American Exceptionalism

The Imperial Minister of Truth explains it in terms that even a liberal should be capable of understanding.

Actually, they understand it already. It’s not that they deny its existence, it that if they acknowledge it, everything they stand for will collapse.

After all, if they acknowledge the existence of American exceptionalism, as any thinking individual must upon reviewing the mountain of evidence presented by Bill in that video, then they must next, logically, examine what it is that America did different to achieve those results. And the answer is: We stayed clear, relative to the rest of the world at least, of socialist “ideas.” Leftism has never achieved anything worthwhile, anything. Every single place it has been tried, every single time it has been allowed a seat at the table when plotting a nation’s future course it has led in the exact opposite direction of what America is today. Every single time, without fail, it has led to things getting worse, not better.

That makes it pretty obvious why socialist mushheads like Il Douche and his Obamarrhoids can’t admit to the existence of American exceptionalism, doesn’t it?

Now go watch it. You’ll be sorry if you didn’t.


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    LC Ogrrre says:

    Oh, but yer Majesty, it hasn’t been tried here, in the Unites States, and you KNOW that Americans are smarter than the rest of the world. Socialism failed in Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America because those low grade morons are not as smart as American leftists. It’ll work here because of people like Hillary Clinton (the smartest woman in the world), Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, John Murthaforker, and Barak Obama and his “kitchen cabinet” of Czars are so much more competent than the non-American leftists. :em38:

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    Tallulah says:

    Bill Whittle is da bomb. And he’s right on target.

    Speaking of bombs, did anyone see the latest hit piece on Palin in Vanity Fair? Liberally quoting boytoy Levi Johnston, who has continued to be a total media whore, slandering the Palins. Graydon Carter, the tool in charge of that rag, worships OVomit, was a major donor to his campaign, and continues to shill for him nonstop.

    You could, though, go straight to this excellent point-by-point rebuttal of all the slanders, in Levi/Ricky Hollywood’s own words:

    This is an excellent thing to send to young folks who don’t yet know How the BM Works; and to any waverers you know who might be taken in by Vanity Fair‘s constant slanders and libels.

    [I still think BM is a better nic for them than MSM. Fits so well, ya know.]

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    wyseguy says:

    Free markets, experimental science, and limited government has made this country the most amazing country every conceived by man. America is exceptional because Americans have the freedom to be exceptional independent of government approval. Those who seek to encroach any of the above (including the bastardization of experimental science to further your political ends…Al Gore, please call your office) are enemies of the freedom loving people in our society.

    Freedom in life is not a multiple choice question. Questions of freedom and liberty are essay questions containing few easy answers. Yet, far too many in our country want…they desperately need the choices in their life to be limited. For whatever reason, they have bought the lie that they aren’t intellectually capable or have been too victimized by their circumstances to be truly free. Liberals eagerly eat up these poor souls because they fear the loss of power more than anything.

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    Tallulah says:

    Generated in the depths of KGB think tanks, the Cold War-era propaganda template comprises the following linked axioms:

    1. Socialism is “progress.”
    2. Aversion to “progress” is a sign of outmoded backward thinking.
    3. All forward-thinking people are leftists.
    4. Leftists always speak for all people.
    5. People always unanimously support leftist leaders.
    6. Leftists are always under assault from the well-organized capitalist enemy.
    7. All workers and peasants hate capitalist exploiters.
    8. Armed resistance to a leftist government can only conceivably be staged by CIA agents in the service of American imperialism.
    9. Capitalists engage in relentless anti-socialist propaganda, subversion, and sabotage; they will commit any crime in order to kill hope and prevent the masses from liberation.
    10. The dying non-socialist sector of the world is run by a criminal conspiracy of capitalist oligarchs operating from the United States (and sometimes from Israel when appropriate).

    Sound familiar? Point for point what the Left in our country is pushing. Relentlessly. Like George Romero’s zombies in The Night of the Living Dead.

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    AyUaxe says:

    American Exceptionalism highlights in stark contrast the personal and communal failures and inadequacies of leftists and isolationists, while at the same time calling for a level of responsibility they also find themselves incapable of bearing. Competent people, whether American or not, see in American Exceptionalism no brag, just objective fact. Beyond our borders, we call these people “Allies.” Why should we care what anyone else thinks? crickets chirping.

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    LC Draco says:

    That video is pure beauty!!!

  7. 7
    LC BogVojnyj says:

    Great video…I’m showing it to everyone who would show interest. Bill Whittle is one of the most articulate and informed crusaders of conservativism, bar none.

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    LC Anniee451 says:

    Emperor I want to watch this video but every time I try to watch one of these PJTV videos the buffer thing just keeps spinning and spinning and it never loads. I’ll try it at home, but I’m not hopeful.

    In the meantime here’s a lol I made about the topic some weeks ago: moar funny pictures or if that doesn’t show up you can see it here. The sad thing is, it’s true.

  9. 9
    LC Anniee451 says:

    In regards to LC Anniee451’s comment @ :
    Ok guess we can’t actually post pictures in the comments. Well use the “here” link then.

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    LC PrimEviL says:

    Citizen X dredges up a 50-yr old cartoon
    that says it all.

    Dr. Ism’s Formula

  11. 11
    expatchris says:

    Despite some blurry claims it all adds up, except it leaves out the king pin of all, the constitution, brilliantly written under the oppression of the english king, and that is what makes it great, it is designed to stop any tom dick or obama becoming king of America and oppressing the American spirit. I consider myself to be a refugee from communism, I escaped from England last year, it was a toss up between Canada and the USA, the dems made the decision for me but after the revolution maybe I will go to America.

  12. 12
    LC TerribleTroy, Imperial Centurion says:

    Save me the fair weather friend shit….. get your ass down here and get in the fight or stay where you’re at…..

    Not trying to be a dick….but frankly if you dont feel strongly enough to participate while times are bad, tell me why I should accept you when times are good?

  13. 13
    WayneB says:

    In regards to LC Anniee451’s comment @ 8:

    Over on the left-hand side of the video, beneath the list of other videos, click the “VIDEO QUALITY” link, then choose “Flash Player”. I also have problems with the “Advanced Player”, especially in Firefox. When it won’t load, I change to Flash Player, and it works fine.

  14. 14
    LC HJ Caveman82952 says:

    In a word…WOW!
    This video link sent on to all…..
    Leftism appeals to the lowest common denominator, and little else.

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