Did Anybody Really THINK that He Was?

Obunghole on the concept of victory:

Reporter: Some of your advisers today said that this announcement [that Iran has a second nuclear enrichment facility in Qom or will allow inspections of it?] was a “victory.” Do you consider this a victory and, if so, why didn’t you announce it earlier since you’ve known since you were President-elect?

Obama: Well, this isn’t a football game so I’m not interested in victory. I’m interested in resolving the problem. The problem is that Iran repeatedly says that it’s pursuing nuclear energy only for peaceful purposes and its actions contradict its words.”

Of course, victories have a marked tendency to actually resolve problems, unlike endless oral flatulence before the Useless Nitwits. Just ask Saddam Hussein: “Which do you fear more, an endless stream of U.N. resolutions, threats of sanctions, sanctions and even more resolutions OR the combined military might of the United States and her allies?”

Wait. You can’t ask Saddam Hussein anything. That problem was successfully resolved.

Nobody but liberals can work themselves into a furious hurricane of breathless announcements about crises that we need to act on and ACT RIGHT NOW OR ELSE while simultaneously and studiously refusing to do anything that might actually be described as “acting on them.” Unless we’re talking about things that are harmful to the United States and her people, of course. In that case, they can’t act quickly enough.

If only liberals hated islamofascist terrorists half as much as they hate the notion that you might be having fun spending your own money on things you like, the Long War would be over next Thursday, right after tea.

And they’re getting plenty of support for doing nothing real about Iran and their Mad Mullahs unleashing the power of the atom upon the heads of the infidel. Such as this, from a former Bush State Dept official (which should tell you all you need to know. The last time the State Dept did anything remotely resembling action was when they were hunkered down for four weeks of cut-throat, give-no-quarters negotiation about the items on the new cafeteria menu):

“Some continue to argue that the only way to halt Iran’s accelerating nuclear research effort is through American or Israeli air strikes. But, there is no convincing scenario where such use of military force would work effectively to end the Iranian nuclear program. Even worse, air strikes would undoubtedly lead Iran to hit back asymmetrically against us in Iraq, Afghanistan and the wider region, especially through its proxies, Hezbollah and Hamas. This reminds us of Churchill’s maxim that, once a war starts, it is impossible to know how it will end. An America that is already waging two difficult and bloody wars should be wary of unleashing a third. Choosing military power at this stage would surely be precipitous and unwise.”

Actually, to the State Dept, choosing military power at any stage, at any point in time is always “unwise.” It completely dries up expensive foreign junkets and “dialogue” about the free lobster and caviar banquets, but we digress.

Yes, war is awful, war is expensive and war is dangerous, thank you so much for pointing that out to us. We have no idea why we’d never thought of that before.

But that’s hardly the point, now is it? The point is that we have to choose between either A) allowing nukes to the Mad Mullahs of Tehran who believe that all this world needs is an apocalypse so their 12th Mahdi will climb out of the septic tank he’s been hiding in for the last several hundred years and save the world for pisslam OR B) we do something to stop it. There is no option C) and no, there won’t be champagne, caviar and truffles served either.

We’re assuming that even a State Dept official understands that letting apes who have publicly stated that they don’t care if their own country gets nuked in retaliation as long as the Jooos get nuked too getting their hands on nukes is a Bad Idea. And anybody who seriously believes that any amount of “deterrence” is going to stop a fanatical fruitcake whose entire “religion” is based on committing suicide in ways that will let him get to Heaven… Would they please leave the room and let the grownups do the talking?

So that leaves us with option B). “Doing something”, then, comes down to “what do we do?” This, too, boils down to two main choices: We can either 1) continue the “dialogue” and “sternly worded notes of concern” as well as “threats of ultimately wholly ineffectual sanctions (once the U.N. kleptocrats figure out a way to get around them)” OR 2) take the Mullahs’ shiny new toys away from them by force.

Based on the track record of 1), in the case of Iran as well as Iraq and North Korea, just to name a few who have been on the “brutal” receiving end of the “international community’s” blistering utterances of concern, we think it’s safe to say that doing that is no different from simply skipping ahead to the credits and picking the abovementioned option A).

Which, logically, leaves us with… See how simple it is once you use your brains rather than your ovaries, Mr. State Dept official?

At which point the rest of the Do-Nothing Choir chimes in with “but, but we CAN’T! Think of the cost, think of the casualties, think of international opinion, think about how there’s no way we can take out all of those facilities!”

Which is funny too, by the way. The very same people who can’t seem to agree on the extent of the Iranian nuke program or if it even exists as a credible threat seem to have clear, iron-clad, irrefutable evidence that it is spread out over eleventeen super-sekrit locations that are absolutely bomb proof.

Depends on the size and number of bombs, doesn’t it?

Yes we can, if we may borrow a tired campaign slogan and finally put it to worthwhile use. The question isn’t whether we can, the question is whether we want to. If only they could be honest enough to admit that. But, of course, it wouldn’t sound near as good to get up on a podium and say “OK, so the Iranians are developing nukes and there is absolutely no reason to believe, based on their own statements, that they’ll in any way feel deterred from detonating them over us or our allies once they have them, in fact it is a certainty that they will, but we just can’t be bothered to do anything about it.”

The game is up. Something is going to blow up in spectacular fashion somewhere. Our choice is this: Does it blow up HERE or THERE?

And we won’t have the choice for much longer.



  1. 1
    lc purple raider says:

    Anyone who says that “war is not the answer” is asking the wrong questions.

  2. 2
    Elephant Man says:

    This is OT but y’all need to check this out.

    This is Michael Yon’s account of his run-in with a British REMF.

    Bullshit Bob

    Unbelievable… :em12:

  3. 3
    SeniorD says:

    Now why in the world do we care what The Worst President EVAH!! says? We all know we should be worrying about what the Puppetmaster and his non-elected Politburo decides what TOTUS tells President Empty Suit to say.

    Y’know, when Billy Jeff was President, at least we had Shillary and Her Vast Left Wing Enforcers for entertainment. The current occupant is too tightly controlled by Bridezilla, his Puppetmaster, Twinkletoes and the Politburo to provide even comic relief as this country continues to swirl around the drain.

  4. 4

    The game is up. Something is going to blow up in spectacular fashion somewhere. Our choice is this: Does it blow up HERE or THERE?

    And we won’t have the choice for much longer.


  5. 5
    Cheryl says:

    SeniorD @3 – You’re right about BJ Clinton. His cigar antics and defiling of the Oval Office seems like gross entertainment in comparison to what is going on now.

    May G-d bless Bibi Netenyahu! His shouts of “have you no decency. Have you no shame” to the Useless Nitwits may be the last voice of sanity and reason we hear as the next dark ages descend upon us.

  6. 6
    LC Wunderlampe says:

    Can’t disagree with any ofthis. Though, to be fair, let’s remember the Bush administrations pullsilamnity and incompetence, too. Let’s phrase it this way: the Taliban is still out there, eight years on. Come on, get real. Eight years after Pearl Harbour, Germany and Japan were not just defeated, but well on their way to a non-fascist future. And these were serious, hardcore entities; the Wehrmacht was the best land army since the Golden Horde, and Imperial Japan had a record of never, ever being defeated. And the Talibs are guys living in caves.

  7. 7
    Cannon Fodder says:

    I still don’t get this shit about the US fighting TWO wars. The war with Saddam’s Iraq is well over. The war with the Taliban’s Afghanistan is over. All we are really doing, at this point, is fighting The War on Terror, just on TWO fronts. We fought WW2 that way; the Japanese in the east and the German’s in the west.

    At this point the Taliban really isn’t a threat and just a terrorist organization.

  8. 8
    Eyas says:

    I know this is way OT, I apologize. I’ve been vacillating over the last month between saying something and not saying anything. This is because what I want to say is insane.
    I’m aware that it’s insane (which is why I didn’t want to say anything), but it’s been threatening to drive me insane (which is why I’m writing this now — to get it out of my head and off my shoulders). I had wanted to organize what I wanted to say but, after several aborted attempts, there was too much to say and it all sounded crazy so I deleted those attempts. Now, I’m just winging it — so forgive me as I ramble.
    Most will dismiss it as crazy, but, at least here, someone may be seeing what I see.

    Here’s the gist:
    There will some day soon be arrests and seizures of property by the government in furtherance of a war on opponents of the Obama Administration.

    I was going to lay out some background circumstances/events, and my reasoning; but screw it. You’ve either been paying attention or you haven’t (and I know that everyone here HAS).

    The most relevant thing is the repeated mentions of the word “violence” by the Left, both Politicians and the Media. This in reference to conservative protests, Town Halls, and Tea Parties.

    Why? There hasn’t been any violence. (O.k. there was the time where Obama’s SEIU thugs beat the crap out of some guy; and there was the putz who had his finger eaten — after he admittedly threw the first punch.)

    Of course, the Left will bring up the both the shooting at the Holocaust Museum and the murder of the Abortion doctor, attributing those acts to the very same grandparents and stay-at-home moms populating the tea parties & town halls.

    The Left is continuing, and will continue, to bring up violence to condition the masses to hearing of violence from conservatives.

    Again, why?

    Because if none occurs on its own, it will be manufactured. Glenn Beck has unnecessarily warned people against initiating violence, but he has also advised people not to retaliate. In other words, he has advised folks — when confronted by Leftist thugs — to “take a punch” for your Country. DON’T. It won’t matter whether you do or not, it will be reported the same way.

    Once such violence, attributed to and blamed on conserrvatives, occurs it will provide the Left with justification for a crackdown. This will include the seizure of legally-owned firearms.

    Arrests will begin with the arrest of persons who many/most Americans feel probably ought to be arrested. White supremacists, militias that have existed for decades, and legitimate criminals. This will then extend to persons who are vocal in their dislike of the Federal Government. The term “threats to Public Safety” will become very broadly defined indeed. Generally speaking, the arrests and seizures will spread from actual criminals to include anyone defined as a “Domestic Terrorist” by the DHS memo early in the year.

    There won’t be any reporting on those arrested after the initial reports where they are defined as right-wing “Domestic Terrorists”. Once the arrests happen, nothing uncommon or outrageously illegal needs to occur. They don’t need to be found guilty, or even tried. Trials of this kind, even today, often take years. All the while, the individuals will be held in prison — legitimately & legally — pending trial.

    Eventually, such arrests won’t even garner much attention, and may not be reported at all, except in local papers.

    It also occurs to me that as Obama Indoctrination continues – and gets even worse – in public schools, parents will start pulling their kids from these schools. Unfortunately, many will refuse to send their kids back to school without first having a homeschooling plan (authorized by the govt, naturally). CPS will have their hands full with children taken from homes and parents.

    Americans no longer have property rights. Haven’t had them in nigh on 3 years. The government may at any time (often without any compensation) seize private property. Not for “Public Use” as required by the Constitution, but merely for “Public Benefit” as defined by the government itself. Hmm, funny that the terms “General Welfare” and “Public Benefit” are actually synonyms. I don’t know why or for what purposes the government will begin seizing property. I only know that they can.

    The inevitability of these things obviously depends completely on the 2010 elections. But, even if the mid-terms go as well as possible (from our perspective) they will only delay or postpone the inevitable.

    On another, related note:
    Anyone heard anything from the actual mouths, or even the lawyers for, the men arrested for the Holocaust Museum killing and the killing of the Abortion doctor? No, of course not. They’re presumed guilty. I’m not saying that they didn’t do what they’re accused of, but I’d like to hear something from them or from their attorneys.

    Anyone a little curious about the white, southern/midwestern guys wrapped up in the recent terrorism (read “Domestic Terrorism”) crackdown? Eight years since 2001, and for decades prior, this hasn’t happened (except for Johnny Walker Lindh). Now, 2 or 3 white, middle-American guys involved in terror plots. I’m not saying that the allegations aren’t true. What I’m saying is that there may be tens, hundreds, or even thousands of cells within our borders. I find it curious that the one’s involving white, middle-American dudes are the one’s busted recently. I imagine that you will never again hear a report of an American-born, black muslim involved in any terror plot. It’s damned curious at the least.

    Further, not one, but two instances where the terrorists actually attempted to explode a non-functioning bomb provided by undercover feds? Really?

    I know this is all paranoid, conspiracy-minded, craziness. I see it coming anyway. After all, just because you’re paranoid …..

    I’ve tried to keep it brief, so as not to bore those who will dismiss it. Also, I know that some will read it and say “No shit, Eyas. I already knew all that.” Sorry to belabor the point, but for my own peace of mind, I had to say it to somebody somewhere.

    Always keep in mind that what’s going on in this country by the Left and under Obama is an iceberg. For each single thing you see, there are 9 things you don’t. In our current scenario, Obama is the iceberg to America — the unsinkable ship.

    In America today, if you’re NOT paranoid … you’re the one who’s crazy.

    Thanks for taking the time to read my rant.

    – Eyas

  9. 9

    And we won’t have the choice for much longer.

    Indeed we won’t.


  10. 10

    Eyas sez:

    In America today, if you’re NOT paranoid … you’re the one who’s crazy.

    Thanks for taking the time to read my rant.

    – Eyas

    You’re welcome. Thanks for writing it.

    You have some very good points and no, “we’re not there yet” etc. etc. etc. I don’t disagree with people saying that, I just count my blessings that we aren’t.

    Like you, I’m not concerned so much with where we are, right at this moment, as with the direction in which we’re headed.

    That, to me, is far more important. Because once we’re “there”, it’s too late.

    Just ask the Germans. They, too, refused to pay attention because to do so, to ask questions about the direction of the nation, was just “crazy talk” and “it could never happen here”, not to mention the old “maybe so, but let’s at least wait a bit before freaking out.”

    So they waited, biting their tongues and not speaking out for fear of being painted as paranoid loons.

    We all know how well that ended for them, don’t we?

    There’s a lot of talk about “where the line in the sand is” and it’s a good discussion. Because, obviously, men and women of sound mind, although concerned, don’t want to start utter chaos without very good reason to do so. What is “one infringement too many?” I don’t know, there are many examples of things that I would not, not ever accept.

    But I know that there is one absolute one. Many before it, to be sure, but there is one line that we must not EVER allow to be crossed, no matter how many camels we’ve already swallowed. And that’s the 2nd Amendment.

    If we allow that to be taken away from us, it all ceases to matter. Because once we can’t fight back, there will be absolutely no limit to what this and future governments will do to us if they feel that they stand to gain from it.

    What would we do? Bleed on them?

  11. 11

    LC Wunderlampe sez:

    Come on, get real. Eight years after Pearl Harbour, Germany and Japan were not just defeated, but well on their way to a non-fascist future.

    the biggest difference between 1941 and now is that the country was completely unified in the war effort back then. the entire Congress except for one lone member voted for a declaration of war after Pearl Harbor. The lone member who voted no did so as a symbolic gesture to show that a good democracy does not vote unanimously for war….Americans sacrificed their travel, gas for their cars, nylon for their stockings, meat for their tables, and grew victory gardens. They were unified in the nobility of the cause, and that’s why we won.

    If we were fighting this current war like we fought World War 2, I have no doubt that it would be over today. But we have “allies” who go squishy if they lose one soldier, we have rules of engagement that dictate that we can fight our enemy but we can’t offend them. We have members of our own government who haven’t the courage or the conscience to see who the real enemy is….rather, they would vilify a war president as the enemy so they can scoop up political power while stepping on the dead bodies of our troops…..and we have a press who would rather wring their hands for every casualty instead of reporting about the tenfold number of “insurgents” who were also killed in that action.

    I’m going to get a little “racist” here, to make a point about how our morbid fear of offending anyone has crippled this war effort.

    take a look at this poster

    and this one too

    Those two posters were done to stir up anger at the Japanese during the war…..and if judged by the standards of today, they are cruelly racist. They portrayed the Japanese as subhuman….apes almost…..it dehumanized them so it would be easier to go to war against them. Can you imagine propaganda artwork today showing the taliban or muslim terrorists as subhuman carnivores? Hell, we can’t even draw cartoons of their deviant “prophet” without some jellyfish judge wetting his pants and ordering the arrest of the cartoonist. We can’t fire on their houses of “worship” lest we offend them, even when they use those mosques as fortresses. We can’t detain enemy combatants without first mirandizing them and giving them a lawyer……and you wonder why this war is such a goddamned disaster?

    The Western Democracies have softened themselves to the point that they would rather curl up into a bunch of assballs instead of fighting to preserve their heritage and continued existence. They would rather “dialogue” with our sworn enemies….enemies who tested a short range missile today capable of reaching Israel with the nuke they are developing rather than put a stop to their weapon capability…..we stand idly by and “bear witness” as they mow down pro democracy demonstrators protesting a stolen election…..we look for reasons to blame ourselves for their beastly attacks on our innocent populations.

    In short, we don’t have the stomach to win, or to quote the president:

    this isn’t a football game so I’m not interested in victory

    God grant us the clarity to see the reality of the situation and to clearly see the good and evil around us, we really really need your help right now.

  12. 12
    LC HJ Caveman82952 says:

    Amen, Misha…, amendment two, the untimate reboot. There is no way federal power could overwhelm an angry, determined populace…unless they keep us silent and isolated from one another. This country is far too vast, to divergent in both topography and attitudes. Incrementalism is the key for those seeking power…and amendment two forces their hand. I can only imaging the stash spots out where I live….and everybody knows who belongs….and who does not. Those traitors seeking to disarm us may find their families victims of reprisals. And finally, when the economy crashes, and barter becomes the new economy, how does one tax it…or for that matter, track it? I would observe silently, saying nothing, expressing little…but I I know what is in my heart. Anarchy would financially strangle the govenment very quickly. And where are the politicians going to go? Home? Where they may be strung up a streetlight on sight? It would prove a horrible scenario…but I do know this….I sense it.
    A silent resentment is building among the people, dislike and now open contempt for the government. It proves a delight to me, watching the lefty protesters givng obama a taste of their anit war protests. ur goal should be to help them self-destruct, for by their very makeup, they carry that motive within themselves. And when violence breaks out…well………I am still buying ammunition, when I can find it. And for those laughing and belittling my concerns, I simply ignore them….and buy more ammunition, maybe even another gun. No doubt many of us would seek to be closer together, if one is not known, or vouched for by one known, one remains suspect and must prove their mettle to the rest. It may prove well for people to study the cell system of resistance, or to simply let concerned indivuiduals know of what you have learned.

  13. 13
    LC PrimEviL says:

    The answer to the problem is already on the shelf.
    A GBU–39
    equipped with a
    unit carrying a micro-nuke in a deep–penetration warhead, released by a Predator

    Third–world nuke fac goes nuclear. Awwwww . . . . .guess they made a mistake. What a shame.

  14. 14
    LC HJ Caveman82952 says:

    And as an afterthought…I too, believe something is coming…soon…and am doing my level best to see to my wife, our supplies and our needs and desires. I have no more patience or tolerance. Seeking to consolidate our cash and whatever else I have close to me. War is coming to the middle east, no doubt in my mind now, countries playing it off against one another for political or economic advantage. Economic havoc to render many desperate and/or angry. The American people where I live have proven most compassionate and generous to those in need through no fault of their own. And there are many, no dout soon to be many more. I fully expect this administration to do no less….so now to wait, hunker down and prepare, silent, observant and ready.

  15. 15
    LC Rurik says:

    In regards to Eyas’s comment @08 :

    Eyas my friend, You’ve been away, been silent too long. glad you’re back.

    Emperor Misha I :em69: :em69: :em69:

    Yes, it is coming. Prepare yourselves. Not only with logistics and tactical skills, important though they be, but also with the spiritual and moral skills we will need for the coming struggle. Daily I work on bracing my self in the spirt of resistance and anti-cooperation. Those targeted during the first wave will be caught off-guard, will be disorganized, and will need to adapt quickly. I will remember my oaths. I will remember what my country used to be, and yet may be again. I will remember the examples of the brave commie-bloc dissidents who resisted alone. And I will remember loyal friends at The Rottie, and hope I will measure up and prove worthy. (And a few other loyal friends at undisclosed locations.)

    I grow weary and I grow nervous. Hasten the day! if indeed it must come.

  16. 16
    LC Subotai Bahadur says:

    My wife and I spent the morning over at the house of a friend who is too old to go out and pick the apples from her trees, so we did it for her. She is German, and was a child in eastern Germany when the Nazi’s took over. She survived the war, and made it to what became West Germany ahead of the Russian Army. Eventually she married an American and came here. She is not a citizen, being a legal permanent resident, but still a German national. Because she is not an American, she makes a point of staying out of our politics.

    After we were done picking the apples, we retired to her living room. She made the point of starting the conversation, and said that it is now just like 1932-33 in Germany, like she lived through. I pointed out the numbers who went to Washington on 9/12, on the numbers that attended local demonstrations, and explained the concept of “militia” to her. It seemed to help.

    But to back what Eyas said, here is someone who has lived through it before. And she sees the Long Night falling again. The signs are there. I also pointed out the text of the Oath our troops swear to, as opposed to the Oath to the Fuehrer in her Germany. And I explained the concept of Merriam’s Corner.

    Remember the Oath. Remember Merriam’s Corner. Serve your conception of G-d, and the Constitution in such a way as will be remembered with honor. We can do no more, and should want to do no less.

    LC Subotai Bahadur

  17. 17
    ebrown2 says:


    “The lone member who voted no did so as a symbolic gesture to show that a good democracy does not vote unanimously for war…”

    umm. no…


    Would you explain the meaning of this vote?


    According to the rules of Congress, a resolution, once introduced, has to be referred to a committee if anyone asks for it to be referred to a committee. And so I hoped that by voting No and refusing unanimity to the vote, and by asking that it be referred to a committee, I could remove the war vote from the passion of the moment and have it at least considered so both sides of the issues could be brought out. J.R. ”


    and here:


  18. 18

    Even worse, air strikes would undoubtedly lead Iran to hit back asymmetrically against us in Iraq, Afghanistan and the wider region, especially through its proxies, Hezbollah and Hamas.

    I thought Iran already played a role in the IEDs in Iraq. As for the rest, I can only think that making it a stand-up fight will lead to more deaths of the bad-guys and resistance from the innocents that they keep using as shields.

  19. 19

    ebrown2 sez:


    “The lone member who voted no did so as a symbolic gesture to show that a good democracy does not vote unanimously for war…”

    umm. no…


    Jeneatte Rankin was a peace activist, feminist,and also co-founder of the ACLU. She told Congress that she “as a woman” could not vote for war. Although she later went on to vote present when the declaration against Germany was made…..

    Rankin also said according to your source (which is a very good read btw):

    And so I hoped that by voting No and refusing unanimity to the vote, and by asking that it be referred to a committee, I could remove the war vote from the passion of the moment and have it at least considered so both sides of the issues could be brought out. J.R. ”

    basically saying the exact thing I said earlier, only in a more politically tinged fashion.

  20. 20
    LC Getalis, Imperial Czar of Pharmacology says:

    Jaybear, Colonel of Imperial Ancient Artillery sez:

    Jeneatte Rankin was a peace activist,

    This fallacious perception of “war” as the antonym of “peace” grinds me raw to no end.

    “Peace” means different things to different people (Natasha can correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the USSR once defined it as “absence of opposition to communism”), but it can generally be defined as the lack of infringement upon the individual rights of life, liberty and property.

    The moment one of those is threatened or outright assaulted, the scenario goes from “peace” to its true antonym. I’m at a loss for an all-encompassing term here, so I’ll use the word “chaos”.

    At this point, the oppressed (and/or those allied with the oppressed: friends, family, hangers-on, etc.) have two choices:

    1) Submit to chaos and hope the instigator doesn’t proceed any further (aka the Bongo Doctrine).

    2) Engage the instigator and attempt to recoup/atone for the loss, and/or prevent future infringements.

    Should one select the second option, the scenario moves from “chaos” to “war”. This needn’t be a formal, declared war between nation-states; the mere process of engagement is what defines the scenario. To use a biochemistry metaphor, “war” is the enzyme that (potentially) converts “chaos” into “peace”. (For those non-science geeks, “war” is the toaster that turns boring ol’ Chaos Bread™ into crispy, golden Peace Toast™.)

    Put another way, “chaos” is when the schoolyard bully does what he wants, when he wants, to whomever he wants. “War” is when someone finally steps up and bloodies the bully’s nose. “Peace” is when the bully gets tired of having his nose broken and stops bullying.

    Through this prism, the folly of so-called “peace” activists is obvious. One cannot be a “toast” activist while decrying all toasters. One cannot speak of curing cancer while denouncing chemotherapy. One cannot simultaneously promote A and the elimination of the means of achieving A.

    …after hearing one too many paeon to “peace”, I’ve formally committed to writing a counter-protest song on the basis of the above thoughts. Damned if I can come up with a suitable melody…

  21. 21
    glasshalfempty says:

    In regards to LC Getalis, Imperial Czar of Pharmacology’s comment @ :

    Kind of in conjunction with your comment Getalis:

    “And hence it is, that he who attempts to get another man into his absolute power, does thereby put himself into a state of war with him; it being understood as a declaration of a design upon his life” – John Locke

    “Thus a thief, whom I cannot harm, but by appeal to the law, for having stolen all that I am worth, I may kill, when he sets on me to rob me but of my horse or coat; because the law, which was made for my preservation, where it cannot interpose to reparation, permits me my own defence, and the right of war, a liberty to kill the aggressor, because the aggressor allows not time to appeal to our common judge, nor the decision of law, for remedy in a case where the mischief may be irreparable.” -John Locke

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