Obamandias Finally Scores a Win

…albeit a deeply embarrassing one, if you happen to be somebody respecting the rule of law, democracy and our glorious history of defending those concepts.

President Zelaya of Honduras is poised for a surprise return to power after his four-month exile. The leaders who toppled him in a coup agreed a deal to end the crisis, which has caused months of simmering violence in the Central American nation.

Once again, for the dimwitted among us who get their “news” from the slip stream media, the only one plotting a coup was Zelaya when he suddenly decided that this thing about term limits and constitutional constraints didn’t apply to him. At which point he was duly and lawfully removed by the Honduran Congress and Supreme Court in full accordance with their constitution.

At least if you believe the Honduran Supreme Court as well as our own Congressional Research Service, who found the removal of the Chavez/Castro/Ortega wannabe fully legal, no matter how much John Fuckin’ Kerry wants them to retract their opinion in order to avoid embarrassing his Messiah.

We don’t know if it’s humanly possible to become more of a humiliating clown than John Fuckface Kerry. Once a presidential candidate, he’s now reduced to currying favor by servicing Prince Obamandias’ royal penis.

Mr Zelaya’s clandestine return to Honduras in September and his defiant stay in the Brazilian Embassy appeared to have paid off finally as the de facto leader Roberto Micheletti capitulated under US pressure to an agreement allowing for his reinstatement until the end of his term in January.

A pressure that will forever live in infamy as our nation, once known for shirking from no sacrifice to defend liberty, democracy and the rule of law, became a bully pulpit for tinpot wannabe dictators. President ACORN, who can’t find it in himself to issue as much as a stern note of concern to Iranian mass murdering terrorist dictators when they gun down civilians in the street and pursue nuclear weapons in order to enact the Final Solution, had no problem cutting off aid, support and visas to an ally of ours when they had the nerve, the nerve to follow their own laws.

Mr Zelaya, speaking in the capital Tegucigalpa, expressed his “satisfaction and optimism” at the deal, which he said heralded the return of democracy to Honduras.

He keeps using this word “democracy.” Somehow, we don’t think that it means what he thinks that it means. Then again, he has a perfect ideological fellow traveler in Resident Obongo and his imbecile fiddy2er cultists.

On behalf of what used to be a proud nation, a shining beacon of liberty, a stalwart defender of justice until a bunch of starry-eyed cockblisters decided that they wanted a token negro for president no matter what he believed in, we would like to apologize to our Honduran friends.

We can never make up for what our sub-retarded voting population did to you but, once we’ve cleaned the mess up and sent the retards off to remedial classes until they attain a level of intelligence sufficient to vote on anything ever again, we promise to try.

Our “president”, by siding with fellow communist thugs like Castro, Chavez and Ortega, has earned the same fate as we wish upon them and, once he has been thrown out of office and been disposed of, we cordially invite you to join us in pissing upon his grave.

There might be a line, though, but we’ll grant you first access.

We are deeply ashamed of our nation today and what it has become.

Once the Arsenal of Democracy, we’ve been reduced to a cabana boy for thugs, terrorists and tyrants.

May Almighty G-d have mercy upon us for what we have done, even though we don’t deserve it.



  1. 1
    Elephant Man says:

    I’d laugh my ass off if this were just a ploy to coax Zelaya out of the Brazilian embassy whereupon Micheletti tosses him in jail.

    Not likely but one can always hope….

  2. 2
    Princess Natasha, Decadent Delicious Deviant says:

    All I have to say is that Ofuckbag does not represent me, does not speak for me, nor is he an American– in the sense that he does not belong here. Fuck him and the rest of the rotten commies with a rusty chainsaw.

  3. 3

    I truly detest that miserable communist piece of shit. He has done more to destroy our image than anyone, EVER@

  4. 4
    LC HJ Caveman82952 says:

    I don’t think you like him, Chris. :em01:
    Makes two of us , Bro..’.

  5. 5
    LC Ogrrre says:

    Maybe Honduras will let the ObamaCommie POS out of the embassy, and as soon as he is off of Brazilian property, fill him with more lead than they did Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Then they can tell Obamao, “Now, THAT’S a coup! Go peddle your marxist shit somewhere else.” :em93:
    On the other hand, since Ear Leader gets off on telling other countries what to do, it’s too bad that our allies don’t order Obama to resign. After all, turnabout is fair play. And you KNOW that jackass is all about fair. :em96:

  6. 6
    Cheryl says:

    And you KNOW that jackass is all about fair.

    Aw, you know the POS-in-Chief is fair, LC Oggre. Look! He’s allowing all those “visitors” with AIDS into the country once again after those e-v-v-i-i-i-l Republicans had kept them out for so many years. How can you criticize such generosity? Keeping those innocents from their loved ones here – and from spreading more “love” around. Guess the H1N1 isn’t doing enough of a job. /Sarc off/

    I swear, there isn’t a pit in Hades deep enough for this monster and his cronies. :em72:

  7. 7

    Obama got nothing. This is just face saving on his part.

    Zelaya was allowed to be in the country legally. He simply doesn’t have to hide in the Brazilian Embassy anymore.

    He is still out of office.

    This was the most Obambi could get with his spineless rep. All of this breathless return to power crap is AP and Al-Reuters bloviation.

  8. 8
    LC PrimEviL says:

    Once again the old adage that escaped enemies only return to wreak havoc again is born out.
    Let it be a lesson to all. The only way to deal with tyrants is to sanction with extreme prejudice.

  9. 9

    May I note that the general attitude amongst us is that these are miserable lumps of commie dogshit that need be sanctioned?

  10. 10
    AyUaxe says:

    This is not a win, it’s a recognition that the game wasn’t worth the candle on Honduras’ part. They’ve got it set up so that Zelaya’s few remaining weeks in office will be the ultimate lame-duck term. The military will be under the authority of the elected Judiciary–the same guys/gals who had Zelaya arrested and exiled the last time. There will be regular elections and someone completely new will take the reigns for the one term allowed by their consitution, then the cycle repeats. Honduras gets the win, while the U.S. comes out looking like an idiot bully, further to the left than Chavellito (SA friends tell me that’s a recently minted term, derived from Chavez, that means a “fat little prick”) and Castrato. Our wet, black ops in the region were more legal, nuanced, and effective. Nice one, fiddy-2ers! Way to fuck up, Barachsky!

  11. 11
    crazylegs says:

    Thats what the Hondurans get for being so nice.

    When some D-bag in charge is busy violating your constitution, you don’t gently wake him out of bed, allow him to pack his bags, and send him out on vacation. You fire up the show trial and tell the firing squads to get busy drawing straws.

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