Sudden Jihad Syndrome at Ft Hood

So a muslim, who happens to have been a muslim all of his life (according to his family, whom I tend to trust more on that subject than the average blowdried, biased, politically correct talking airhead), who happens to have been preaching far and wide about the hirabis’ “right to rise against their oppressors (that would be us)”, who’s been known for 6 months to praise the atrocious acts of murder of suicide bombers (hey, FBI, you might want to WAKE THE FUCK UP AND START CONSIDERING DOING YOUR JOBS!), goes on a murderous rampage and guns down a dozen innocents at Ft Hood…

And we’re supposed to eat the standard “no connection with islam or terrorism” canard? Again?

The best evidence that this was terrorism was when the Feeble Brained Idiots issued their obligatory post-terrorist attack statement “this was not a terrorist attack.” As far as they’re concerned, no attack that could be considered terrorist has occurred on U.S. soil ever. Well, except maybe 9/11, but that’s only because Al Qaeda claimed responsibility before they could issue their Cookie Cutter Statement.

A few things we do not want to hear anymore: 1) Any usage of the word “tragedy” in connection with this pisslamic terrorist attack. It was a cold-blooded act of premeditated murder, nothing less. 2) Any hare-brained spin calling it a result of PTSD. It’s kinda hard to suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder when you’re still PRE-deployed.

Oh, and if our soldiers are so psychologically damaged beyond repair thanks to “Bush’s Illegal War”, then how come the murderous rampages seem to all be committed by mooselimbs? Are they just fundamentally more mentally unstable than non-mooselimbs? If so, it might pay to keep an eye on them and not, I don’t know, give them military rank?

Just a thought. Also, if they are all latent mass murderers, then perhaps we should do something OTHER than just “observe” them for 6 months after they make their sympathy for suicide attacks become known to the general public? Call me a cold-hearted, paranoid mooselimbophobe, but that, to me, is kind of a warning flag right there.

Just a thought.

And spare me the weeping about his poor performance grades. An Arab in uniform who performed poorly? Knock me over with a fucking feather. I’m sure the Israelis are just as surprised as I am to learn that Arabs aren’t the best military material you can find. But hey, just because he praises suicide bombers, performs like a lobotomized sloth who’d disgrace a janitorial position in a garbage dump and walks around praising insurgents murdering our members of the military is absolutely no reason to kick his arse to the curb.

That’d be politically incorrect and, undoubtedly, RAAAAACIST as well.

Tell that to the loved ones of the murdered at Ft Hood whose lives are destroyed because the watchers went to sleep at the wheel in order to avoid “offending.”

I hear that the pisslamic piece of pig shit is still alive. Hopefully not for long, and hopefully it will take him a loooong time and a lot of pain to die.

And then, to prevent recurrences, we should hang every single one of the maliciously negligent motherfuckers who played a part in ignoring the obvious threat from that hog shit mooselimb raghead.

May G-d Bless the families and friends of those murdered, and may His Wrath rain down upon the heads of those who looked the other way, as well as all of those who, we’re sure, celebrate tonight. If mercy is to be shown them, He will have to do so.

I will show none.



  1. 51
    LC HJ Caveman82952 says:

    You ARE joking, SoCal…aren’t you? :em93:
    But I have to ask myself how many people have given their lives to receive a freedom medal?

  2. 52
    LC PrimEviL says:

    What is pissing me off royally, is that the scumbag rat bastard koranimal that precipitated this atrocity
    is getting a whirlwind of press, while a true American heroine gets a couple blurbs, and a stub article
    from CBS. Even then, the blurbs were contradictory concerning her injuries.

    Perhaps the Army is keeping a lid on her for her own safety; or is it that the presstitutes can’t be
    bothered? :em12:

  3. 53

    LC PrimEviL sez:

    Perhaps the Army is keeping a lid on her for her own safety; or is it that the presstitutes can’t be
    bothered? :em12:

    Heroes don’t count in this society, only victims…….the shooter is a muslim and was….cough…cough “harrassed”, hence he’s a victim.

  4. 54
    LC HJ Caveman82952 says:

    Perhaps it is up to us to send this on? Some nutcase raghead might wish to think twice before engaging her in a gunfight…… She took him down after taking a bullet through both legs…..

  5. 55
    LC PrimEviL says:

    Well, that certainly is a far more befitting treatment of the subject, Caveman. I take note, though, that
    it had to come from the Times, of London.

  6. 56
    readerjp says:

    Oh, the BBC is now reporting he’s a Palestinian (born in Jerusalem).

    Can blaming Israel be far behind?

  7. 57
    Lady H says:

    You gun experts, help me out with this.

    A fellow blogger asked how so much carnage can be inflicted by only 2 handguns by 1 man.

    Yesterday, we heard there were 2 others in custody.

    Some of it friendly fire, unfortunately?

    We just don’t get how 2 handguns can kill and injury that many people.

  8. 58

    In regards to LC HJ Caveman82952’s comment @ 51:

    Cave, you’ve seen me around here long enough to know I’m always dead serious. :em99:

    I always get my butt in trouble here because I type what pops into my demented head and forget the “sarc” tags…and I don’t have a DOG to blame it on. :em03:

  9. 59
    LC hilljohnny says:

    In regards to Lady H’s comment @ :
    there has been some speculation about friendly fire but it only takes a half a second to change magazines and some hold as many as 17 rounds. two mags per gun would be up to 70 rounds.

  10. 60
    Assassin 6 says:

    When I heard about this breaking story I could picture it in my minds eye. I left Fort Hood in 2007 after being there for 3.5 years in the 4th ID. This processing center is the old enlisted club in the 1ST Cav section of Fort Hood. Everyone is crowded in there doing paperwork and getting medical stuff done, thus making it a very inviting target. Not only that, but there are never enough MPs or civilian contract police to go around at Hood. Keep in mind that there are 90K troops at Hood, it’s a big place and most of the cops/MPs are on gate guard checking IDs.

    As an aside, I’ve always been upset with the military policy of not allowing concealed carry. I had a CCW for every state I was stationed at on active duty and couldn’t carry or even have my pistol on post. The only way you could bring a weapon on post was if you were going to the pistol/rifle club to shoot or to go hunting. I’m not saying that this would have prevented what happened, but likewise it sure wouldn’t have hurt to have armed soldiers ready to respond.

    I think a fitting punishment for this vermin would be to give him to an infantry company for one day, no questions asked afterwards. I’m also sick and tired of the MSM trying to cover up for lone jihadis like this sicko, the SSG in the 101st in 2002, the Colorado mall shooter, the DC sniper, the Virginia Tech shooter, etc. Call a spade a spade. This was terrorism. There were plenty of warning signs on this SOB, but none of it was acted on because of political correctness. I remember being a brand new platoon leader in the 82nd Airborne in the late 90’s and the big thing then was getting rid of white-supremicists. If anyone had the wrong tattoo or attended meetings or had any connection to neo-nazi type groups they were kicked out of the Army, no questions asked. Obviously, PC has changed all that.

  11. 61

    In regards to Lady H’s comment @ 57:

    Semi-auto, nine to 15 round per clip in a crowded room. That’s a lot of bullets flying in a very short period of time and accuracy isn’t important. Second gun, I heard, was a revolver, used to fill in the gaps during reload.

  12. 62
    LC TerribleTroy, Imperial Centurion says:

    SoCalOilMan, LC sez:

    and I don’t have a DOG to blame it on

    Well you should get one….. and keep mine in mind when testifying at my trial. :em95:

    SoCalOilMan, LC sez:

    Semi-auto, nine to 15 round per clip in a crowded room. That’s a lot of bullets flying in a very short period of time and accuracy isn’t important. Second gun, I heard, was a revolver, used to fill in the gaps during reload.

    Enclosed space. overcrowded. High cap handgun(s). Bullets go through things including people. And yes “friendly fire” is a high potential. Its a dynamic fast developing situation that most people cant adjust to mentally in the time it takes to occur. add the shooter was dressed the same as the vics. Bad scene…..that she put four in him is impressive

  13. 63
    LC Subotai Bahadur says:

    # 57 Lady H

    The rat bastard Jihadi was armed with two pistols. One was a FN-Herstal Five-Seven series pistol, firing a high-velocity 5.7x28mm cartridge. These rounds will defeat most body armor. It uses a 20 round clip, and the reports I have seen say that he had the cargo pockets of his pants filled with loaded clips. He was seen to reload at least once [reports have to be correlated]. Those rounds penetrate through one body into another, fortunately punching fairly neat holes and not expanding. One brave woman soldier, first name Amber, I cannot remember the last name, was hit in the back with the round exiting through her abdomen. She still managed to save the life of another soldier by ripping up her shirt and making a tourniquet to tie off a major bleeder. Also you have rounds richocheting off the concrete floor and the like and hitting the troops there, because for at least a while he jumped up on a table and was shooting down according to one report.

    I tend to discount friendly fire, as SGT Munley engaged Hasan outside. Hasan was chasing a soldier who had run back into the building to rescue more wounded [he had already pulled out two]. Hasan saw him and began chasing him out when Munley got there. Supposedly her first round missed, but drew Hasan’s fire. In the exchange she double tapped him twice and she was hit three times [once in the wrist, two penetrating shots in the left thigh that went through to the right thigh. She had what I think was an arterial bleeder from the description, and a soldier saved her with a tourniquet. While it is possible that her first miss might have gone into the building, it is less likely that the hits did. The “friendly fire” meme was, I think, from either CNN or MSNBC trying to put the blame for at least some of the casualties on the military.

    By the way, Olberdouche had a segment on his show today about the pistol. He seems to think that the fact that it was legally purchased is an argument for gun bans.

    We do need a betting pool. Right now, alive, Hasan is a major political liability for Buraq. If he is interrogated, or testifies at a court martial, and all the red flags as to his behaviour and his sympathy for the enemy come out over a period of time, it cannot but hurt the regime. Plus the fact that Hasan was assigned to the presidential transition team will get far more publicity over time. At the very least it will discredit the automatic statement of “No Terrorist Connections” that comes out the very moment that any incident occurs. It will also not look good if the last two people placed on Death Row at USDB Ft. Leavenworth are both Muslim soldiers who attacked their brothers in arms. And if Hasan is convicted [not much doubt] Buraq will be left with the possibility of being asked for a pardon.

    It would be far more convenient if someone would unplug Hasan’s ventilator for a few minutes. It would save a lot of bad publicity, and the public would feel a sense of closure if Hasan was dead and things might die down. Anyone objectively believe that such would be beyond the collection of fools, miscreants, maladroits, and unindicted co-conspirators that is pleased to call itself our government? Honestly?

    LC Subotai Bahadur

  14. 64

    LC TerribleTroy, Imperial Centurion sez:

    Well you should get one…..

    Oh, I’ve got a dog, just not a DOG. Mine seems to want to keep his opinions to himself. Although sometime I swear I hear him grunt something that sounds like “idiot” when he flops down.

  15. 65
    LC Peter Bland says:

    So, a Muslim jumps up screaming “Allahu Akbar!” (God is great in Arabic) then proceeds to mow down his fellow soldiers with over 100 rounds from two pistols after making jihadist statements online AND declaring that he could not do his sworn duty as an officer and a soldier? By the way, this means that he had to reload at least once with each weapon. After giving away all of his earthly possessions? After becoming more and more disjointed and showing signs of suicide? Do I still have to listen to the cookie-cutter denials from the FBI and the news mediots that this couldn’t possibly have been motivated by the so-called “Religion of Peace”? Do I have to listen to our Commander in Chief tell us not to jump to conclusions when it is becoming more and more clear that this waste of humanity is clearly a terrorist scumbag?

    Do I still have to listen to hours of talking heads wringing their hands over how “broken” and “tired” the Army is? Especially since the piece of subhuman trash who slaughtered his fellow soldiers with less regard than is paid to cattle in a slaughterhouse announced, loudly, his motivation to the whole world to be a martyr for his faith while he was murdering them? Do I have to listen to ignorant news “professionals” declare over and over that a man who never, not once, deployed in his life could have been motivated by PTSD to kill his fellow brothers in arms? Especially since he would never get anywhere near real combat even if he deployed because he was a rear-echelon pogue who would more likely that not never, ever leave the wire? Never, ever put on his kit and carry around a loaded weapon into the face of our enemies?

    Do I have to listen to the whitewashing anymore? Can anyone tell me when a Christian, or Jew, or Bhuddist or any other follower of any other religion slaughtered his fellow soldiers while screaming his desire to make unwilling human sacrifices of the men and women he was sworn to protect? The men and women who, incidentally, work very hard ensuring that the religious freedoms all Americans are protected from demented individuals such as this swine. The men and women who ensure that America is, far and away, the best county on earth for Muslims to live.

    Can anyone name a person who did anything remotely like this-meaning killing as many innocent people as possible while proclaiming his love for God-for any other religion in the last 100 years? Can we begin to admit that there is a problem in Islam? Or are we being too politically correct to ask these hard questions? Aren’t 13 dead, including a pregnant woman and 31 wounded in our own backyard enough proof that we can’t wish ourselves back to September 10th, 2001? Is it going to take another mass-murdering holy man to convince us that we cannot back off our need to monitor the followers of the “Religion of Peace”?

    Until the Muslim community worldwide admits that there is a cancerous rot infesting the pillars of Islam and do something about it themselves we will continue to see these things happen. There is something deeply romantic about jihadism that will keep the free world from stamping it out. Islam has to do something about it on their own or it will never end. Clerics and Imams all over the world need to denounce these sort of terrorist attacks. More than that, advocating killing your fellow human beings is something that a modern religion, evolved out of the world of the middle ages, could easily get behind. Especially since Islam denounces human sacrifice and murder if one bothers to read the Koran. One would hope, anyway. Until some whack job nutbag decides to “interpret” it to mean something else.

    I am NOT saying that all Muslims are terrorists. BUT most terrorist attacks around the world come at the hands of Muslims. Sorry, but it’s true. While most of our fellow American Muslims are good, honest, hardworking people there are always going to be a few crazies willing to kill for Allah until Islam stamps this menace out. And that cannot be done until an honest look at their own religion is done. Call me ignorant if it makes you able to sleep at night, but I am tired, tired, tired of people being offered up to the penultimate altar of PC in this fashion.

    Aside from all this, I am upset that the cops did not double-tap this happy asshole to death. Now we are going to listen to years and years of appeals and denials for what was clearly a premeditated terrorist act. My only hope is that when he is lined up against the firing squad someone shoots him in the balls. Me, I can’t think of a more worthy candidate for lethal execution than this man. If high treason and mass murder aren’t a good reason to execute someone, then perhaps our collective perception of justice needs to be re-zeroed on the range.

  16. 66
    LC HJ Caveman82952 says:

    It does seem painfully obvious, that for a guy that didn’t want to go to war….he managed quite nicely against unarmed Americans. Or am I missing something?

  17. 67

    In regards to LC Subotai Bahadur’s comment @ 63:

    I tend to discount friendly fire,

    The hell with “friendly fire”, if this :em72: hadn’t gone jihadi, there would be 14 lives just going on today. (unless someone can show me that Francheska Velez had, at least, a card from Planned Parenthood in her possession, that was a life with great and unlimited potential)

  18. 68
    LC Subotai Bahadur says:

    #67 SoCalOilMan, LC

    That was my point. It was all enemy fire that got our people. Hasan is as much the enemy as Osama bin Laden and his ilk. SGT “Mighty Mouse” Munley [her nickname from her old force when she was a cop back east, and saved the life of her partner] did not, as far as can be determined, hurt any of our people. It is the government controlled media that is trying to hurt our people by spreading that lie. Incidentally I just found out, the lucky Mr. Munley, it turns out is an SF troop. One hell of a strong family.

    LC Subotai Bahadur

  19. 69

    In regards to LC Subotai Bahadur’s comment @ 68:
    I read last night she was SWAT also, and the interview with her partner when she got the “Mighty Mouse” nickname said she just threw herself into an on the ground grapple situation and saved him.

    One more thing that is bugging the hell out of me is they keep referring to that :em72: as “the young Army psychiatrist”, the bastard was 39. I’m 55 and I don’t consider 39 as “young”, by a long shot. My kid at 21 is just borderline of what I’m going to allow as youthful indiscretion.

    I was out of my parents house, the first time at 19, and never returned for more than a few months between “careers” after that. It took me a while to figure out that I was happier working with my hands and body, than sitting in an office shuffling papers (before individual office computers…g-d, I’m old) like my parents wanted for me.

  20. 70
    LC Old Dog says:

    In regards to SoCalOilMan, LC’s comment @ :

    Hell SoCal, I am 60 and my Son is 39. 39 is not young and there is no wiggle room there!

  21. 71

    In regards to Assassin 6’s comment @ 60:,
    You may find this interesting.
    In regards to LC Subotai Bahadur’s comment @ 63:
    Also this one.
    Those were from me to you.

  22. 72

    So, moderation because I rearranged my post. Ah well. :em41:

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