Rurik Update

I just got off the phone with LC Rurik and he has given me permission to let y’all know how he’s doing.

He did suffer a minor stroke and he has a minor speech impediment from it, but no cognitive defects and to the best of his knowledge no apparent physical defects. He does plan on hitting the range as soon as he’s discharged to verify that however.

He’s making the best out of the situation and in best Rurik fashion is busily recruiting new LC’s and members of the VRWC. As well as chasing the pretty nurses, even the one that he lost a fight with over whether or not he would be pushed around in a wheelchair.

He’s currently in a first class VA facility and he said the care has been exemplary. He is itching to get back to the Rott and to several other projects he has going, and his prognosis for a recovery is good. He is also very grateful for the prayers and well wishes of all his friends here and at other blogs, and wanted me to tell y’all thank you. However, the rumors that he is in the hospital due to a whorehouse incident (speaking at you here FM Woods 🙂 ) are, as of yet, unfounded. He plans on earning that particular reputation as soon as he is out of the hospital however.

I asked him if there was anything that he wanted or that we could get him, and true to the Rurik we all know and love, asked for Dear Leader’s ears on a necklace.

So, speaking for Rurik, and for myself, thanks for the prayers and keep em coming for a speedy recovery.


  1. 1
    LC HJ Caveman82952 says:

    You got ’em Crunchie. Brother Rurik is a first class, stand up dude. I’ve been saying prayers for him today.

  2. 2
    L.C. Mope, Imperial Offsetter says:

    Now that is the best news I’ve heard all day!

    Was the piano player, Harry Reid? And how did Woods find out about the cathouse?

    I’ll drink to that! :em03:

  3. 3
    LC Gunsniper says:

    asked for Dear Leader’s ears on a necklace.

    More like on a tow rope.

    Get better LC Rurik. :em69:

  4. 4

    One thing I forgot to mention, they are hoping to discharge Rurik sometime around Sunday.

  5. 5
    LC BOATS says:

    In a world where bad news comes on a daily basis this is welcome good news for sure. My personaly not knowing LC RURIC does not lesson my gratitude for his recovery. I prey for his speedy and complete return to full health for he is truely one of us–a brother. :em04: On another note –being that Im a 100% disabled vet my self Ive had conciderable dealings with the veterans hospital in our area and have to say that Ive never had a problem with them and they have helped me more than any civilian doctor did through the years.Their courtesy, respect and care are outstanding.

  6. 6

    Rurik and I had that very discussion Boats. Seems that the VA is a bit like the Glock, either you love it or you hate it. I’ve heard plenty of horror stories, and plenty of stories of really great facilities, like the one Rurik is in now and the one you apparently had experience with.

  7. 7
    LC BOATS says:

    Ive heard some of those horror stories too Crunchie but like all things there are bound to be rotton apples in the bunch, Im just greatful to have gotton a good one.

  8. 8
    LC Spare Parts says:

    hang in there fellow Viking. After a couple months of therapy you should be back90%+

  9. 9

    L.C. Mope, Imperial Offsetter sez:

    I’ll drink to that!

    As I understand it, Mope, you’ll drink to anything! :em03:

    Come back soon, Rurik.

  10. 10
    Radical Redneck says:

    they are hoping to discharge Rurik sometime around Sunday.



  11. 11
    lc purple raider says:

    I asked him if there was anything that he wanted or that we could get him, and true to the Rurik we all know and love, asked for Dear Leader’s ears on a necklace.

    We’re working on it, Rurik.

  12. 12
    Denise says:

    Gonna have to have a real strong neck to hold up that necklace, Rurik! You get well real quick, ok? Lord knows we need all the patriots we can get when it hits the fan.

  13. 13
    LC Draco says:

    Get well, Rurik!! So much attention appears to be in your direction at the VA, they seem to be moving more nurses in your direction!! :em02:

  14. 14
    Ogrrre says:

    He did suffer a minor stroke and he has a minor speech impediment from it, but no cognitive defects

    So, we don’t have to worry about our buddy becoming a commucrat moonbat. :em69:
    Prayers continute, Rurik.

  15. 15
    LC Peter Bland says:

    They got me.

    After years of patient bombs, bullets, leftist propaganda dodging the bastards got me. I don’t know if anyone remembers me, but I like to comment and whatnot when I am not downrange. But the bastards finally got me.

    I was fortunate inasmuch as I should have been transformed into a pink mist by the 120mm mortar round that exploded a few feet away from me. Even so, I am out of the infantry game for good and will now have to get a nice desk job. Whee. Pogue-dum, here I come. I’m doing the happy dance…

    My back and legs took shrapnel that destroyed enough muscles, particularly in the small of my back, so now I am suddenly considering early retirement from the service. Not pleasant.

    My wife, family and military medicine personnel are doing an excellent job rehabilitating me. I have zero complaints towards my level of care. Truly amazing. Considering that I could be a whole lot worse off I am definitely thankful that I am alive and in relatively one piece.

    Still, I am pissed that I can’t do all the things I used to like doing-surf, SCUBA, swim, snorkel, etc. I have way too much time on my hands and nothing to do with it. So I plan on filling the empty hours with alternate projects. Such as converting a freezer into a kegerator.

  16. 16
    LC Aggie Sith, a goddess, only different.... says:

    In regards to LC Peter Bland’s comment @ 15:

    Thank you for your service, and glad to know your recovery goes well. If said recovery is in the BAMC area, let us know. Plenty of us around here to assist you!!

    And I am sure the kegerator would be most welcome at future Rott Fests 😉

  17. 17
    Cheryl says:

    LC Rurik – I wish you a speedy recovery. But Comrade Obimbo’s ears on a necklace? I would say nay to that owing to the weight of said infernal body parts. You don’t need any impedimens to the circulation to your brain, Rurik.

  18. 18

    Father God, we give You thanks that You have seen fit to preserve our friend. Your healing was a blessing, and we simply ask that You continue in bringing our friend back fully to his well known and loved self. In Jesus’ name we pray, AMEN!
    For the brethren of this group that do not call You by the Christian aspect of Your existence, we modify that prayer to fit their belief, and thank You in whatever expression fits their culture. We are blessed by Your attention to this healing, and offer our gratitude.
    Rurik, know you are a treasure that we appreciate, and we continue sending healing energies to you!
    The same goes to you, LC Peter Bland! It is well that you survived that event, and we pray healing to you, and we thank you for your service.

  19. 19
    Cheryl says:

    LC Peter Bland – that sounds very painful. It’s good to find out that both you and Rurik have gotten very good care via the military. Thank you for your service and sacrifice. :em69:

  20. 20

    So I plan on filling the empty hours with alternate projects. Such as converting a freezer into a kegerator.

    NOW you’re talkin’ in MY dialect! What ya’ gonna fill it with?
    Unless you’re content with market grade barley pop, I’d be glad to share a couple of tested recipe’s.
    It’s easier than makin’ pancakes, maybe ten bucks to make five gallons .

    Whatever you’ve got left of your life is pure bonus,

    I’d be livin’ it like I ain’t supposed to be here!

    Sa Lute! Make the most!

  21. 21
    LC HJ Caveman82952 says:

    Can we still go shootin’, Rurik? I have hoped to one day stand next to you firing downrange. It would be an honor.

  22. 22
    mindy1 says:

    Glad he us doing well, and I give him many :em04: Did you hear that they found a pilot from the first Gulf war? His remains were recovered

  23. 23
    Ladylaw7777 says:

    A speedy and complete recovery to you Rurik. But leave those nurses alone. My daughter (the husband’s oldest) is a nurse and we just bought her a shirt from New Orleans that reads “I am a nurse. I am here to save your a$$, not kiss it!” LOL.

  24. 24
    LC Rurik says:

    Wow! This reception I even more of a surprise that my original incident. Now I need to reestablish myself and tell you what happened.

    Yes, I had an acute stroke, though fortunately not massive. Initially, I started feeling poorly last weekend, and felt a number of symptoms, but wasn’t sure. I didn’t want to believe it, and never having been here before, I didn’t recognize what what going down – becase the going down didn’t involve massive collapse and one-sided paralysis. The fact that I felt poorly enough to skip an airshow featuring the Blue Angels should have suggested that something serious was happening. But of course I wasn’t thinking right – that’s part of having your brain attacking itself. Much like being an Odumbo cabinet officer I imagine. Anyway, by Tuesday evening, I realized a whole bunch of things seemed wrong. I called a close friend (he’s already signed on here – First Cav), and chatted, partly to update news, and partly to get his opinion whether my voice sounded normal. My slurred voice sounded whacked to both of us and he urged me, very insistently, to go to the VA for help. Cav saved my ass for sure.
    Anyway, I showed up at the VA Wednesday morning at 0805 hours, with nothing but my discharge papers and an old number. Immediately, as soon as I got into the queue I found myself in good hands. I had expected that I would spend all day processing and be home for supper, so had noted only a couple of contact numbers.

    To my surprise, from the first check in clerk to the ER nurse, everyone pullout all the stops. Evaluation and tests progressed from one station to the next with barely time to catch my breath between. Yes, it is true. There was one initial battle – which I ultimately lost. They insisted, and I refused to ride in a wheelchair. Dammit. If Reagan could walk into his emergency room, dammit, so would I. I hadn’t even been shot. Ultimately, by the time I’d been through the EKG, x-rays, CAT scan and carotid artery scan and the rest, I was willing to admit they had been right. Finally they sent me up to a ward, without any discussion.
    Well almost. When I arrived on the ward, I learned the staff were debating whether I should be placed “on the ward” or directly in ICU. This was dawning that I might be in really serious shit. As it happened, I went to a ward room. But only briefly. An EMT crew showed up and put me on a gurney. I was whisked over to a neighboring hospital with which the VA had contractual arrangements for an MRI. The whole time I was accompanied by a VA nurse. A young lady of unforgettable appearance. Shauna had a remarkable look – a bony sticklike figure, but eyes stolen from one of those velvet Keane paintings and dark blonde pixie-hair. Maybe that is why they strapped me to the gurney with three heavy straps. From my very arrival in ER they had put one of those indwelling IV needles in my hand and periodically were putting meds through it, and taking my vital signs every few minutes. Eventually back to the ward and they found a late dinner for me.
    Now it began to get real interesting. Too tired to pay much attention to roommates. I found the nurses to be good-natured people with a sense of humor, willing to refer to their work as “torture” or “tormenting”. Even though it was for our own good. First night I discovered the Unique Horror Of Heparin”. They had been filling me full of drugs, both pill and by the IV, and drawing blood. But then the nurse came in and told me she was here with the Heparin, and that nobody liked it. She explained it was an anti-coagulant – very necessary to prevent clots forming, but the shots stung and then burned – AND THEY WERE DELIVERED DIRECTLY INTO THE BELLY. And left gross bruises. I would like to sentence the never lovely or gracious Michelle :em72: to a regimen of Heparin shots.
    The next several days were filled with meetings with doctors, nurses, and therapists. And a few more tests. And continuous interrogation about whether I had made poopies or urine – and if not when was the last one and when I would. It was if I was the new puppy, and they were all worried about the carpet. :em72: Finally. After two nights, I was able to talk them out of the dreaded Heparin in exchange first for some inflatable leggings, and finally for agreement to get up out of bed and spend four 15 minute period a day walking. Getting up and pacing! For me that was a double win. Since I was hitched up to a hear monitor which triggered emergency signals if I strayed off the ward, movement was limited, Still I could move. I spent my last couple of nights “performing firewatch”. Fortunately, I was able to make my telephone call to my sister, and had her contact an aged mother and my friend First Cav. It was he who decided to alert the Emperor and other friends. And soon the calls started arriving. Crunchie, you have no idea how happy I was to receive your call. As for those of you who didn’t/couldn’t call, I discover retroactively, and I am grateful for your prayers and wishes.
    Aftre massive doses of meds, they managed to lower my BP from somewhere over 220 to somewhere around 337/85, and Monday they decided to send me home, with subsequent tests to be done on outpatient basis as happened today. THANK GOD! To be near a keyboard again!
    A few final words. My first experience as a VA patient was outstanding. The treatment was efficient and effective. The staff were all outstanding or close to it. Aside from Miss Pixie-Eyes, I was particularly fond of one of the male nurses, a veteran with whom I had some good conversations, and whom I think I may have lured to visit at the Rottie. If he decides to join us, he’ll be fine citizen. And I enjoyed meeting with a number of Vets from the Viet Nam period. Mr. D. S. who did two tours with Navy boats out of Can Tho, if you ever happen by here, know that my hat is still off to you sir. :em04:
    An unusual and unwelcome result I still do not understand. I found myself frequently getting weepy. In situations in which it made little sense, or was even inappropriate, Circumstances where I have not felt such before – or even at the time. Losing control to tears is embarrassing; but it is worse, when you truly do not understand why and from where, and do not feel it on the inside. I suspect that this was another nasty manifestation of my brain damage.
    Fortunately, my cognitive function has been spared … this time. My thoughts are undamaged, and the only trouble seems to be getting the words off my tongue. And yes, keyboarding has been minimally damaged, but I have always been dependent on Spell Check, even from before. On the positive side, now when I opine about medical issues, I will have a new street cred. And yes, opine I will. As I wish I could have said to the other thread, now closed, I’m so rough the devil prays to God for protection from me. The only thing I fear is Heparin. :em95:

  25. 25
    Mike M says:

    It’s good to see you back here, LC Rurik.

  26. 26
    LC TerribleTroy, Imperial Centurion says:

    Good News Indeed

    Glad to hear your feeling better, I will continue to send prayers for your recovery.

    Welcome Back SIR! :em04:

  27. 27
    LC Rurik says:

    In regards to LC BOATS’s comment @ :

    I don’t know you opr your experiences real well (though I’d be interesdted i hearing them if one of the bosses were to give you my email for private communication) – but I agree with you. on the basis of this expeeerience and also of several years working as a VA medical administrator. There are a number of stations so awful that they are legenday, but also others equally good. In my impression, the really worst ones seem to be located in big cities, particulary the notheast and the west coasts. Places where we could not hire and keep a milimally responsible employee for government wages, often the immutable GS wage barely covered the employee’s cost of getting to work plus lunch. Capable workers quickly got better jobs elsewhere for local payrates. In other areas of the country, such as Bonham, Texas, the VA jobs/payrates were the best in town, and so were our employees. Local customs and manners also are essential.

    Basically, you can say the city gets the sort of VA it deserves. And we’ve got a very mixed bag of cities these days among the 57 states.

  28. 28
    LC Rurik says:

    In regards to L.C. Mope, Imperial Offsetter’s comment @ :
    possibly it was the CAT scan that did it? :em01:

  29. 29

    Wonderful to see you back Rurik!! Now, just do what the doctors tell you, and take care of yourself. You’ve got a Rottfest to attend down here next year. :em03: :em04:

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