Maybe Keeping Guns Out of the Hands of Brits IS a Good Idea?

Of course, assuming that Brits supposedly trained in their use are more safe than your average bear (h/t DPUD):

PC David Micklethwaite, 52, from Thames Valley Police, who had failed a gun training course at another force, mistakenly loaded a Magnum .44 revolver with a live round taken from an old Quality Street tin where mixed ammunition was stored — a practice a judge branded a “disaster waiting to happen”.

Micklethwaite pulled the trigger while pointing the revolver at a civilian colleague during a classroom tutorials at constabulary headquarters in Kidlington, Oxfordshire. The bullet hit Keith Tilbury, 51, causing devastating injuries, Southwark Crown Court in London was told.

Mr Tilbury underwent five hours of life-saving surgery for an “exploded” bowel and kidney, as well as lung and liver damage. He was unconscious for 12 days and has not returned to work.

It really doesn’t matter a flying fuck if keeping blanks and live rounds in the same container was a “disaster waiting to happen” or not, even though we agree with the judge that it wasn’t exactly smart. And when we say “not exactly smart” we mean “about as brilliant as dropping a lightly armed paratrooper division far behind enemy lines right on top of two SS PzGrenadier Divisions.”

But that’s hardly the point now is it, m’lud? The POINT is, if you’ll pardon a horrible and very much intended pun, is that YOU DON’T POINT A WEAPON AT ANYTHING OR ANYBODY UNLESS YOU WANT TO DESTROY/KILL WHAT YOU’RE POINTING AT.

Look it up. It’s under “Gun Safety Rules.” The SECOND FUCKING ONE, you Lobotomized Limey Lamb-botherer. And don’t forget the FIRST one either: “A gun is always, ALWAYS loaded, even when it’s not.” If you just manage to memorize that one, the rest follows automatically.

Yes, we know, it’s hard. It took us all of an hour to teach our own kids. At the age of five. They’ve never violated either rule since. Do idiots sometimes get their hands on guns? Yes, they do. But one ought to be allowed, without being called presumptuous, to demand that trained police officers don’t fall into that category.

We’re glad that Mr Tilbury, in spite of his injuries, is still alive. He’s one lucky bloke. And we hope that he makes a speedy and full recovery so that he may beat the everliving stuffing out of the boneheaded buttsnorkeler who shot him.

P.S.: Just what kind of an oxygen-wasting nincompoop dimwit do you have to be to not be able to tell the difference between a blank and a live one just by fucking LOOKING at it?



  1. 1
    LC Xystus says:

    Al la Monty Python:

    “You put your sword a high-caliber round right through his head torso!”

    “Well, I really didn’t mean to.”


  2. 2
    americanexpat says:

    Looks like Jeff Cooper’s Four Rules of Gun Safety need to be translated into the Queen’s English. And while I agree that storing live rounds with blanks isn’t such a great idea, whenever I’ve handled ammunition, which is quite a bit over the years, I’ve never had any problem telling one from the other. Like shooting blanks at someone is such a great idea anyway. Just ask Brandon Lee about that. Oh, wait…

  3. 3
    HoundOfDoom says:

    Looks like Officer David should be on the shit-shoveling detail for the rest of his career life.

    Thanks, Officer David for making it harder on the rest of us responsible gun owners, and making it that much harder for the UK to someday have it’s proud citizens (both of them) be armed once again.

    Thanks a lot. :em98:

  4. 4
    Crustyrusty says:

    Yup, proving again that the cops are the “Only Ones” who can be trusted with responsible gun ownership. The rest of us are too stupid to breathe, let alone have GUNS….

  5. 5
    LC HJ Caveman82952 says:

    These fucking idiots!!!!!!!!!!!! This gives cautious gun owners a bad name. That dude is lucky to be breathihg, taking a .44 mag at close range. Although he may not feel lucky at present. What fucking goons, it simply irritates me. I have stressed, time and time again, and still do…you NEVER, EVER point a weapon at somebody unless you have good reason. I yank the magazine, check the slide on my .45 three times after picking it up, even though it has been in my safe, with the magazine loaded and left unchambered. Ot with my .357, open the cylinder. You just never know about those killer guns, plotting as they do…..That must have proven quite a spectacle, expecting a click and hearing the boom. Dude was damn lucky it wasn’t a twelve guage……

  6. 6
    LC TerribleTroy, Imperial Centurion says:

    Here’s a more scary thought … the “victim” stood still while the weapon was pointed at him… :em41: ….. When I was instructing, the first thing I would tell the students was that if they pointed thier firearm or “muzzled” me, then I would be pointing my firearm at them…and since ALL GUNS ARE ALWAYS LOADED, it probably wouldnt result in a good outcome for them…… I have a distinct self preservation reaction that occurs when a muzzle even moves in my direction. :em96:

  7. 7
    Cricket says:

    Bear with me here. I do not have extensive training in firearms. That said, I have siblings and a spouse and a Young Man who do. What I have learned from them is enough to keep me and others safe: Never assume a weapon is unloaded; therefore never point it at anyone at any time unless said anyone is either committing or attempting to commit mayhem or evil which will hurt either you or your loved ones.

    That said, my firearms training will begin when I get my revolver. I can’t use an automatic.

  8. 8
    LC TerribleTroy, Imperial Centurion says:

    If ya dont mind me asking …why is it that you can shoot a revolver and not a semi-automatic ?

  9. 9
    LC Ranger 6, Imperial Wielder of The Rove says:

    I can’t use an automatic.

    I’ll bet this has to do with hand strength and slide action.

    My wife is the same. Try this: Beretta Tomcat

    It’s only a .32, but with hollow points it’ll do the job. Make sure to get the 3032 model as the original had issues with the slide cracking.

    It’s blowback action and slide bite is likely with large hands so heads up. No need to operate the slide as it has a tip up barrel and dual action trigger or manual cocking of the hammer.

  10. 10
    LC NCLivingBrit says:

    It looks like the anti-gun tree in the UK is bearing its bitter fruit. Remember, the last couple of generations of Brits are trained from birth to consider guns as the worst thing they could ever touch. The police are having to recruit more and more firearms trained officers every year (but wait, wasn’t banning guns going to make the UK a paradise of safety and politeness?) who have never even SEEN a firearm before their training. No childhood four rules. No plinking in the garden. Hardly even any TOY guns anymore. And with the buildup, their training is apparently suffering.

    Poor training + utter unfamiliarity with the very idea of a firearm = more unintended injuries

    From mandatory longbow practice to this……. I’m sure they’ll respond by making it illegal to be shot.

  11. 11
    LC NCLivingBrit says:

    P.S.: Just what kind of an oxygen-wasting nincompoop dimwit do you have to be to not be able to tell the difference between a blank and a live one just by fucking LOOKING at it?

    How would he have learned? He probably had a brief firearms officer training course and was turned loose as “qualified”.

  12. 12
    LC hilljohnny says:

    read the article, it was a box of live and inert rounds. not blanks. and the inert (or dummy) were not marked. this kind of stupid is a group effort.

  13. 13
    americanexpat says:

    read the article, it was a box of live and inert rounds. not blanks. and the inert (or dummy) were not marked. this kind of stupid is a group effort.

    You mean the kind of inert rounds that usually have a prominent blue (or other contrasting color) plastic “bullet” in place of the real FMJ or SJHP? Making them look like live rounds is just asking for trouble, especially where Constable Barney Fife is concerned. Maybe the Brit police should contract out their training to some former SAS types who’ve seen guns somewhere other than on TV rather than trying to do it in-house.

  14. 14
    Cricket says:

    It is hand and arm strength; I used to be able to do chin-ups with my hands over the bar to force my triceps to work; had that definition in my arms for years. I broke my arm about six years ago and had to have three surgeries on it; the strength is slowly coming back. There are excellent gun shops around here; one does carry that model, but all of them are sold out, so I will have to wait until they get one in. Thank you for the recommendation!

    The ladies in my church group who are armed want to have a ‘Guns ‘n Bible Study’ group at the range. Just might have to do that…heh.

  15. 15
    Cricket says:

    LC TerribleTroy, Imperial Centurion sez:

    If ya dont mind me asking …why is it that you can shoot a revolver and not a semi-automatic ?

    See my previous post. Most women (Natasha will prolly swat me for saying this) do not have the upper body and hand strength for some automatic pistol makes. My husband’s 9mm is impossible for me to move with my left or right hand. Ruger had a safety built into their handle that was designed for men, not women. Even at the height of my strength, I couldn’t budge the safety to fire a round. My dad used to take us shooting at Laguna Seca back in the day of the Gipper, and when I tried to fire it, I had to use both hands and the pistol shook so badly that it was a menace. I fired my brother’s .357 and .44 no problem…except for the noise. :em93:

    I also come late into the gun ownership and knowledge. I personally agree with Ted Nugent; the only firearms license I need is the 2nd Amendment. That said, if I chose not to own one, that was kewl too. I just didn’t see that gun ownership had to be curtailed because I chose not to own or use one. That has changed in the past four years.

  16. 16

    The best gun for the job is the one in your hand when you need it. I’m a big guy and can easily rack the slide to battery in pretty much any handgun. I chose as my carry piece a S&W Airweight 38 special revolver. Here in Arizona I rarely wear more than a t-shirt and shorts/slacks so it makes concealing a gun difficult. The revolver I carry is easier to conceal because its easier to break up its curved lines than those of a 1911 style semiauto. Its also very light and that makes it a plus. If you can go to a range and rent a variety of different pistols. Fit, feel and fire are different for every pistol even for the same model.

  17. 17
    Cricket says:

    One of my favorite movies (my daughter’s too) is ‘True Grit.’ I love Cogburn’s reaction to Maddie’s pistol. That said, most women do prefer revolvers because they are easier to use, even though they don’t hold 14 rounds like an auto. My husband sort of mocked me for getting a .20 gauge shotgun, calling it a woman’s weapon until a friend of ours said, just like you did, “the best gun for the job is the one in your hand when you need it.”

  18. 18
    LC PrimEviL says:

    Stupid shit like this makes my stomach ache. Then I want to grab the meat–tenderizing mallet and
    have a go at the idiot in question with the waffle side.

  19. 19

    Yep, like Hilljohnny said, stupidity like this IS a group effort. When I’m using a live weapon with dummy rounds in class there is absolutely NO live ammo anywhere in the fucking building. Dummies and live rounds stored together in a fucking cookie tin?!! WTF don’t come close to describing my incredulity over this.

    Hell, I feel weird pointing a blue gun at students. But a live one, AND pulling the trigger? The final bitter fruit of nationwide hoplophobia.

  20. 20
    LC HJ Caveman82952 says:

    Cricket…My wife can fire her .Ruger P97DC .45. But she prefers her, formerly mine, “sigh“, .357 P100. Both guns have more than enough horsepower to do the job, so I’m happy. You have to like your gun, feel comfortable and confident with it, as I do with my .45. Just about any well aimed pistol can take somebody out, or at the least slow them down. Then let your brother or friends finish the job….I agree totally with what has been said, check ut all sorts of guns, if what happened to me and The Other Half happens to you, you’ll know…this ones it. Then smile and take it home…..

  21. 21
    LC Rurik says:

    In regards to Imp. Librarian Azygos’s comment @ 16 :

    I have said elsewhere that the best gun is the one for which you can get sufficient ammunition. I think we are saying variants of the same thing.

    Cricket, In the same spirit, I will also state that, all else being equal (see above) the best gun is the largest caliber you can master. More useful a .22 to the forehead than a .45 shot into the ceiling. After all, if you hit him, but only hurt him, you can repeat as necessary.

    Personally, I appreciate two aspects of revolvers. First, if a round misfires, there is no awkward jamming, you rotate to the next cylinder and try again. If several sequential rounds all misfire, :em95: you will deserve what is about to happen next.

    Second, spent casings are retained in the cylinder, instead of being ejected willy nilly. Thus if ever I have occasion for extemporaneous noise-making, followed by a desire expeditiously to mosey along elsewhere (shoot-n-scoot to some of you), I will not leave behind messy shell casings for the evidence wallahs to bother with. I have also enjoyed the comedy when a lady shooter had a warm, newly ejected casing pop down her cleavage. :em01:

  22. 22
    Cricket says:

    LC Rurik sez:

    I have also enjoyed the comedy when a lady shooter had a warm, newly ejected casing pop down her cleavage

    You didn’t get footage? This week I will have to do some serious looking. I am not so desparate for a weapon that I will buy anything, and I have settled on the type; revolver. Caliber…iffy.

  23. 23
    LC Rurik says:

    In regards to Cricket’s comment @ :

    Are youo kidding? She still had rounds in the magazine! :em95:

  24. 24
    LC hilljohnny says:

    In regards to Cricket’s comment @ :
    about the slide problem. i have carpal tunnel problems in both hands and sometimes have trouble with racking the slide. instead of trying to pinch the slide from the rear with thumb and forefinger put your hand on top of the slide with your thumb on one side and all four fingers on the other. if you are using your left hand to move the slide your thumb should be on the left side of the pistol. this is a much stronger grip and makes it easy to operate the slide. try it with the magazine out of the pistol and if it has an exposed hammer cock the hammer before racking the slide.

  25. 25
    LOBO says:

    This asshat needs the SAS to stuff one up his arse. I, like many, have been taught, that an unloaded gun, will kill you…. And who I ask fucks around with live ammo?? Never in my life have I pointed a gun a t someone.
    This fucktard is a case for retroactive abortion.

  26. 26
    Elephant Man says:

    I think that nitwit also taught this self defense class. :em01:

  27. 27
    AgTiger says:

    Maybe it’s just dumb cops doing demonstrations with loaded firearms that need to be taken out behind the shed and given a little reminder about firearms safety.

    Remember this one?: Cop Shoots Himself In Classroom

    But back to the main point: Demonizing firearms for decades certainly doesn’t help matters in terms of training. It leaves you with a population that demonstrates a disturbing amount of hoplophobia, and it creates an easy hunting environment for the criminal element in society. An unarmed populous is easy pickin’s for criminals and despots alike.

    Further, police forces tend to reduce budgets for firearms training because there is an incorrect perception that since the number of lawful gun-owners is dropping, that the criminal element doesn’t have as many, or won’t be using firearms. (Yeah yeah, I know, utter madness. I didn’t say this made rational sense.)

    I think Britain may now be beyond the event horizon, spiraling in to the eventual collapse of its form of government as we now know it.

  28. 28
    UK Soldier says:

    Wow, I feel so much safer with knob rots like this apparently ‘protecting’ me and my loved ones. I shot live ammunition for the first time last week, and I never once pointed the gun anything but downrange, even when I laid it on the table, magazine removed and all. God help us!

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