors) reason to point and say” OHHHH see???, they really ARE racists and bigots, and we need stronger hate crimes laws to silence themmmmmm……”

    I have also never used the word F*** on this site, I was raised not to talk that way in front of ladies……even though some of the ladies on this site can cuss a blue streak around me :em04:……but that’s just me, I watch my mouth because I believe I can make my point better with a minimum of invective.

    and I don’t give a rats ass about what color anyone is, I judge you by how you conduct yourself around me and around others……that is the only standard I hold anyone to.

  14. 114

    I posted that last comment too soon, had more to say……..

    I was in the company of a hero today, our new Marine Corps recruiter started today at the high school where I teach. I stopped by at lunch to introduce myself to him, and we spent the next 40 minutes talking about everything. He had a chestful of medals, one with a “V” for valor supplementing it. I didn’t recognize any of the medals except for what looked like a CIB. As we were talking, he was interrupted by one of our staffers who came up from behind him. He turned around to talk to her, and stayed facing her way after she left…..I started up the conversation again and he just ignored me… first, I thought he was checking out the admin lady who was walking away from him (and she is worth a second look IMHO) but even after she had disappeared, he still ignored me. This got kind of uncomfortable and I started to get up to leave, clapped him on the shoulder and he turned around and started apologizing to me, asking me if I had been talking to him while he was facing the other way…..he didn’t give me a chance to answer but explained that he had lost his hearing in the ear that was facing towards me….then went on to explain that he was a forward Arty observer and the concussion from a short one had damaged his hearing, damaged it to the point that he was no longer qualified to do his job…..the same job he had been doing for 9 years and 4 tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. He couldn’t have been more than 29 and I question if he was that old. He had sergeant stripes and loads of ribbons and medals and I was just dumbstruck to be in his company after he told his story to me………

    I didn’t ask him any dumb questions, really didn’t ask him any questions at all….I pretty much just listened to him talk, and I came with the following impressions:

    1……That “kid”, that Marine has seen things and done things that most of us can’t even dream up. He did it four time…….I thank God that he is one of the good guys.

    2…..Our military is FAR from being broken, the men and women who serve this country are the absolute finest people I have ever met or worked with.

    3…..They deserve better, from all of us and especially from those who determine whether they live or die or get badly hurt.. They’re owed that.

    I don’t give a good goddamn about gay rights or abortion rights or hate speech or global warming or red state/blue state…, I don’t give a damn about any of that and neither should any true American, anyone who calls themselves an American should care only about winning this war, and bringing those kids home in victory.

    oh, did I mention that he was Hispanic? a brown person???……

    I didn’t?, well I guess that’s because I don’t give a goddamn about his color either. he’s a far better American than I will ever be and I am very humbled to have spent time in his company today……and very grateful too.

    I believe this country will survive, Sgt. Espinoza made me a believer.

  15. 115

    Princess Natasha, Decadent Delicious Deviant sez:

    For Komrade Zer0, I like Jugears, Odouchebag and Uber-ignoramus. As well as petukh podnarnii. I have plenty of other wonderful epithets for other commies and their mothers. Never liked the N-word, never used it and never will, because I find it distasteful, in all contexts. Your mileage may vary.

    Yeah, what she said!

    I have to say I have a visceral reaction to the N-bomb. I find it repulsive. I realize it’s definitely not used for all African Americans (the one I’m currently seeing is a die-hard conservative, by the way… and HOT), but still… as someone who had to tolerate all kinds of indignities as a Jew in the former USSR, I find that word intolerable.

  16. 116
    Spatial Ed says:

    Words. *sigh*

    I truly don’t care. Don’t. Care.

    1. Say what you wish, how you wish, and take the reaction like the sentient being you are.
    2. If you use words that others take as inflammatory, you will most likely get flamed. With words.
    3. (See #1.)

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    LC TerribleTroy, Imperial Centurion says:

    And thats the problem DJ… you were more interested in what the fucking Japenese thought than your own countrymen. For the umptyith fucking time…. WE BOW TO NO ONE EVER! The one thing WE expect the President to show defference to is our FLAG and our National Anthem. What part of this are you not getting? Bow to the Japenese? The Japenese should be greatful that they still exist, cause the only reason they do is because of our benevolence. Did you really think the Japenese press was going to come out and say anything but “it was a sign of respect”? Just in case you missed it the first time…. WE DONT BOW TO ANYONE…..kay?

    This is part of Bama boolshit “we are the world” crapola and that process drives his behavior as if we should be subserviant because we have lead the world since WW2. And why have we lead the world since WW2? Cause the “world” decided to follow us. This asshole probably considers te consequences of is choices first by what the “world will think” and then whats best for US.

  18. 118
    Elephant Man says:

    Of course not ONE of you mentioned that a previous president — a former general — had on several occasions bowed to foreign leaders. Most of you probably didn’t realize that Ike didn’t see a problem bowing to a Japanese Emperor — it is actually a sign of respect, not a sign of subservience.

    I’ve seen photos of Eisenhower “bowing” and to compare the slight inclination of his head and upper torso to Obama virtually prostrating himself in front of the Japanese Emperor is laughable.

    Of course the japanese people were delighted by Jugears display of fealty to their emperor.

    If the tables were turned and the japanese emperor came to America and prostrated himself before an american president in the Obama fashion, americans would’ve enjoyed it but I don’t think the japanese people would have been so thrilled…

    But all of that was lost to most of you since all you wanted to do was complain and whine.

    And what’s lost to you is the spectacle of you and your fellow leftists bending yourselves into pretzels in your defense of The Chosen One is becoming quite comedic… :em01:

  19. 119
    LC hilljohnny says:

    since the japanese throne exists due to the U.S. allowing it to the emperor should have been the one bowing to Mr. Obama.

  20. 120
    GamerFromJump says:

    Not to mention, that humpbacked grovel isn’t how you bow anyway, if you’re attempting to be mannerly. From what I’ve read (in prep for a potential study abroad semester), and verified with my bro’s father-in-law (who was stationed there):

    1. You’re supposed to keep your back straight.

    2. You can’t tell from the picture where O’s left arm is, but you’re supposed to (if you’re a man) keep them at your sides. At no time is it combined with shaking hands. One or the other.

    3. It’s ridiculously overdeep. Personally, I would not be offended by O having done a polite, 5 to 15 degree eshaku (generic, friendly greeting between equals), the sort of thing seen everyday, and the equivalent to a handshake. It’s polite without being demeaning, and demonstrates being friendly to an ally without demeaning yourself or the people you represent.

    That’s O’s big problem with international relations. He’s so on about “repairing relations”, he can’t help being obsequious.

    Where the hell was the Protocol Office in all of this? They seem to have been stuck on stupid since O’s term began. If I can find this stuff just by looking it up, what’s his excuse?

    If the tables were turned and the japanese emperor came to America and prostrated himself before an american president in the Obama fashion, americans would’ve enjoyed it

    Speak for yourself, dude. Even assuming such a visit were made (instead of by the Prime Minister, who’s Japan’s equivalent to the President), Americans would wonder what he was on about.

  21. 121
    Elephant Man says:

    GamerFromJump sez:

    Speak for yourself, dude. Even assuming such a visit were made (instead of by the Prime Minister, who’s Japan’s equivalent to the President), Americans would wonder what he was on about.

    I believe the American colloquilism would be “WTF?!” 😀

    I was just throwing out an example “on the fly” to illustrate a point, not taking a shot at Japan or its emperor.

    On the other hand, those who have lost loved ones during WW2 might very well enjoy such a spectacle and not wonder “what he was on about”.

    Just sayin’…

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