“It’s All About the Benjamins!”

We just popped by Little Green Fartbubbles to see what Mad King Charles was up to (he’s comedy GOLD these days we tell you!) when we got distracted by something over there. Right there, in the BlogAds section, Charles the Tiny, Defender of Rubber Frogs, had a prominent ad for the new book by… Glenn Beck, Arguing with Idiots. (Yes, Chucky, we do have a screenshot, so don’t bother).

They must have made up while we weren’t looking. Or maybe the theories about the Lizard King joining the nutroots for pecuniary reasons now that the PajamasMedia Ad Racket is history have something to them? After all, traffic is money and if there’s one thing that the deranged left can deliver, it’s traffic. So it would stand to reason that any other kind of money would be A-OK as well.

Even money for promoting somebody you’d launched a pathetic crusade against.

It made us think of a time when the fine people at BlogAds had landed an ad campaign for our network. They’d worked their arses off to get the deal, it was quite a campaign too and the money weren’t at all bad. But it had one little nagging problem: The ad campaign was for one of the innumerable fifth column anti-war movies that Hollywood were churning out in an endless stream at the time. Heck, they dropped more bombs than the U.S. Air Force at the time, but we digress…

So we turned it down. We felt bad for the BlogAd team who’d worked so hard for us, but we’d have felt worse about lending publicity to that execrable waste of celluloid, so we had no choice.

Just to note that there is such a thing as saying “no”, even when it costs you and hurts people that you respect. If you have principles, that is.

Oh, and while we’re on that note, because a day without making fun of Chucky is like a day without sunshine, here’s something that we swiped from Nice Deb over at Ace’s (thanks, Deb!):



  1. 1
    Elephant Man says:

    They’ve posted this one over there as well…good stuff!

    Littlegreenfootballs: Killgore Trout has a meltdown

    Hilarious and I imagine pretty close to the truth. :em01:

  2. 2
    LC Xystus says:

    The DamnDolf clip that keeps on giving! :em93:

  3. 3
    Elephant Man says:

    Here’s another one:

    The End of Little Green Footballs


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