Happy Blogiversary, Rick

Dang, Rick of Right Wing Nuthouse has been at it for five years now!

That earns you the Persistence Award, bud! No, I’m not being snarky. Five years is a long time. And I’m glad you put them in and hope that you’ll put in many more.

As to your reminiscences (is that a word? I guess it is since even my pathetic spellchecker didn’t object to it), I know what you mean. “Good times we’ve had, good friends we’ve lost, along the way.” I bemoan their absence, I can’t even keep track of all the Internet pseudonyms that I don’t hear from anymore and I miss every one of them. Some of them, I guess, “got a life”. Some of them decided that they didn’t agree with me anymore and would rather not hang out with me. That’s the way it goes. They were still good times.

You and I have had our loud disagreements as well, but you never disappeared, for which I’m grateful. On some issues you changed your mind, but you never lost it. You’re still one heck of a writer, even when I think you’re just flat out wrong. You always present a good case based on where you’re coming from, you never shy from pointed disagreements and you’re always willing to back up what you say, whether I agree with your premises or not. I respect that and I enjoy your take on things for that very reason.

You say that you’re sometimes wondering why you keep on keeping on in the face of slings and arrows. I hear you. You also say that you do that because you feel that you have to. Not because you think that you’re going to Change the World, but because you have something that you need to say, regardless of whether it’s “popular” or not. I respect that even more, and I follow the same rule. I’ve said this too many times to count, but it’s still the one thing that keeps me going: I’m doing this because I have something that I need to get out. Whether anybody reads it or not is irrelevant there. That’s why I started, that’s why I keep going. I never thought that anybody other than myself and people I could guilt into it would read my site, and that was just fine. I didn’t do it for fame or fortune, I did it because I had to. And the only thing that can stop me is if I feel that I no longer have to. At that point, should it ever come, I’ll just call it quits.

I haven’t reached that point. You haven’t either, and I’m glad for it.

So happy blogiversary, Rick, and may you have many more. I’d miss our fights and, more than that, I’d miss your writing.


  1. 1
    LOBO says:

    Whoop. :em04: :em04: :em04:

  2. 2
    Patrick says:

    I agree Rick is one of the more level-headed one’s out there. :em04:

    Cheers to Rick on 5 years! WOW! :em03:

  3. 3
    Shaitana says:

    Grats! I considered a blog once, but don’t have the patience for it. Others around here say it better than I ever could and I enjoy all of them.

    Some of us are still here reading and watching, we are just busy growing a new little tax deduction and it takes everything out of us. On the other hand, the stuff we are all talking about these days makes my blood pressure rise so much my OB says I need to take it easy.

    Keep it up guys though, and God bless the Internet


  4. 4

    Redacted for inclusion on another thread at another time, since this is a “Congratulatory Thread” posted by His Imperial Viciousness & Vociferousness.—B.C.

  5. 5
    The Six says:

    Hail Emperor.
    I went over to his site and took a look around. I like his stuff but….
    He’s got some buttwart posting continuous comments who is in desperate need of a banning. I love to argue and I’m all for opposing views but this guy is dominating the comment threads and he’s retarded. I’m rapidly opting for reading and not participating and that’s death for a blog. If Rick has any sense he’ll apply the ban hammer liberally (heh) to the putz.

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