Some People You Just Can’t Reach…

and others are just brain dead morons who wouldn’t know sarcasm if it crawled up their ass and ate their spleen from the inside. Such as the California Democrat** Party who recently sent out this urgent fundraiser over this “truly chilling video”. (Huge thanks to Pychochick for the heads up.)


Members of Congress around the country have held some heated town hall events this month. But the rhetoric went above and beyond at a recent town hall meeting held by Republican Rep. Wally Herger.
At the meeting in Redding, a man stood up and identified himself as “a proud right-wing terrorist.” Instead of denouncing him, Congressman Herger called the man “a great American.” (Emphasis in the original.-crunch)

That’s because he, unlike the syphilitic morons in the California Demoncrap Party, reads more than just BHO’s drippings from his teleprompter and understood the sarcasm. Kinda hard to miss actually, considering it was dripping off his statement like the vajayjay juice at a lipstick lesbian slumber party.

That’s outrageous —

So’s your pure idiocy. What’s worse is that no one, not one single simpleton in your office, picked up on it. Is it really possible to be that stupid? Nevermind, I forgot who we were talkinga bout here. Kalifornia Demonrats, Teh Holy Grail of Stooopid.

which is why the California Democrat**(the “ic” deleted on purpose just because I know it pisses you off, and because I care. **snicker** – crunch) Party is buying newspaper ads next week in the Mt. Shasta Herald and the Redding Searchlight,

Mommy help ya dial the phone kiddies? “Uhm…we want to…uhm…buy some of those things in your paper…uhm…I think they’re called words….so we can call a big ol meanie a poopiehead!”

demanding that Herger apologize and repudiate right-wing terrorism.

Your parents need to repudiate you. And then apologize to humanity for the massive drop in our collective IQ that their vile offspring caused. The best part of you really did run down the crack of yer mommas ass and become a brown stain on the mattress, didn’t it?

Truly a Singularity of Teh Stoooopid™, capital “S”, multiple “oooo”.


  1. 1
    Cannon Fodder says:


    Teh Stooooopid really is strong with those asshats!

    And First!

  2. 2
  3. 3
    LC HJ Caveman82952 says:

    Yes…I saw that earlier. And one thing I do know about northern California rural conservatives….they have no use for San Fransicko or Pilousy. The same people having destroyed their logging careers. Good luck on that apology….. :em01:

  4. 4

    He should apologize the way Democrats apologize. How about something along the lines of, “I’m sorry that you wet your collective pants because you weren’t intelligent enough to realize what was an obviously sarcastic statement.”

    Because the socialist cocksuckers never apologize for their actions or statements. They only “regret” that others took offense to it. “We regret that you Vietnam vets took offense to us spitting on your face…” So no matter what they do, it’s really your fault that you were offended.

    And as for “Right Wing Terrorism?” They haven’t seen nothin’ yet.

  5. 5

    I decided that it wasn’t enough to rattle the rank and file of the party faithful.

    I want the enablers, the cheerleaders, and the string-pullers to KNOW that their weapons are now as effective as wet noodles in their grubby little hands.

  6. 6
    Cortillaen says:

    To fiddle with a famous quote:
    “What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate.”
    “No, we‘ve got nothing of the sort. They‘ve just got a failure to demonstrate the intelligence of a rock.”

  7. 7

    “Some people you just can’t reach?”

    With a decent scope and a good rifle…

  8. 8
    Princess Natasha, Decadent Delicious Deviant says:

    Bwahahahahaha! You know, there is absolutely no need to waste time and health being angry at these leftard clowns, when you can laugh your ass off at them. To think, everything they do and say is outright ridiculous. They act like some cartoon villains, plotting and scheming, just to end up being the laughing stock of all that is good and normal in the world.
    LMAO. :em01: :em41: :em99:

  9. 9

    Very simply, retroactive abortion comes to mind. If they’re too stoooopid to live, they should stop. Stop using air suitable for intelligent human beings.

  10. 10
    Elephant Man says:

    They act like some cartoon villains, plotting and scheming, just to end up being the laughing stock of all that is good and normal in the world.

    The democrats are definitely the Wile E. Coyotes of politics…. :em01: :em01:

  11. 11
    LC PrimEviL says:

    Ye Gods, but that was hysterical. If the Democrap douche-nozzles lack the IQ of a mollusk,(and being
    unable to recognize good sarc is and indicator
    ) that’s their problem. Let them publish their
    pathetic condemnation, and apology request. It will only make them look more ridiculous.

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